TITLE: When Anything Was Possible
AGE: 41 - 50
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This one you're not likely to believe. Looking back on it, I barely believe it myself. But then, back in the day if like me you were lucky enough to be running a hot adult boutique, well you just never did know. Anything was possible.

It was a quiet Sunday. It was unusual; and not just because I rarely came in on a Sunday. And I sure didn't regularly schedule three of my five employees for a Sunday shift. But, I had, and that meant my new manager in training Jackie was working. Monica the stores assistant manager was also on duty, along with Asha, only a part timer and an eager coed at our local University.

Jackie was hot, a guitar playing rock n' roller who liked to claim she was a lesbian. Only, I say no one doing guys at the rate Jackie did should have been boasting of her lesbian status. Never mind that she'd racked-up twice as many hotties. Hey, just saying.

Monica was cute, a semi fitness freak with big boobs and a boyfriend. No biggie, they were casual swingers, sort of-kind of anyway.

Asha was seriously cute, a second generation Japanese with long black hair and a tight body. She was twenty, and up until very recently had been a virgin. I'm pretty sure that made her the first one I'd ever slipped up and hired. It worked out; maybe because right from the get go it had been obvious Asha was extremely sexually curious. It was even more obvious to everyone that it was only a matter of time. That time came, and only a few weeks before the time of this story.

After a dinner and a walk on the beach, Asha and this seriously lucky Bozo had climbed up on to one of the beach's Lifeguard towers. Before they climbed back down Asha had sucked the guy off a second time. I asked, and she had answered "Well yeah, I liked it; so, I did it again!" And then, after I foolishly asked if she'd swallowed, she told me to "Go fuck myself!" That was before she confessed to having talked the guy in to letting her go for number three. Then, later back at the lucky fuck's apartment, she'd managed to get him up again. Anyway, it was a very eager virgin he deflowered. I say, Attaboy!

From early on I had strongly suspected Asha was a bi-sexual in waiting. We'd talked about it; and probably mostly I'd teased her good-naturedly. Anyway, and it was only a week after she abandoned her virginity that she ventured in to a lesbian bar. Of course she got picked up, and of course, as they say she got turned-out. And when I asked if the chick had gotten her off, she only giggled. I should have known better. So, of course when I dared "So, did you make her cum," once again she suggested I go fuck myself. But then, the blushing hottie had confessed "Of course I did, three times even!"

As for Jackie, well that gorgeous hottie has a wickedly svelte build, an absolutely killer ass and a positively cock-hardening smile. And, she was a serious rock n' roller, an award winning lead guitarist in a prominent local band. We didn't actually date, but we did do these impromptu two or three day road trips. There was a definite connection; one we both knew wasn't going to wind up with us falling madly in love. But, the sex, at least when there was sex was just freaking awesome, uninhibited of course, and way more likely to generate an exuberant "Hell yes, let's go for it" than not. Sometimes all it took was a dare. But then, daring to dare Jackie could be downright dangerous. Besides that, the woman had a definite commitment phobia. Still, she did claim to be looking forward to a committed and monogamous relationship. First, as I saw it anyway, she would need to find a lesbian hottie willing to put up with her one-sided brand of monogamy. On the positive side, Jackie was loyal; and yes, brave. Let's forget about thrifty; I mean, she likes, seriously likes to shop. Uh-huh, and that's especially with someone else's money.

No way am I ever likely to forget that lazy summer day. Hell, I even remember what the ladies wore on that routine, fuck the dress code and wear what you like Sunday. Asha who was unmistakably braless wore a tight fitting hot pink tank top with a big bold "Ask me I might" emblazoned on its back. Her baggy hip-hugging shorts clung nicely to her curvy ass while leaving her bellybutton exposed.

Monica and Jackie wore official sleeveless crop top t-shirts, neon purple with the store's logo done in hot pink. I remember Monica's baggy jeans and tennies; but, only because of what Jackie wore. My new store manager has a butt made for Daisy Dukes. So, there was lots of scrumptious looking bare ass showing below and loads of flat bare belly above. I wouldn't have notice her Doc martens; except, I'd paid for the damn things.

I was cranky; having spent most of the day proving what could only be euphemistically called an office actually deserved the title. And having to squeeze past some Bozo drooling over a high-end glossy as I exited the store's back room didn't improve my mood any. And, it didn't matter any when that Bozo turned out to be a store regular. Actually, Todd was more of a fixture, a regular since back when the store had still been more head shop than erotic boutique. He had been just another one of the stoned continuation school reprobates who regularly hung around my young business. Only Todd had earned a place in the store's hall of fame.

