TITLE: Lessons Pt 5
AGE: 31 - 40
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For a week or so after our encounter with Rick, my man and I would debate whether there was more to teach the youngster. His oral skills had been improved, he'd had tips for his self control, and there was nothing to improve in regards to his cock. During many sex sessions, we debated and reminisced. Then decided.

Rick arrived one Saturday afternoon, looking a couple of inches taller and a lot more confident. He told us he'd been practising what we'd taught him with a girl he'd met the day after. It wasn't anything serious, and he hadn't breathed a word about us, but he said he felt more manly thanks to us. Bless.
"We think you're doing great too, in fact we feel this will be your graduation day. One more lesson, and a test. Are you game?" I asked.
"A test?" Rick stammered slightly, "What kind of test? I'm not good at tests."
"Don't panic. It's a self control test. You will tease and fuck my girl with whatever finger, cock or toy she fancies, for as long as she needs, wherever she needs, but you don't cum until she says so," my man explained. A nod was all we needed.
Upstairs, we'd laid out the toys and lubes on the dresser. Stripping off, I sat on the bed, legs wide, resting back on my hands so my boobs were pointing towards the mirror above the dressing table. I watched as Rick browsed the toys, and smiled as they were explained by my man.
"Nipple clamps, obviously. The little bar slides up to hold the ends around the nipple. Further up, the tighter they are. These are nipple clamps too, but the chain between them means you can pull them gently to send waves of arousal to her pussy. Dildo, silicon so can need lube if her outer lips aren't soaking. Is designed to suck onto a surface so she can ride herself. Dildo, glass. The bobbles rub her inner walls, and as it's glass, it's rock hard. Butt plugs, always need lube but the right type."
"What would you like to start with?" Rick asked me. "The smaller plug and my faux cock please."
"Greedy slut," my man growled. I just stuck my tongue out at him in response, knowing full well how much he liked me as full of cock as possible.
Sucking my nipple as he joined me on the bed, Rick tweaked the other with his other hand. Heading south, with nibbles on my belly and outer lips as he went, he sucked my clit hard. As my hips lifted in response, my silicone dildo nudged between my lips so I impaled myself as my hips came back down. A move orchestrated by my man, he admitted later.
Rick sat up slightly, so he could watch as he pushed the dildo in and out of me, watching as he fucked me with the toy.
"That is mesmerising too," the youngster said. "How your pussy swallows the cock so readily. I know how that feels so it's so hot! I guess I can sort of understand your liking to watching her get fucked, she's so animated." The last part was obviously directed to my man, who sat the other side of the bed, cock in hand, slowly wanking. Who in turn lent down to bite the nipple nearest to him, before clamping it, earning
a hiss of arousal from me.
Writhing on the cock inside me, trying to get more, Rick took the hint and shoved the whole length inside my wanton cunt. Fucking me properly now, but it wasn't enough. Raising myself to on elbow, I looked at my man.
"More!" I demanded.
"She wants her ass filled Rick. Lube your finger and rub her asshole. She'll try to fuck your finger, but don't let her."
Very quickly, there was a wet finger against my ass, rubbing it in circles, making me ache for more. Trying to push against it, I succeeded with getting the tip in before it was snatched away, and received a light smack for my efforts.
My man slipped from the bed to lube the plug. Handing it to Rick he said "Feed it to her slowly. You have to stretch her ass out gently. She's a greedy slut so may try to hurry you up, but she'll be sore tomorrow if you let her get away with that."
Rick put the plug tip to my rear hole, and pushed gently.
"Oh shit, that's hot! Look how easy she takes that. What does it feel like around your cock?" he asked my man.
"It's hot and tight, that muscle really holds you like a vice. And the noises she makes is down right filth!" was the response. "Don't forget her pussy."
With the dildo fucking in and out of my pussy, and the plug being pushed further into my ass, it felt amazing. I would've loved to be able to see what they saw, both my holes getting rammed at the same time. A sudden tug of my nipple clamp roused me.
"More," I requested.
"More?" Rick asked, "How? Both of your holes are full of fake cocks."
"Bigger. Please." I whispered, wiggling my butt.
