TITLE: Super Bowl Anal
LOCATION: Captjim51 - USA
AGE: 41 - 50
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Let’s just start by saying my wife Linda and I had a great time yesterday. Linda is a die-hard Rams fan and was thrilled they made it to the Super Bowl. I liked New England but I was a die-hard Bears fan. Linda kept saying “if Brady just fucks up one or two times we can win”. Well she and I made a bet and it wasn’t for money. You see my little 5 feet 2 inch petite doll has the nicest ass I have ever seen, and I love to stick my eight inches right between her ass crack. The trouble is she only takes it up the ass every now and then she says it hurts to much the next day. Other than this we a pretty good sex life doing straight vaginal sex with some fairly good blow jobs thrown in for good measure. So, here is our unique Super Bowl bet. Whoever’s team was ahead at half time got their pick of our private half time entertainment. Linda knew if the Rams were behind at the half she was in for a good ass fucking.

Well we all know what happened, yesterday, at the two minute warning Linda went to her room and came out in her Rams T shirt and nothing else!!! The jersey revealed just the bottom of her cute ass cheeks with her perky tits protruding from under her shirt. I knew I would have her ass but I did not want to rush things. I began by relaxing on the couch and kissing her passionately concentrating on her lips, neck and breasts; I blew softly in her ear and asked her “can I have you in that “special place” and she said “Yes, go ahead but use a lot of lube and but be careful”. Then I gently put her on all fours near the edge of the couch so she could present me the gift of her fine small ass.

I knew exactly what to do; I got some astro-glide and lubed her ass while gently inserting a finger into her awaiting opening. I was polite and used my finger to lube her asshole as she squirmed from my gentle probing. My finger began making and in and out motion I could tell the pleasure was overtaking the somewhat painful feeling of the initial insertion. Linda began to moan in pleasure as my finger massaged her anal opening. I then added a second finger and inserted it deeper as I got familiar with manipulating my wife’s fine ass. I knew I would have to get her ready before I inserted my larger cock into her now throbbing rectum.

Then Linda whispered “go ahead take my ass”. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her ass crack and then found her sphincter. I couldn’t hold back any longer I grabbed her by the hips and pushed forward inserting the first inch of my cock into her ass. She screamed in pain as the head of my cock penetrated her anus I held back and then went slightly further. I offered to remove my organ from her ass but by then the head of my cock was past her anal opening and was well inside her. It could tell Linda was getting used to my cock as I went further inside her. Then I just stood still so she could get used to her ass being stretched open with my cock.

I was a considerate lover and knew that because a pussy is elastic and designed for fucking, whereas Linda’s ass was a group of tight muscles that had to get used to the feeling of a cock. Linda soon began to relax and got used to the feeling of my cock partially in her ass. I then inserted the remainder of my manhood into her. I just stood still as she got used to it when I began to gently move my cock back and forth into Linda’s rectum.

I started by giving her just small thrusts. Linda began to softly moan in pleasure as she did when we had regular sex. Soon the pain from my cock in her ass disappeared as the pleasurable sensations took over. I knew a wave of different and new sensations were overwhelming her. She began rocking back and forth and it seemed like her whole body was one with my cock as it entered her time and time again. Soon all the pain and discomfort were gone so I began fucking Linda as she moved her ass back and forth over my rock had manhood.

I could tell Linda was intoxicated with these new feelings her body was experiencing. Then it happened, she let out a loud groan as she experienced her first anal orgasm. She shouted “fuck me, fuck my ass don’t you dare stop!!. I obliged her and kept my rhythmic motions up for what seemed forever. Then I just could not hold it anymore, my cock got somewhat larger inside her and she flinched in pain as I began to squirt warm cum deep inside her asshole. The sight of my cock working in and out of her ass crack drove to the height of ecstasy. My cock became engorged as I felt the release of wad after wad of sperm into my wife’s fine ass. Then I withdrew my cock from her ass and my semen seeped out of her rectum. Warm sperm mixed with lube oozed from her ass as I passionately kissed her.

I dismounted and we lay back exhausted on the couch. She said that the sex was “different” and this time she liked it, the idea of submitting to me totally turned her on. She smiled and said the Rams may be behind, but you sure won tonight.