TITLE: The Marriage Counselor
LOCATION: Steve -Tampa, FL
AGE: 51+
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Dave and Lola had been married twenty years. Like most marriages, life became routine. The daily tasks of work, children and chores had drained the excitement out of great sex. Dave and Lola had reached the point were the bedroom felt like an igloo. Lola had lost all interest in sex while Dave’s drive was at a peak. They argued back and forth with no resolve. They agreed to see a doctor. Finding nothing physically wrong with Lola, he suggested a marriage counselor.

Megan was single, thirty years old with no man in her life. She had a masters-degree in Psychology, specializing in sexual problems. Her heavy client load kept her busy. After several years, she was wearied by her job. She received a phone call one day requesting an appointment. Dave and Lola were scheduled for Monday at 4 pm.
Megan began by speaking with Dave and Lola together then listened to their stories separately. Lola was bored with sex and felt it was a chore. She described how Dave wanted to do weird things. He wanted to lick her “down there” and have her on her hands and knees while he penetrated her vagina from behind. He had talked about toys also. She wanted nothing to do with this craziness.

Dave was frustrated. His libido was at its pinnacle. He wanted Lola to engage in his fantasies while they were still young. He was tired of masturbating. He wanted to spend his energy and bring pleasure to his wife. He was going to go crazy if something didn’t change.

Megan had been involved in several relationships but never had a man who wanted to take the time to please her. All the men she knew were only interested in pleasing themselves. She was also frustrated with her own sex life and here was a man wanting to please his wife. Most of her clients were self-centered and had no interest in fixing their problems.

Megan would counsel with Dave and Lola separately each week to try and come to a resolution. Lola's first meeting was full of obstacles. She just wanted Dave to grow up and learn to accept life as it was.

Dave’s session was the total opposite. He arrived at 5 on Wednesday afternoon. He greeted Megan with a lite hug, gently brushing her hand as he sat on the couch. Megan wanted him to explain in detail an ideal evening. Dave looked at Megan as if talking to Lola and described in detail what he wanted to do. Meagan found herself captivated by his detailed plan for pleasing his wife.

Megan found herself looking forward to her next meeting with Dave. She struggled with her feelings and the professional boundaries she crossed in her mind. She resolved to help this couple and move on, but Dave was in her head.

Wednesday morning Megan put on a shorter shirt and a blouse with a lower neckline. Dave came at five and hugged her a little tighter while lingering for an few extra seconds. This time she sat on the corner of her desk. Dave was 20 years her senior. His Polo cologne, salt and pepper hair and two-day growth of beard drew her in. He had a mature charm that guys her aged didn’t possess.

They chatted for a few minutes. She was charmed by his easy demeanor and his readiness to laugh. She stopped him mid-sentence and said: “show me what you want to do to your wife”. Dave slipped off her shoes, laid her back on the desk and hiked up her skirt. He began to kiss her inner thighs and held her ass as he ascended his way to her pussy. Her breathing became deeper and her thighs slightly trembled as Dave expertly took control of her emotions. As he came closer to her mound, he repeatedly brushed her labium with his tongue while kissing the surrounding area. Her moans grew deep as the tip of his tongue began to massage her clit. Dave would bring her to the edge and back. He repeated the tease until her clit was fully swollen. The long, slow strokes of his tongue brought her to the threshold. She arched her back offering her body to his lust. Dave started rapidly moving his tongue as the first wave of many orgasms crested. Her moans turned to a low growl as she experienced this anomalous pleasure. Dave continued to steer her erogenous zone. She was lost in ecstasy as multiple, uncontrolled, explosive orgasms rolled through her body. After 45 minutes they both collapsed in exhaustion. Megan lay on her desk for several minutes.

Megan’s experience consumed her mind the rest of the evening. Guilt plagued her as she thought about the implications of crossing her professional boundaries. Dave had taken her to a place she never knew existed. She had guys lick her, but Dave journeyed to unknown worlds. A man of 50 years had changed her course. If every man handled his wife with this kind of passion, her profession would be useless. After 2 sexless years she was hooked. Like a junkie craving his next fix, she yearned to be handled again. Wednesday was a week away.

After leaving, Dave stopped for a drink and reflected on the experience. Like most men, he looked at younger women. His mind would take that young flesh to a bed in his mind only to be brought back to reality. This trip had morphed into an unplanned reality. Dave had only had a few boring nights of sex over the last two years. He was ready to unload his passion and Megan had fed the wolf.
Lola quit going to these “useless” sessions. She had better things to do than tell a stranger her problems.

Wednesday came and Megan was anxious and nervous at the same time. She contemplated canceling her meeting with Dave. She had crossed boundaries and needed to be the professional. When Dave came, she would steer them back on course.