"So greedy," muttered my man, as he lubed up the bigger plug, his fat cock bouncing as he walked.
Swapping plugs, I was momentarily empty. As the new plug was pushed slowly in, I sighed with contentment. "Better."
In and out, he fucked both holes together.
"Rick, how is your cock?" my man asked. Sitting up to show how rock hard he was, Rick's cock glistened at the tip, leaking huge amounts of pre-cum.
"Seems fucking is great whether it's my cock or not."
"Gimme that," was my response. "Fuck my Pussy now!"
Removing the dildo, Rick lined himself up and pushed slowly into my soaking hole.
"Remember the earlier instruction, you can't cum until she says so," my man reminded.
"Ah shit, I can feel that plug in her ass. It makes her pussy even tighter!" he exclaimed. He thrust deep and hard, his pace quickening. Having my a-spot awakened, and my g-spot rubbed so furiously was too much.
After a few minutes of his frantic thrusting, I begged for a break.
"I'm sorry, I was getting carried away wasn't I?" Rick apologised, looking embarrassed.
"Don't worry, you'll learn to take it easy, takes practice," I panted.
Wrapping my mans arms around me, I let my breathing, and my pussy, calm. His rock hard cock against my hip demanded attention though, so I had Rick pass me the normal lube from the dresser. Squirting a blob into my hand, I massaged it around and down my cock. Wanking him slowly, he nibbled my shoulder
and neck. He released my nipple from it's clamp and rubbed it. Moaning gently, I turned to kiss him, looking him square in the eye. Before he read my mind, I was lowering myself onto his cock. I was in control this time, so I set the pace. A slow tantalising pace designed to tease him.
Seeing his lips part, I lent down and kissed him deeply. Then I upped the pace. Rubbing my g-spot over and over against his fat cock head, with the plug still in my ass felt amazing.
It was only when Rick voiced "That is so hot. Watching you bounce on his cock and seeing the plug in your ass, geez I have no words!" that I remembered he was there! He was very hard still.
Waving him to join us on the bed, I wrapped my lubed up hand around his cock, and wanked him in time to my thrusts. Looking him in the eye as I did so, watching for the facial signs of impending orgasm.
Stilling my hand but tightening my hold as his eyes flicked upwards, he groaned in disappointment.
Looking down at my man, he was watching my hand on Rick's cock, a slightly pained expression which said he was trying really hard not to shoot his load.
Stopping, I decided I needed fucking doggy style, it makes me cum hard after all. Getting on all fours, I instructed Rick to get behind me and he slipped his tool into my pussy with ease. I didn’t expect it, but my man got his head underneath and started working his tongue on my clit as Rick was building up his thrusts. I
knew this combination would make me orgasm really hard so I wanked and sucked my mans throbbing length as much as I could, which wasn't easy!
Within a few minutes I was close to climaxing already. Rick was pounding me with his cock and with a tongue flicking hard against my clit it was too much.
"Oh my god, I'm going to cum so hard on him".
And I did. I came in droves. This was too much for my man & he shot his load, some flying off left and some right. Some I managed to catch with my mouth.
Rick wasn't far behind, holding onto my hips tightly as he grunted "Oh fuck yeah" and filled me full of his spunk, carrying on thrusting, ensuring his balls were fully emptied into me.
Rick slowly withdrew from my spunk filled hole, ensuring my man underneath got a torrent of his cum as it leaked out of me. He didn't seem to mind and lapped up as much of the young studs cum as he possible could.
"Dirty man", I said to him.
"You love it" he responded.
"Uh huh" I coyly replied.
I laid back, my pussy red from the fucking I'd just received.
"I need a nap" I exclaimed with the biggest grin on my face you ever saw.
Rick replied, "I swear I've never
cum that hard before!".
"No shit!" we replied together, laughing as we did.
ick got dressed and my man saw him out the front door saying their goodbyes.
When he returned, I invited him to join me in a snooze.
“You’re going to need a rest, you’ll have to fuck the rest of his cum out of me soon enough.
"Oh I will. I will indeed," he replied, kissing me gently as he curled up with me to sleep.

That was the last time we saw Rick. He'd learned all we could teach him.