TITLE: Rose Was A Bad Girl
LOCATION: 65tech - USA
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As Rose sleeps her daddy takes her hands and ties them to the bed post! He then waits until his little girl wakes. She looks at him with her beautiful blue eyes and smiles. Daddy smiles back. Rose tells him morning. Daddy have I been bad you tied my hands? Yes baby you have you played with your sweet pussy when Daddy wasn't around and made a mess in your panties and then didn't give then to daddy to sniff and lick!

Rose tells him I'm sorry Daddy I came with out sharing with you!!! Daddy doesn't care if you make yourself cum baby he just wants to sniff your panties!! Daddy has to punish you and he starts to kiss her sexy legs, he gets right to her pussy Daddy sees Rose getting wet but then starts to kiss her tummy he skips Rose's pussy even though he wants to lick it so badly he had to punish her.

Daddy starts to kiss up her tummy she feels his hard cock rub against her leg. Rose feels his pre-cum on her leg. he starts to kiss her nipples and then just blows on them. Rose's pussy is dripping. Daddy kisses her neck he tells Rose he wants to make her cum but he has to punish her, "what should Daddy do to his baby?" he ask her. Daddy nibbles on his little girls ear,Then he kisses her on the lips there tongues fight for dominance. Daddy's little girl Rose is begging for Daddy to lick her!

Daddy takes his fingers and runs through his little girls dripping pussy then he brings his finger up to his baby girls nose and let's her smell them she licks her lips and Daddy puts them just on the out reach of her tongue then licks them clean in front of her! He puts his fingers in Rose's wet pussy again this time he puts them on her lips and kisses her.They both lick her wet juices off his fingers!! Daddy's kisses last a long time with the taste of her sweet pussy on there lips!! Daddy pulls away and brings his cock up to his little girls mouth he wipes his dripping pre-cum on her lips.

Daddy places his cock between his little girls lips as she opens her mouth and takes him in, he starts to pinch her nipples while she starts to suck him!Daddy pulls out of her mouth and starts to lick his little girls pussy just teasing the lips he brings her to the edge and then he doesn't let her Cum. Daddy's girl Rose wants to cum and she begs him to let her. Daddy places is cock at the entrance of her tight pussy and rams it in. Rose let's out a moan!.

Daddy starts to pound Rose's pussy hard his little girl is moaning "Daddy fuck me !Oh your cock feels so good in your little girls pussy! Yes that it Daddy Fuck Me Hard! Oh daddy I'm Cumming I'm Cumming on your big cock!!" as his little girl cums on his cock he just holds his cock in her. When Rose is done cumming he pulls out and tells his little girl to suck Daddy's cock. Rose gets on her knees I. font if him and starts to suck him. Rose loves the taste of her pussy and in a matter of minutes Daddy is saying"Yes baby suck Daddy! I'm going to fill your dirty little mouth full, Yes!Yes!" Rose feels his hot cum feeling her mouth and his cock jerking she swallows all his cum and sucks him dry when his cock comes out of her mouth but is soft. He looks down at Rose she looks up at him and says "Daddy am I a good girl now?" "Yes baby you are"