TITLE: A Hard Weekend
LOCATION: themattman0425 - USA
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We had decided to meet at the sex shop near my place. From there we would go to my place for a weekend of "fun". Plans and limits established. I then waited for her in the parking lot of the shop. She pulled up in her sedan, tinted windows: nice. I got in the passenger seat and looked at her for the first time in person. She was pretty with perky breasts that belayed her 40 years. I could tell she was shorter than I but her heals made up some of the difference. She was dressed in what she had said she would, peasant top, corset, extremely short skirt. I checked under and commando as instructed. She was also bra-less. She handed me the plug that had come with the paddle she had ordered. Without much in conversation I grabbed her chin and forced her mouth open, then put the rolled washcloth in her mouth and pushed her jaw shut. I simply said "bite hard" and she did. I then quickly got to work. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the small binder clips and then reaching into her top pulled out first one tit then the other attaching the binder clips to each nipple. I also removed the leg spreaders so they were on and only I could remove them. She screamed into the gag. I then told her to get out of the car. She did but slowly and carefully. I got out and came around to her and pressing her up against her own car I pulled up her skirt some, revealing her ass. I whispered "spread your legs then your ass". She moved her feet some then reached down and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I took the plug and finding her rosebud, pushed it hard against her. It barely moved as it and she were very dry. I then held it up to her face and told her to get it wet. She tongued it some getting a small amount of spit covering the bulb. I then quickly went back to her ass and this time it started to enter but it was slow going so I helped it along with a good shove from my leg. It popped in and she whimpered. I gave the plug a turn and pulled her skirt back down. I said "ok, let’s go shopping” We walked toward the store entrance, she with a bit of a wobble. Once inside she quickly went to the toy area of desire, I could tell she wanted to get in and out as quick as possible. Finding the crop, jelly plug, large ball gag, and collar desired we went to the counter. She paid in cash and started to walk towards the door, but I stopped her and covertly looking at some lingerie I pressed her nipples and gave the plug a little wiggle. She whimpered again and I smiled. At the car now I had her sit in the passenger seat, bound her wrists, then buckled her in. I could tell the plug had pressed into her ass more as she sat. I got in the driver seat and set for my place. Once at my place I got out, got the bag that she had indicated had the other items of need and got her out of the car. I walked her to my door, pressed her against the wall making sure her tits were pressed hard as I unlocked my door. Once inside and the door locked I told her simply "strip." She did slowly and with trembling hands. Once stripped I put the blind fold on and shoved the new ball gag in her mouth. I then whispered, "that will only come out to feed you my cock or cum, or give you some water". I put on the rope cuffs I had fashioned and led her into the bedroom for the fun.

I tied her wrists behind her and had her kneel. Using the binder clips and a small cord I pull her tits out a bit and use my mouth to hold the cord while I use larger rope to bind her tits separately, and tightly. Once her tits are tied I remove the binder clips. The sudden rush of blood flow to her nipples caused her to squeal into her gag. I pinched each nipple good and hard giving them a slight twist before letting go. Getting her up I walked her to the foot of the bed where I bent her over the end using a pillow to keep her hips in a good position. I tie her ankles to the feet of the bed spreading her nicely. I tie her wrists to the sides of the bed, instead of the headboard. Under each breast I had laid a scrubber sponge, the type that is like the rough side of Velcro, each sponger rubbed a nipple. I then use another rope to tie her tits up to the headboard with an end to the rope next to her so I can pull and tighten it but it would not loosen. I go to her bag and pull out the paddle she had bought with the original plug, this paddle having "slut" in reverse on it so that if struck hard enough over and over the word would be imprinted on her body. I started to paddle her ass, with only one test shot I gave her the full force over and over. With the plug still in her ass and occasionally getting hit by the paddle she clamped down on it causing more pain (it was plastic at the shank). Each cheek was getting a slight "slut" imprint when I stopped for a breather. She was breathing hard and also crying in excitement a bit. I decided to work on another body part, but wanted her ass to have something to think on. I pulled out the plug and set it aside. I then got the other plug, and the special stuff I had prepared. Ginger paste. I coated the tip just a bit but put a decent amount at the base and then shoved it into her ass. She did not realize it at first but after a moment she felt the ginger and started to cry more. I first attached a spreader bar to her ankles before releasing them then her wrists were untied then retied together above her head. And her tits released, for now. I flipped her over and tied her with legs up in the air spread, hips tied to foot of bed. Part of her leg tie was rope leading to the head board, to this I tied smaller cord and dangled