TITLE: Fucking My Sexy Neighbor
LOCATION: limpodic - USA
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It was one of those nights when I got glued to the screen looking for another passing fancy online. To be honest I like middle-aged women who are seeking sexual activity with significantly younger men like me, they don’t need any explanations, they don’t like talking too much and they know exactly what they want. Thy prefer not wasting time and get down to sex at once. I love rough sex and it’s not a big deal to find a middle-aged woman who likes rough sex as well.

Would you guess whom I saw in a few minutes on my screen? It was my next-door neighbor Emma. She’s a woman of 35. She’s in a good shape: full breasts, big nice ass and wide sexy hips. I get horny every time I see her in the backyard wearing a short skirt and a see-through blouse which can’t hide her boobs so I can see them slapping.

I couldn’t miss such a chance so I texted her immediately to arrange a time to meet if she wouldn’t mind. Can you imagine how upset I was when she went offline and didn’t respond to my message? “Well, maybe next time…” I thought. On the next day I got text message on my cell phone that someone had texted me on the dating website. It was Emma. We had been chatting no more than 10 minutes and then I heard the doorbell ringing. Emma was staying at my doorstep and looking at me in that naughty way. It was clear that I’m gonna have sex tonight. Emma was wearing a silk robe. The robe was so thin that I could see her lace panties and bra.

I will skip that part where we were talking and drinking gin. When we finished our third or fourth glass I put my hand on her leg and moved closer to her. Then I pushed my tongue directly to her mouth and we started kissing so passionately. I started caressing her shoulders and fondled her big breasts. I could feel how her nipples got hard. Her breathing was tough and she started moaning softly. I stood up and helped her to take off her silk robe over her head. Then I dropped down my shorts and fit my Big Jonnie into her mouth. She kissed the head of my penis, then started licking it up and down. I wanted her to take him fully in her mouth that’s why I put my hands on the back of her head and started pushing her head to go deeper until she swallowed it completely. I pushed her down on the couch, took her pants aside and put my hard penis into her wet pussy. She was really hot. She was moaning loudly, I’m sure the neighbors could hear us. She was moving her ass in sync with my penis so my balls slapping faster and louder against her ass. I felt that I’m about to cum so I decided to pull out and cum on her belly but she pulled me back with her legs and said: “Cum inside! I wanna feel your hot gum inside!”

I couldn’t resist. I cum inside her soaking pussy and breathed out with relief. I was long and tiring session. I got down from her naughty body. There was so much sperm that it was coming out of her pussy.

Emma went to the bathroom to shape up. I was lying a few minutes and then decided to join her. Her body was in foam and she looked very sexy. I approached her from the back. I was fondling her boobs with one of my hand while fingering her with the other one. She felt my erection on her ass. She stopped me and took some cream on her fingers. Then she put her fingers inside her ass and started massaging the cream around her hole. It was an obvious hint. She whispered that she likes anal very much and doing it often.

I sat on the edge of the bath. She grabbed my penis and tried to stick it into her ass. There was a lot of foam on her ass so I got inside easily. I did her in the ass. She stayed on her knees and asked to fuck her hard. I gave her another couple of orgasms and then cum in her ass with all my might. I was exhausted but it was worth it!

She visits me from time to time for Netflix and chill.