Dave was 10 minutes late and she wondered if he felt the same way. A knock on her door made her heart leap. Traffic had delayed him he explained as they chatted. Megan forgot her plan to “fix” the problem created by last weeks session. She locked the door and turned to Dave. “Fuck me” flowed from her lips. Dave removed his shoes and dropped his pants to the floor. Megan slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He sat her on the edge of the desk, hiked her skirt and removed her panties. His cock was dripping with precum as she guided his shaft into her wet mound. Dave had been caged all week. He lost all sense of control as he thrusted into her waiting lust. Megan’s shirt ripped as he hastily stripped. Dave unclasped her bra as he pounded her thirsty lips. Her pendulous breasts moved in unison to the rhythm of their grind. Megan was the first to be hit by a colossal orgasm. Liquid sprayed from her and Dave held out as long as he could. He lost all sense of reality as he erupted into her accommodating pussy. He groaned as his balls tightened and a plethora of cum discharged. He was a hungry animal and the feast was devoured. Megan’s high pitched pleads for more drove Dave insane. “Fuck me” she repeated as if locked into a trance. Dave picked her up as she clung to his neck while arching back. He slowed the pace as he placed her on the couch. Both were depleted of all resources as they crumbled into a heap of waste.

Dave consumed Megan’s thoughts. Couples came for sessions all week. They unloaded their problems to a fatigued counselor. She wanted to tell the men to take lessons from Dave and many issues would evaporate.

Lola was happy that Dave stopped nagging her about sex. She was glad that Megan had finally put a stop to his crazy requests.

Wednesday morning Megan awoke with a headache and cramps. Of all days for her monthly cycle to begin. All appointments were rescheduled including Dave. She wanted to text him to stop by but that would only add to the misery.

The following Wednesday slowly came as she ached to see Dave. Two weeks apart drove them to obsession. Dave walked through the door at 5. Not a word was uttered as Dave shed his clothes. Megan’s skirt was flung aside and Dave tore her thong off as he turned her around. Dave dropped to his knees and began to edge her anus with his tongue. All boundaries were shattered as he immersed her in an intensity of gratification unmeasured by normal standards. Dave stood up and speared her open lips. He reached around and fondled both breasts as he pumped her tightness. He took a finger and penetrated her ass as she screeched. “Fuck me Dave” “I’m getting ready to cum” Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” was her command. Dave was lost in ecstasy and Megan was intoxicated by euphoria as they both climaxed together. Dave showed no signs of stopping and Megan’s clit had a steady flow of blood. He turned her around and ripped her blouse open as she lifted her bra. He sucked her breasts as she spread her legs. Dave held her as he lay back on the couch. She rode him as he caressed her nipples between his thumb and index fingers. The sensations created quicken her rhythm. She reached back and held his scrotum tight. As she inched toward another climax, she let go of his balls and was flooded with long burst of hot cum. As they descended, Megan crumpled to his chest in complete satisfaction.

Megan texted Dave on Thursday and said: “Let’s meet”. She has a surprise for him. Dave stopped by her apartment that afternoon. She opened the door in shorts and t-shirt. They embraced as she slid her hands in his pants and captured his cock. Megan kneeled down, loosened his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them to the floor. She was face to face with his dripping cock. She started licking the head while squeezing his balls. She slipped her tongue around the head in long erotic strokes. She rimmed his anus with a finger while massaging his balls with the same hand. Dave slowing slid the length of his shaft into her mouth. She took the entire measure without so much as a gag. She moved her head back and forth while inserting a finger in his ass. She felt him increase in size as she clung tight with her lips. His balls tightened as he sent gushes of juice down her throat. She consumed every drop as Dave pumped her face.

Dave had either lost his mind or found his way. He wasn’t sure but was happy either way. Lola was nothing more than a roommate in his mind. They failed to regain hold on their marriage.

Lola was going to see her mother for a few days and Dave seized the opportunity. Megan was excited to spend the weekend with him. She has wasted too many years of braindead guys and now was the time to live. Friday night he took her out to dinner. They decided to go back to her place afterwards. They stopped at an adult sex store on the way. Dave picked out several outfits including a fishnet body suit. To heighten their pleasure she picked out a vibrator and a dildo. A porn movie was added on a whim. As they watched the flic, Megan stood on the couch in front of Dave. He feasted on her body like an untamed lion. Dave sucked her throbbing clit as Megan squealed. Her juices flooded the his body like a waterfall. She sat down on Dave’s waiting manhood and rode him to completion. They fucked multiple times through the night and went for breakfast the next morning…