TITLE: Helping A Young Single Mom
LOCATION: Jim - Pennsylvania, USA
AGE: 51+
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A few weeks before Christmas I noticed a posting on Facebook from a young single mom who lives in my area seeking assistance in buying her kids a few gifts for Christmas. Being financially secure I sent her a private message stating that I was willing to help. She replied and I offered to give her $ 300 to help out. We met in the parking lot of a local shopping center a few days later and when she got into my car I saw she was very cute....about 5'3" with sexy eyes and nice tight body and full, kissable lips. She thanked me profusely and told me how she had really been struggling financially and jokingly said she may have to turn to prostitution if her financial situation did not improve soon. She then asked if I might be interested if she decided to go that route. I told her that I might be interested in a "sugar daddy" relationship although I am quite a bit older. (I'm 60 but keep myself in very good physical shape). After confirming that I was not a police officer she then showed me driver's license to show me her age...just 22. She said the age difference was not an issue with her.

After a few weeks of messaging back and forth and her offering sex, I finally gave into temptation. She arrived at my place early one evening and after some small talk and a few hugs and passionate kisses we made our way back to my bedroom. I quickly stripped down although I was very nervous. She knelt in front of me and gently stroked my hard cock in her hand. When she took me in her mouth and wrapped those full lips around me I thought I had died and gone to heaven! After only 2 or 3 minutes I warned her that I was getting close. She then stopped sucking me but continued to stroke me... I then exploded, shooting streams of cum all over her face. After cleaning up, we got dressed and shared a few more hugs and kisses before she left.

A few weeks later we finally fucked....if there is enough interest I will share that story as well.