it down to her nipples where I placed plastic clothespins on then and tied them to the cord pulling her nipples up. Now her pussy was well exposed and she could not do anything to move. I took the new riding crop and proceeded to whip her pussy, hard. I smacked it more times than I could count but was going for puffing and swollen vs. number of strikes. Once I was satisfied with the redness I stopped, used another pair of plastic clothespins on each pussy lip pulling them wide open, and whipped her inner pussy and clit for a while. Stopping a second time I got a pair of chopsticks and rubber-bands and clipped her clit with them tight and whipped her clipped clit a bit. She was breathing very hard through the gag and I let her catch her breath. While she was calming I got the Hitachi she brought and plugged it in. When she was calm I used the Hitachi on her, her clit, her pussy lips, her plugged ass till she came so hard she really tested the bonds and I could tell that this orgasm hurt. She squealed into the gag when she came. I untied her completely, removing all attachments to her then retied her kneeling with wrists behind again, and wrists to ankles with a longish cord. I moved the gag out of the way and shoved my rock hard cock into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged on it but kept up the sucking as best she could. I face fucked her a bit until I blew my load into her mouth. Holding her tight so she could not move, all my cum went into her mouth and I commanded her to swallow, she did. I then had her clean me up and I put the gag back in. I picked her up and placed her in my closet where I had rigged up ratcheting tie downs to the hanger bar and hooked her tits to them. I tightened the ratchets till she was up on her knees at a 90-degree angle. I then took the cord binding her ankles to wrists and tightened that until she was barely on her knees with a majority of her weight on her tits. I then ratchet her just a bit tighter so that her knees just skimmed the carpet, hung by her tits. I then give each nipple a few hard smacks with the riding crop, and closed the door. I then go about getting things put away and setup for the next session, then go out to the other room, get a drink and sit in front of the TV for a bit. I set a timer so as to make sure I remember :). When the timer sounded, I was ready. I quietly went to the bedroom and slowly opened the closet door. She was of course there but her mind was somewhere else. Her tits were a nice shade of purple, and she was hanging almost still. I pulled her out and felt her once less then perky breasts very tight and plump, plus a nice shade of purple.

I re-tied her tits so that the slack made by pulling the cords tight was then gone. I untied her ankles from her wrists and lifted her up by her breasts to a standing position. She got up quickly so as to keep the pressure off her tits, too late. I then had her bend forward so her head just rested at the end of the bed and pulled her wrists up behind her forcing her over. I tied her wrists to the headboard and her feet spread to the legs of the bed. I then attached the tarp clips to her nipples again and this time weighted them down with a fair amount of weight. She cried more and whimpered into her gag. I then went to work on her tits with the crop, whipping all around the pulled nubs. I stopped when I thought her skin might break and then went to focus on her other parts. I inserted the ginger root plug into her ass and then started to whip her pussy. She was dancing from side to side, foot to foot, before long. I was getting rock hard now and wanted inside her. I stopped whipping and attached a third tarp clip to her clit. I then pulled out the ginger. First I took the crop and whipped her rosebud hard getting another set of screams and crying. After 20 or so strikes I dropped the crop and shoved my cock in balls deep. My balls slapping the clip getting a squeel and an ass clench. I fucked her ass good and steady until I started to get that feeling in the back of my balls. I then reached over and got the good jelly plug and coated it well with IcyHot. Just when I was ready to blow my load I pulled out, went to her face and removing her gag shoved my cock down her throat, once I was in as far as I could go I reached down and shoved the IcyHot covered plug deep into her ass. She gasped at the unexpected intruder and my cock went deeper down her throat. She gagged on it and I blew my load. I cum for a good 30 seconds before stopping, wave after wave of cum was forced down her throat. Once I was done and going limp I pulled out and before she could even think I put the gag back in. I was extremely tired by now so I decided to put her away for the night. Leaving the clips on I untied her and walked her back to the closet. She moved gingerly since she was plugged and clit clipped. I forced her kneeling again and retied her wrists to her ankles. Then using the ratchets again, I did her tits till she was just barely on her knees, not quit hung but close. I made sure all the knots were good, then told her that the clips were staying on since that is what I wanted for her. She shook her head "no" but I simply gave a little laugh and closed the door. I straightened the bed, and got ready for sleep. Once that was done I checked on her, she was trying to move to a comfy position, even free her nipples or clit from the clips but I had tied her so that was impossible. I reached down and released the clips, she sighed in releife then shrieked as the feeling came back to her clit, her tits being tied so tight I doubt feeling would return for a long while. Her cries renewed I closed the door and went to bed.