One day, back when my ex-wife wasn't yet an ex, Todd had wandered in to the store's back room. The ex was there; and who knows, maybe even working. Anyway, she claims not to have enticed, or otherwise encouraged the guy. But, after having chatted her up, the ballsy fuck had whipped out the hard cock the ex had no doubt been eyeing. So, he was jacking-off as he asked her if it would be alright for him to cum on her feet. As if that wasn't weird enough, she actually answered with an affirmative "Hey, if that's what floats your boat, go for it!" I had walked in just in time to hear, and in time to wonder just what the fuck she was talking about. I found out alright, head shaking as I watched Todd splash cum all over the ex's feet. I left, but not before hearing my ex's disgusted "It's your mess, you clean it up!" Naturally the story acquired legs; which didn't mean Jackie, Monica, or Asha either had heard it.

Having squeezed past Todd I stopped, greeting him with a friendly "Yo dude!"

Todd didn't look up, but the stoner did answer with a stoner's lethargic "Yeah, like hi dude." There didn't seem to be any reason to linger; so, I moved on.

Asha spotted me and hissed "No shit Bob, he's been there, like forever."

"Uh-huh, and the freaking perves been playing with himself," a disgusted sounding Jackie added.

I checked. Sure enough, Todd had his dick out and was spanking the monkey. So, it's no wonder I snapped a gruff "Fine; so how about you two go tell him to put it away! Yeah, and while you're at it remind the fool that this isn't a freaking library!"

It's never bothered me. But, my employees have always been reluctant to crack down on customers who forget their customers not library patrons. Anyway, that's why I aimed the two of them at Todd.

Maybe Todd did a masterful job of pleading his case. Whatever, in front of his audience of two, he went right on jacking-off. Curious, I decided to check things out. So, I was close enough to hear Jackie's authoritative "Fine then, if you think he's such a nice guy, how about you just blow him?"

Jackie hadn't actually delivered it as an order; well, in my opinion anyway. If she had I'm sure Asha would have told her to go fuck herself. But then, I knew that Asha really wanted to get down with Jackie. And, maybe that's why a giggling Asha led Todd in to the back room.

Jackie shrugged, muttered a surprised "Oh shit," and followed. I was right behind her.

Todd was a slacker; sure a bit kinky, but basically a nice guy. So, I watched from the doorway, curious but not worried, also not expecting Asha to go through with it. Asha didn't hesitate, just settled to her knees, a move that left her eye to eye with Todd's dick. She gave me a quick glance; and then, she tugged his shorts down. She huffed out a clearly audible ooh, and then sucked the head of Todd's dick in to her mouth. He gasped, thrusting his hips forward as he barked an excited "Hot damn!"

Asha let that first lunging thrust fill her mouth. Only average in length, Todd was definitely on the thick side. Thick sure didn't bother Asha. Anyway, she went right to work, head bobbing as she steadily worked her lips up and down that thick, saliva slickened dick's full length. Then, when she leaned back, I realized the silly fuck was still clutching that magazine. If Asha noticed it didn't stop her from reaching for his balls. She caught them one-handed, already licking as she closed a fist around his cock. And then, and totally blowing me away, she teased "Come on Todd, tell me you want to cum in my mouth!" She shouldn't have needed to; but, she stopped jacking him off long enough to order "Come on you, say it!"

Luckily for Todd, he followed up his confused "Huh," with a "Sure, well yeah, like fuck yes!"

Asha had the head of Todd's cock in her mouth, sucking energetically as she continued to jack him off with a pistoning fist. He reached for her head, and she let go of his dick. So, her mouth was full when he gasped "Ah shit!" And then, with Jackie whooping he came, pumping cum in to Asha's mouth as he powered thrust after thrust through her lips.
"You're done," Jackie barked. "Yeah, and maybe you should stop and actually buy that fucking magazine on your way out!"

On his way out Todd did manage a sincere sounding "That was, you know, like totally awesome!"

In my office Asha was back on her feet, hands on her hips as she stared daggers at Jackie. I stepped in; after all, I was the boss. "Hey Jackie, you weren't actually ordering her to do it, right" I asked, and quickly added a challenging "Want to bet she did it to please you?" And then, being a devious bastard, which means before Jackie had a chance to sputter out a reply, I decided to do a little instigating. "So, I figure you owe her. Consider it a dare; whatever, let's see how Asha feels about a little payback!" Jackie opened her mouth, closed it, blew out a sigh and nodded. "Smart girl," I said.

"It's your call Asha," I said. And, pretty sure I knew which way Asha would go, I gave her a choice. "You can either order her to go down on you; or, you could decide to do her instead. So, what's it gonna be?"

Asha hesitated which gave Jackie the time to say "Fuck that! I don't care, she can go first if she wants, either way though, I'm gonna do her; and oh fuck yes the bitch is gonna scream!"

Asha answered by giving Jackie a lingering hands on the prowl kiss. By then I didn't think there was any; but, removing any doubt, before taking a second kiss Asha relieved Jackie of her t-shirt. When that second kiss ended Jackie's Daisy Dukes had been undone and pushed half way down her thighs. Of course the Doc Martens had to come off ahead of the Daisy Dukes. Asha took care of that, back on her feet and giggling as she pushed Jackie back against my desk. Jackie got a quick kiss. And then, with Asha's hand exploring the laser smooth pussy between her well-spread thighs a pointing finger ordered her in to my desk chair.

