TITLE: The Office
LOCATION: 65tech - USA
AGE: 51+
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Bella walks in to the office at work she hears a man's voice "Lock the door" with out thinking about it she does and then says who is there. "Don't worry about who is here and take your clothes off Now! Bella knows she should leave buy she is so turned on she startsto remove her clothes. When she is undressed, "Sit in your chair, spread your legs and start playing with your pussy" Bela takes her hand and spreads her lips and starts to rub her sweet hot wet pussy, the next thing Bella feels is someone puyying a blindfold on her and tell her to continue playing.

Al of the sudden Bella feels something on her lips it hard and hot she opens her lips and let's his hard cock slide in her mouth. "Yes suck my cock" she starts to grab his hips he stops her and says if you don't want to play with your pussy I will tie them behind your back he pulls his cock out of her mouth stands her up and puts her hands behind her back and handcuffs them. "You didn't obey me now I have to punish you!" he raises his hand and smacks her tight sexy ass. Bella jumps "I'm sorry Daddy I will listen " he smacks her again "Yes Daddy I love it when you correct me, I have been a bad girl Daddy''

The man rubs his fingers in between her lips and she is dripping. "You really like Daddy disciplining you, don't you?" "Yes Daddy" she says with a sigh. Daddy should fuck your pretty little ass to make you obey daddy. Bella had no idea who this is but he grabs her leans her over her desk she feels her ass cheeks bring spread apart and a Yonge licking her little dark star. She is enjoying it and then he stops she hears him open something and then something cold on her ass and a couple of fingers slide into her unexpecteing ass. Bella then feels something hard rub against her ass entrance, her arms get pulled back and the force of his cock shoved into her very tight hole.

Bella let's out a loud scream "Shut up, I Know you like Daddys cock in your ass, Don't You" by this time the initial trauma is over and nothing but pleasure is left and she says "God yes Daddy I love your hard cock fucking my tight ass" "Good" comes out of his mouth as he start to fuck her!!. He fucks her till she is close to cumming and them pulls out of her. Bella screams "Please don't stop I'm so close" She feels his hand come down on her ass again. "I will let you cum when I'm ready to" she then feels his finger starting to fuck her ass and pussy at the same time. "You just love Daddy finger fucking you , don't you daddy's little slut" "Yes Daddy I do" "you want to cum don't you" "Yes Daddy I do"

Bella feels hi pull his fingers out of her and he picks her up he sits her on the desk he pushes her legs apart nice and wide. she expects to feel his hard cock ram into her instead she feels her sexy tits getting sucked on my Bella then feels his tongue slide down her smooth tan Tummy then she feels his tongue lick her hot bald pussy lips."Awww" Bella let's out. She feels his tongue pull away from her and then she feels his lips kissing her. Bella feels his cock slide into her wet tight pussy and he sinks it all the way in as he kisses her.

Bella still doesn't know who this is but his cock is so nice. He starts to duck her at a steady pace "Do you like Daddy fucking your tight pussy" "Yes Daddy , I want to cum on your hard big cock" "My baby wants to cum on Daddy's cock" "Yes Daddy Please!! I'm so close Daddy Please!!" "Baby you can cum on Daddy's cock if he can cum on your face" "Yes Daddy you can where you want to" "ok baby you may cum" Bella start to scream out "Yes Fuck! Fuck! Yes Daddy I'm CUMMING" as her pussy stats gripping his cock and her body shakes hard. He holds his cock deep in her as she cums and when she calms down. he pulls out and says my turn.

He helps her off the desk puts her on her knees and smacks her face with his cum covered cock and starts to stroke himself. "Yes Daddy come for your baby girl" She heard his breathing change and "Daddy is going to Cum" as soon as she hears this she feels his cum hitting her face and tits "Oh Baby daddy needed that" Bella feels his cum drippinh of her face he turns her around and undoes her hand cuffs "When you hear the door open and close undue your mask" he kisses her on the top of her head and says "Baby girl you are the best" and then she hears the door! Bella undoes her blindfold looks at her body cover in his cum and scoops some up and licks it "Yummy" as she smiles and starts to clean up while dressing she can't find he panties she thinks Daddy must of took them.