TITLE: College Girls & Step-Daughter
CLUBHOUSE: bbrocks
AGE: 22 - 30
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Living on a farm has great benefits like being able to walk around naked almost anytime and anywhere. It gets even better when my youngest step-daughter brings one or two of her college room mates out to the farm and eventually they all end up naked too - whether it is by the pool, in the sauna, skinny dipping in the pond then drying out around a bonfire, or often just walking naked anywhere and everywhere to tease me and get me hard in front of them - and I am perfectly fine being teased like that! (y) (h) They also know I think a hot pussy taking a pee, especially outside, is a huge turn on for me so they love to pee right in front of me, either to purposely turn me on or they do it sort of out of view then wait to see if I am sneaking a peek!

Well they know that I am always ready to watch them walking around naked - and to join in and touch them and do whatever else they want me to do sometimes too! I never touch my step-daughter and she knows I never would touch her so she takes advantage of that by being naked all the time (when her mom isn't around). If it is just the two of us there when she comes home to visit she will leave the bathroom door open when showering so I can easily hear her when she yells to me to bring her some soap or shampoo or a razor or something - which is just a reason she will use to get me in the bathroom and then put on a show for me by peeing in the shower then shaving her legs and pussy followed by slowly and sexily spreading her ass cheeks and washing her asshole - and slipping a finger in and out a few times once in awhile too. She knows all of these things will make me rub my crotch and eventually whip out my dick and jack off in front of her - and sometimes she will return the favor by masturbating to orgasm in front of me while she is still in the shower.

If she doesn't yell for me to come in the bathroom then after her shower she will parade around naked or near-naked and then she does stuff like pretending that her towel slips off when walking past me - then she will slowly bend over to pick it up facing me with her hot tits dangling for me - or she faces away from me and pretends to be trying to hide her perky titties - but is really preparing for a quick tease show with her ass cheeks towards me and her pussy lips sticking out a bit under them.... That type of thing usually leads to me beginning to stroke my cock (if I wasn't already) then she will watch until she gets wet herself and will start to rub her pussy and clit and lick her fingers right in front of me - with a fucking silly grin on her face and then she starts talking dirty to me to see how quickly she can make me start leaking cum and stroking faster instead of just slowly rubbing my cock.

If we are outside by the hot tub or pool, or maybe just out in the sun in the yard she will will squat down or just bend over and pee for me then put her fingers in the stream and then slowly lick them clean for me. I really love it when she is just standing near me and casually talking with me and then I notice she is suddenly and purposely peeing right there and standing straight up with it running down her legs and feet while she continues to talk and pretends nothing is going on. Sometimes I will grab a cup or whatever is handy and casually hand it to her - and she knows then that she should catch some of that golden pee for me - and she knows I will immediately drink it in front of her while she again continues a casual conversation with me with us both pretending nothing is gong on other than talking - but we each know we are both really turned on by this game....

Eventually, and fairly often during her visits, I will blow a big load near her, and if it lands somewhere clean like a towel, or on some clothes or furniture, she will run over and lick it off, or wipe it up and smear it on her tits and other body parts and then lick them, which teases me even more. A few times I have shot a really long distance load when she was near me and it has hit her legs or feet which makes her laugh and smile before she licks it up. A few times I have managed to do that from behind her when she doesn't know I am jacking off near her, or when she is sunbathing by the pool with her eyes closed, and have hit her back or belly or even her face a few times - which is pretty neat when she licks it up and then she goes on with whatever she was doing like nothing even happened.

On a really lucky day for me she will be super horny and start masturbating - rubbing her sexy swollen clit and wet pussy until she arches her back, squeezes her thighs together, and lets out a couple moans and cums so hard in front of me that it is unreal. This is usually immediately followed with a teasing little smirk and then she will watch me as I stroke hard and fast, which I am usually doing the whole time she is masturbating too, and she waits for me to shoot another load all over - I always try to time it to cum at the same time she does but I usually get so fucking turned on watching her I lose a load early on and then I am ready for another load of hot cum to shoot out after she comes and while she is slowly rubbing her wet pussy and licking her fingers and watching me stroke. Sometimes this will all start with me actually walking up on her outside, or in the living room , or in the sauna - and she is already masturbating by herself not even knowing I am nearby until I get caught watching or I start jacking off to her masturbating motions and she hears or sees me - then we both climax fairly nearly at the same time usually.

When she brings company with her sometimes things get really wild and one of her room mates will do exactly the same thing my step-daughter does in front of me - and many times they will do that in front of my step-daughter and I at the same time and her room mate will get even more turned on knowing we are both watching and masturbating to her at the same time she is. My step-daughter will often join her room mate (she has even done it with two of them at once a few times) in rubbing and licking and fingering her own pussy and asshole as well as her room mate(s) and they will put on a great tease show for me. The great thing about when this happens is that, depending on which room mate it is, and how horny and/or turned on she is, I do get to touch and lick and fuck the room mate - which my step-daughter loves to watch and also masturbates along with us from nearby.

One of her room mates is really into anal as well and sometimes she gets horny enough teasing me that she will let me finger and lick and fuck her asshole. She also loves to shove stuff in my ass - like her tongue, or a finger or two, an ass toy or vibrator, and sometimes a random veggie like a cucumber - or even a huge cob of corn a few times too! I can usually make her come with my cock or a toy in her ass - and maybe a little added reach-around - but if she can't get over the cum edge with one of those she will finger-bang her pussy and clit while I lick and fuck her ass and that always works to get a big asshole-clenching, back-arching orgasm from her!

I can't wait until winter is over and the girls start coming out to the farm more often again! They do come out to use the sauna and hot tub in the winter but not nearly as often or for as long as in the summer - in the summer they will stay 2 or 3 days sometimes!

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