Jackie settled in with her feet planted on Asha's shoulders. I blame it on Jackie's snarky "Eat me bitch!" Whatever, Asha skipped the preliminaries. Her hands led the way, spreading Jackie open just barely ahead of her tongue. So, right off I got to watch Asha tongue-fuck Jackie's spread open pussy. Sometimes, that probing tongue's darting tip was rimming Jackie's equally well-exposed anus. No, Asha was definitely no beginner. Then, when Asha leaned back, I figured we were both staring at Jackie's exposed and obviously aroused clit. Anyway, when Asha dove back in, it was obvious where the flicking tip of her tongue landed. Jackie's shrieked "Yes-yes-yes," couldn't have meant anything but target acquired. Asha skipped the tease, going right after it. And, after a few more breathlessly huffed yes's Jackie's came, her back a taut bow, her ass floating a good half-foot above my chair.

It didn't surprise me when Asha went for seconds. And, it did keep Jackie from pitching a bitdh. I was on my knees working Asha's shorts down when I said "Hey now, if you're gonna go for seconds, well then, you're gonna be doing it while getting fucked!" I did add what I knew was an unnecessary "OK?"

Either I was a distraction; or Asha had decided to play the tease. Not that that has anything to do with the fact that I badly wanted to fuck Jackie. But then, even if it had only been once, I had already fucked Jackie. So, there I was unconflicted, and most definitely looking forward to fucking Asha. All set to power seven inches of hard cock in to her, it was ready-set-go. One hard thrust left Asha yelping in surprise and me buried deep in the slick wet heat of her deliciously tight pussy. Then, with Asha the tease busy with Jackie, well Hell, I even got to take my time.

It was me, a frantic pussy fucking beast who slapped Asha's ass and ordered "Again!" It worked. So, while Jackie squealed her way through a third orgasm, I was busy giving it up, explosively unloading an acceptably monstrous quantity of cum in to Asha. And, the fact that I was left utterly breathless had nothing to do with it. So what if Jackie had scoffed, not believing me when I had insisted that indeed Asha was hot to do her? Whatever, not about to push my luck, I wisely bit back a snide, told you so. And didn't her breathless post-orgasmic "Damn girl," count as a concession speech? Besides, by then the girls were about to change places.

Jackie ordered a naked and beaming Asha to park her ass up on my desk. Picturing Jackie on her knees, but kneeling upright I was ready to panic. I stifled a protest, glad to see Jackie grabbing Asha's ankles. Asha barely had time to settle braced back on her elbows before Jackie had her ankles pushed back above her head and spread a seeming mile apart. That left Jackie on her feet, bent over, her legs spread damn near as wide as Asha's. So, badly as I wanted to whoop, I refrained. And not that my dick needed any extra incentive, but I spotted a rivulet of cum trickling from the pussy Jackie was about to dip her tongue in to. Watching Jackie start by licking up that trickle turned, up and hard in to, up and rock-hard. So, not only was I up, I was chomping at the bit.

That first time I fucked Jackie, I'd taken her bent over my desk. That had worked out, right up to, and especially after she cried "Take my ass! Do it Bob, fuck my ass!" But, with Jackie working to send Asha orgasmic, I wasn't expecting a repeat of that delicious bit of karmic serendipity.

Jackie was only half way through her oral workout, leaving Asha with two orgasms to scream her way through. Out of the blue I heard "Thank God there weren't any customers," freaked, disengaged my dick, and spun around. Monica was standing in the doorway. She threw her hands up and quickly explained. "Well, there weren't any customers, so I locked up!" Then, before I could react Monica reached out, giving my very hard and very wet dick a sideways push as she teased "hey, watch where you're aiming that thing buster!"

I saluted, barked "Yes Ma'am," and did an about-face. So, I was chuckling as I reacquired my target. No need to aim, no way could I Miss Jackie's exposed and perfectly positioned pussy. But, ready to once again fill her with hard cock, it occurred to me that Jackie and Asha hadn't heard a word.

I was wrong. And, maybe that was because Jackie hadn't even looked up, which I'm sure is why Asha was still panting like a freaking racehorse as she loudly pleaded "More,-more, oh god Jackie don't stop now!" That wasn't going to happen. And, while Jackie's tongue was turning Asha's third in to her fourth, I was banging away just as fast and just as hard as I could.

Asha's eyes popped open and she managed a half-strangled "Woohoo, you go Bob!" And then, the little darling was bellowing yes's. By then, I was busy making guttural noises and ejaculating what felt like a freaking river of cum in to Jackie.

Jacki who maybe had a right to look smugly self-satisfied asked "Hey Monica, want a turn?"

Monica cried "Raincheck!" That surprised me.

Not surprising me, Jackie answered "Hell yes! You know that means I get one too, right?"

Ah well, that's a story for another day. Maybe you'll want to watch for it…hope so!