I rested, even slept some but eventually my horniness got the better of me. I quietly got up and opened the closet, she was not moving, it looked like she had fallend asleep or even passed out. I slowly let her down and carried her to the bed where I tied her spread eagle on her back. She woke while I was doing this and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. I then stopped that by smacking each tit hard with my hand. I pulled and pinched her nipples until she cried out, she was seeing if she could resist. I then attached the chopsticks to her nipples. Using two rubber bands I squeezed her nipples between two chopsticks using the bands to hold the stick together. I then used a cord to pull the nipples up to the headboard. Next I went to work on her pussy. First touching and caressing it, she was sopping wet. I then smacked her clit hard with my hand then got my belt and whipped her pussy and clit till it was a swollen, red, bit of puff. I reached under and slowly pulled out the plug, she moaned at the emptiness. Untying her completely I re-tied her in a tucked position allowing fantastic access to her ass. I then used the paddle to make more of a "slut" on each cheek. I used full hard strikes when using the paddle. She was again crying. I was still tired so I fucked her ass some more until I felt complete then spun her around and cummed in her mouth, this time I had her hold it in her mouth for a few moments before telling her to swallow. I then tied her face down to the bed on one side. Her arms up and legs down, I also put a pillow under her hips and head. I told her she would sleep like this, and if I got a desire I could then fuck her pussy or ass at whim. I then laid down and went to sleep. During the rest of the night I did play with my little fuck toy. I fingered her and got her to cum, hard. It sounded and felt like it was even painful, good. At one point I did mount her and fucked her pussy and ass hard, grabbing her cheeks without mercy, smackng her sore and red ass. In the morning I got up and untied her, led her to the bathroom where I had her get into the shower and tied her wrists to the shower head. I then washed her up, using a wash clothe on all her parts, her raw and sore nipples, clit, and ass must have stung something good. I even soaped up my cock and fucked her pussy and ass getting the inside of her clean. Once done I dried her off and led her back to the bedroom where I tied her with legs up in the air spread and then went around her whipping pussy, ass, tits, and nipples till I got tired. Then I clipped her fun nubs and then used the belt on her tits and pussy. Once I was hard again I fucked her pussy and ass back and forth till I was about to cum then shot my load down her throat again. Near the end of our fun session I again coated the plug with IcyHot and plugged her. I scrubbed her clit and nipples with the scrubber sponges and put the ginger paste on them and some ginger root in her pussy. I then used a crotch rope to keep the root and plug in. I had her dress. I told her she can undo all ropes, when she got home. She whimpered but nodded. When I removed the gag she softly said "Thank you master for such a wonderful time” I gave her ass a good smack as she dressed. She then left and when she got home she undid her bonds, and gave me evidence she had obeyed. She then asked for another session, one with new things I could come up with and not too far in the future so she is still tender from the previous session.