LOCATION: Michelle - USA
AGE: 41 - 50
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I think my son inherited my roaming ways. When he married his college sweetheart, Michelle, he cheated on her like I had done with his mother. Michelle found out about a few of the times and always took him back. However, when she busted him with her best friend, it was over.

Backing up a bit, my daughter-in-law was a fiery, petite Latina. With long brown hair and a very curvy body. The resemblance to Salma Hayek couldn't be missed. Michelle often wore yoga pants or other tight outfits. It was hard for me not to notice her figure but I never made any move given our relationship.

For my end, I cheated on my wife for many years with a couple of women from work and other flings along the way. Of course, she found out and we had a fairly nasty divorce that culminated in my ex-wife fucking my boss, which I watched from a window...but that's another story.

The events below were during the winter of 2011. I lived in Syracuse where my son, Doug, and his wife resided, as well. However, they were separating and she was going to move back to Rochester, which is about an hour and a half away.

Michelle had rented a truck and Doug was supposed to help move her but he got last minute call for an out of state emergency with his job. He's a systems analyst and often travels to help out in cases like this, which probably didn't help his cheating.

Doug asked me if I could move her and I readily agreed since I had no plans that weekend.

When Saturday came, a full on snowstorm rolled through. We managed to get the truck filled but by that time, there was over 6 inches of snow on the ground. Given we lived in the snow belt, we decided to hit the highway with the assumption that the main roads would be in better shape.

Boy, were we wrong.

It soon became a whiteout and the road conditions deteriorated quickly. I don't believe it was even 20 miles when we decided to pull off the highway.

At the exit was a small motel, and slid our way towards it. There was no way that we'd make it back home and the snow wasn't supposed to let up until midnight so getting rooms made sense.

The problem was, that everyone else on the highway had the same idea. When I asked the clerk for two rooms, he just said that there was only a single queen left and no cots. I looked at Michelle and we both shrugged. I paid for the room and we headed back to the truck to drive to the door.

The snow was unreal as over a foot blanketed the parking lot with no sign of it stopping.

I looked around and said, "Not many options for food." There were no restaurants anywhere near and we couldn't drive to search.

"I do have some chips and peanuts in one of the boxes in the back. Want to have those for a yummy dinner?" Michelle replied with a smile.

I agreed and we opened the back. Fortunately, the box wasn't too far in but still just out of reach. Michelle climbed in and her ass was squarely in my face. In fact, I had to hold her hips so she could keep her balance. There wasn't really any place for me to look except her amazing ass. Her grey sweatpants stretched against her butt revealing the outline of a thong. My dick stirred.

"Found them, dad!" She still called me that despite the upcoming divorce. "Oh! Wait! Lookie what I found, too!" Still looking her ass, I positioned myself to see what she was holding. It was a bottle of Grey Goose. "The goose will be loose tonight!" Michelle giggled and I pulled her back from the truck's depth.

We went into the room armed just with our snacks and alcohol. It was tiny but this was a off highway motel and not a luxury suite.

"I'll take the floor," I said looking at the small bed.

"Don't be ridiculous, dad. We can share but we just have to keep one leg on the floor." Michelle jumped onto the bed and patted next to her. "Come, let's feast!" We both laughed and dug into the provisions.

Being on an empty stomach, it didn't take long for us to loosen up as we gulped down the vodka using the motel's plastic cups. We talked about a lot of things including what my son had done to her and Michelle looking to start a new life. It all had been tough on her but she was a strong woman and was moving on.

"I have to pee." Michelle stated as a matter or fact and went to get up. She stumbled on the first step, and we both laughed as she regained her composure.

After a few minutes, she came back and flicked the main light so just the table lamp was on. "I hope you don't mind, daddy, but I need to be a bit more comfortable for sleeping." She stood there, reached behind her back, and expertly removed her white lacy bra.

With the shadows from the lone light, I could make out her very hard nipples that strained against her tight yellow patterned shirt. Between the alcohol, her calling me daddy, and seeing her breasts sans a bra, my dick immediately got hard.

I probably wasn't subtle looking at my soon to be ex-daughter-in-law because Michelle stood there for longer than expected. She pushed her chest out and smiled at me, making direct eye contact. "I do like to be comfy for bed." Her hands went to the visible string to her sweatpants and pulled both ends. My jaw was hitting the floor just as her pants did the same thing.

Michelle took a step out of her crumpled pants and leaned over to the lamp to turn it off. Her thonged ass was all I could see. That white string was deep in her crack and with her bent position, I could easily make out her asshole and even pussy lips. My erotic view only lasted a split second since she turned off the light quickly.

My eyes tried to adjust to the sudden darkness as I felt Michelle jumped into bed. "I'm cold, daddy," she said in a young, almost childish tone. I slid over and could feel that her back was towards me.

I knew this was all wrong but my cock was in charge at that moment. Making contact on my chest to her back, Michelle instinctively pushed her ass against my crotch. No way I could hide my erection. In fact, Michelle moaned slightly and kept grinding into my dick.

