TITLE: Bad Santa
AGE: 31 - 40
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It was just before Christmas and we had gone away, Up North shall we say, for a couple of nights getaway.

In one of the local pubs to where we were staying we spotted a flyer advertising a 'Christmas dress up' themed party in a nightclub the following night. Zoe always likes to dress up so decided on trying to source an outfit the following morning in the town.

It wasn't mandatory to wear fancy dress so it was only her that got an outfit. She opted for the naughty elf look. A short red and green skirt with matching hat and the green stockings and suspenders that I'd noticed in the course of browsing in various shops.

Fast forward and we're both dressed for the night ahead, myself in normal clubby attire and Zoe as a sexy Elf which left little to the imagination. "You're going to get a few stares tonight dear" I said to her. "And?", "They can look all they like but only touch if we decide huh". My cock stirred to her response.

We headed straight for the club as it was cheap drink afterall and settled at the bar, until it got too busy, so looked around for a spare seat to perch on. Probably a third of people were dressed up in all the usual Christmassy outfits you'd expect.

We had found a table that another couple occupied and sat down drinking and chatting to them as they turned out to be locals. The drinks were now flowing and the music blearing, I noticed a few lads not far away, one of them dressed as Santa staring in our direction. It was clear he had eyes for my naughty Elf only, but it wasn't the time to say anything although she may have already noticed herself. He looked around in his late twenties and in good shape although it wasn't easy to tell what with the outfit and dimly lit nightclub as they are.

It was now around 1.30 AM and the club was thinning out. The couple who we had been chatting to had since left so we were sat alone. Santa was still glancing over regularly I noticed. I decided to give him a bit more to look at so put one of Zoe's legs over mine and traced my hand up to her stocking tops. I looked toward him and could see his arousal the way he was trying to get a better look for his own personal enjoyment.

A few minutes past and I needed the loo, much to her dismay. "No fair, I'm horny" she said with a sad look as I got up and headed away, smiling at Santa on the way who was only stood with only one other guy now.

As I stood at the urinal I heard the door go soon after and he entered and stood near me smiling. "Alright mate", I said. "Just great Cheers", he replied. "Oh, and thanks for the show", he added. "Very nice, very nice indeed".
"There might be more on offer shall we say". He was slightly taken aback with that but the alcohol we'd both consumed no doubt helped in the quick chat.
"Are you serious?", he said puzzlingly.
"Leave it with me and I'll know very shortly. I'll give you the nod if it's on but you it needs to be just you with me watching. It's the whole Santa fantasy scenario after all that we're into".
"I've an idea", he said excitedly. "I'm a member of this club and just around the corner from where you're sat is a partitioned off members only section. They'll be no one in there now so....". "Good idea. I best get back so make sure you're alone if we get the ok". "Oh, I will" he said.

We walked out together, said a few more words and I headed back towards Zoe who gave me a 'look' as I sat down.
"You took a while huh. Been plotting with Santa have you?" smiling devilishly.
"Uh huh. He has access to the members area if you fancy it".
"Hmmmm I'm going to the toilet myself now. See you shortly".
Off she went without giving a yes but headed in the direction of Santa, who, true to his word, was now stood alone at the bar. From a distance I saw her whisper a few words in his ear for a minute and then walked off towards the ladies.
Thirty seconds later, he's downed his drink and walked past me in the direction of the members area he'd mentioned. I felt my cock stirring in anticipation.

Zoe returned a few minutes later. She stood by the table and said "Come on then. Santa is waiting for his Elf" My cock grew further. Passing me what she had bunched up in her hands, she went on, "You best look after these for a while". It was her panties.
"My naughty Elf aren't you", I responded. "Well, if I am, I wonder what Santa is going to give me then?!".

We headed towards the area. Going through the door, thankfully no one was in there but for Santa, who was sat on a padded bench in the corner of the room.
Zoe turned to me and said, "Take a seat opposite and keep an eye on that door. I doubt this will take long" she winked.

Walking towards him, the look on his face it was like all his Christmases had come at once.
"Aren't you glad you dressed as Santa tonight eh", she said to him.
"Just a bit!" he replied.
Sitting on his lap, she wiggled abit and went on. "So what has Santa got for his naughty Elf this year then?".
His hand went up her leg, reaching her stocking tops and feeling flesh he responded, "Oh I think you can feel exactly what Santa wants to give you".
My cock was hard itself but I couldn't get it out and wank as I was chief lookout!

She swung around facing him, lifting her skirt so I could just see enough of what she was about to get. It looked big. And moving one hand down she positioned Santa's throbbing tool against her pussy opening and sunk down, sighing as he went into her balls deep.
"Fuck, you're so wet" was all he could muster.
"Why of course. I always am for Santa, so less talk and fuck me hard".

After slamming down on his cock for a few minutes she prised herself off and moved into the cowgirl position. He'd leaned her back slightly so I now had the perfect view as his cock being guided straight into her once more. He was reaching around and playing with her tits as she reached down to rub her clit and run her nails along his tightening balls as she took his cock deeply.

She looked at me and mouthed, "Oh my god. Soooo Biiiigggg". I was dripping myself at this point and unable to release. It was only moments later she shuddered and came hard on Santa's length, setting him off in the process, I heard him grunt and release his Christmas load into my naughty Elf. She was right, it didn't take long!

After a long sensual sigh she looked at me and said, pointing to the disabled toilets. "Best you get in there dear as I need cleaning up a bit from what bad Santa has just deposited in me".

I headed towards them as she removed herself from his spent length.
A minute or so later she was leaning against the railing in the toilets and I was attempting to clean her up. The heavy load he'd put in my girl was dripping down her legs at this point and I was doing all I could to catch it all. I reached her pussy and licked as much of their combined cum as possible. It didn't taste too bad as it happens but maybe that was the result of all the drink I'd consumed previously!

Standing up, Zoe released my cock. "My god, you're dripping dear!". "Ya think", I replied laughing. She licked me clean of pre-cum then said we'd better get going. "What!" I replied. "Look, you can fuck the rest of his cum out of me when we get back to the guesthouse. We'll end up getting locked in here if we're not careful". I begrudgingly agreed as I passed her back her panties.

As we tentatively walked out Santa had gone. Turning to me she said jokingly "See, he must cum just once a year".