TITLE: My Friends Mom's Feet
LOCATION: DeadlyDemon - USA
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So growing up i had a really good female friend. I always found her mom to be very beautiful. She is a middle aged Haitian woman. Had very beautiful feet. He feet were about size 7. I've always dreamed about worshiping her feet ever since i realized I had a foot fetish. So one day i'm walking up the street to her house in hopes to talk to her about a party that I had planned on having later in the year. I get there, I ring the doorbell, and she answers. Hey Justin, (not my real name) how are you? I told her I was doing fine and my purpose for the visit. After about 30 seconds of conversation I told her it was extremely hot outside and there were a lot of bugs and if it would be OK if we continued the conversation inside. She opened the door and let me in. The first thing I noticed was the dark green polish on her beautiful toes. At that moment I knew I wasn't going to leave without even touching her feet. So I kept my cool and continued the conversation. After about another 30 seconds I sat on the basketball i had with me and began to stare at her feet. I didn't want her to say anything do I bought it up before she could. I said “Wow you have very beautiful feet!” I proceed to lightly touch them and I almost came on myself when I did. She said thank you and started to tell me about how she takes care of them. I had to think fast if i wanted to get any further with this.

So I offered to rub her feet. She had been divorced for a couple of years now so i knew she was probably pretty horny & had no reason to say no. Well she did :/. After she said no I insisted at least 2 more times. Then she finally said yes! Inside i was doing backflips but i kept it cool on the outside. So we walked to her living room and she sat on the couch and i sat on the floor. I grabbed her left foot first. The feeling was so intense. Her soles were so soft and i could feel every wrinkle. We were still having a conversation but i was too busy drooling over her feet. After about 5 minutes I had picked up the other foot and began to rub it. At this point my dick was throbbing from how horny I was. I’m 100% sure she could see my dick through my shorts but she didn't say anything and i sure as hell didn't care. I wanted to lick and worship her feet so bad. I had put her right foot down on my inner thigh and almost shot my load out when that happened. I picked her left foot again and pressed it against my face, closed my eyes, and took the deepest inhale i could. The smell was indescribable. I told her how lovely he feet smelled. At this point i needed to have her foot in my mouth. So i made up lie and said that somewhere in the world, licking feet is a means of massage and women loved it. I stuck my tongue out and bought her foot closer and closer to my face. I looked her dead in her eyes as i was doing it but i stopped right before i could lick it. She hesitated when i was about to lick her sole. After the massage i went to her bathroom and busted the biggest nut ever. The smell of her feet was still on my hands and it was amazing.

My dick was still rock hard in my basketball shorts as she walked me to the front door. I told her not to tell my parents because i didn't want to come off as a weirdo. She agreed so i guess that's all the matters. We have never spoken of the day ever since. I plan on going over there again soon. I hope to actually suck and worship her feet. Maybe i can get lucky and have sex with her but i'm not counting on it lol.