"What's this, daddy?" she asked seductively while pressing against my erection. "Is that because of me?" She said in her childish tone again. Her hands were entwined in mine until she loosened her grip and moved my hands to her breasts. I was about to explode as I got full access to this young woman's tits and nipples. Michelle was beginning to breathe heavily.

We were both on our left side and I moved my right hand away from her tits down towards her legs. To my surprise, I didn't feel a thong which made my cock jump. She must have removed her panties when the light went off.

Michelle rotated towards her right so her hips were against the bed. My hand drifted to her sex. Her legs parted in a wanton fashion giving me full access to her hairless, wet Latina pussy. She was soaking wet and my fingers easily penetrated her. Michelle took a deep breath and moaned as I inserted two fingers into her pussy.

Her right hand reached towards my cock and gripped on it's thick shaft. I'm not the longest in the world but I have a nice girth. My daughter-in-law tossed her head back and forth in pleasure as I assaulted her young sex. As she climaxed, her squeeze was incredibly rough on my dick but it only turned me on further.

Michelle caught her breath and sat up. In the dim light, I could see her top come off. Those magnificent breasts were mine for the night and I wasted little time sucking and pawing at her perky tits. She moaned as her head went back. Her hands held the back of my head and she pressed her breasts deeper into my mouth.

After a minute or so, this young sexy woman pushed me back and removed my boxer briefs. I thought she was going to suck me but apparently that would have to wait. "I've wanted to fuck you for a long time, daddy," Michelle said with a sultry whisper. She grabbed my cock and sat down on it. Inch by inch of my penis entered my daughter-in-law's pussy. She was so tight. "Oh god, daddy!! SOOO THICK!!! YES!!!" Michelle screamed. I'm sure our neighbors could hear my DIL's voice which caused my cock to get even thicker.

She bent down and we made out as she rode my dick hard. I couldn't remember this last time a woman rode my cock that long. Michelle came twice in that position and it took everything I had not to cum in her. I love fucking a woman from behind and watching my cum (I had a vasectomy) dripping as I remove my spent dick.

Eventually, we switched positions so I was on top and then into doggy style. Her tight little ass was on display and I wasted no time in licking her asshole. She groaned appreciatively as my tongue explored her anus and dipped into her pussy, as well. My cock was still at full attention as I orally serviced my daughter-in-laws most intimate area.

Once she came in that position, I stood up and penetrated her pussy. Grabbing her hips, I found a nice rhythm fucking this young woman. She moaned when I took a finger and inserted into her ass. I could feel my dick through her pussy and ass. This feeling of double penetration (which I did with another woman) made the whole situation dirty and I found myself on the cusp of cumming.

Michelle could feel my buildup and started to talk dirty. "That's it, daddy! I can feel you! Cum, daddy!!" I couldn't take it any longer and exploded deep in her pussy. My cock pulsated and she greedily moved her hips to allow for the deepest penetration during my orgasm. I controlled her hips and slowly came to a standstill.

My well fucked cock slipped out of her but it was too dark to see my cum leak out. We collapsed on the bed. Michelle rested her head on my chest. It was a tender moment in an otherwise lurid, hedonistic encounter. After a few minutes of cuddling, she lifted her head up and we began to make out like lovers.

This young hottie played with my cock and anus. Before I knew it, we were fucking again. Her pussy was a sloppy mess and I enjoyed every thrust. She came several times but it was hard for me to cum a second time. She picked up on this and had me lie down on my back. Michelle pulled her breast to my face and watched as I jerked off sucking on her tits. As she talked dirty to me about how she's always wanted me cock and how my fucking was better than she had imagined, I feverishly masturbated. I shot all over my stomach and she rubbed it into my skin and even her breasts. Fuck, she was a hot piece of ass.

We eventually fell asleep naked and tangled in each other's limbs.

The morning was a bit awkward as we both tried to process what happened, plus we were both hurting very badly from the vodka on an empty stomach.

Michelle and I seemed to move on from the night's festivities as not a word was spoken about it. She showered and came out in a small hotel towel since she left all of her clothes near the bed. I watched with a growing erection as she casually let the towel drop revealing her naked body in full daylight. She had a small birthmark on her left pussy lip that I immediately noticed. Had she not shaved, I would not have been able to see it. That dirty thought just made my dick harder.

She put on her panties and clothes, and reached for my hand. "Come'on lazy boy." With a forceful yank, I got off the bed and stood up next to her. I was naked with a fully pumped erection pressing into her belly. "My, my," Michelle said devishly as she grabbed my cock. I moaned and closed my eyes. "Seems like someone needs a bit more..." She lowered herself and proceeded to give me an amazing, world-class blowjob. Her fingers cupped my balls and teased my anus until I shot a load down her throat.

What an exceptional woman. Too bad, my son couldn't hang onto her. If it wasn't for him, I would have pursued that sexy woman.

We managed to find a local restaurant, had a hardy breakfast, and went on to move all of her stuff.

Truth be told, I visited Michelle a few more times before she started dating someone else seriously. We had a lot of fun together and often think of her.


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