TITLE: Chukku The Cheeky Maid
LOCATION: Chukku The Maid - USA
AGE: 51+
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In late 80's, I was 27, single and working in the city for an IT company ( Computer company as it was called those days). My home town is about 150km from city to the country side. I used to travel home on weekends mainly to get my laundry done.

We are a middle class family with reasonable income from agricultural produce. We had a domestic aide for the menial duties who used to do all cleaning , washing and tending the plants in the garden. She also does the laundry. This woman is very much weather beaten due to the nature of work she carries on. She looked older than her age( may be 45) with coarse hands and feet. Despite her fair complexion her face is very dried and all her teeth are discoloured to dark brown as she constantly chews beetle leaves with tobacco. This habit also makes her lips thick red. At a glance she doesn't look any attractive and never gets anybody's attention other than to get any work done.

One weekend when I went home my parents and siblings have gone out for a family gathering leaving the aide. Chukku is her name. She heated some water for me to take a wash. I had a wash and straight went to bed. By around 11pm I was awake and hungry went to the kitchen and fixed some sandwiches had it and went back to bed.

For sometimes I was struggling to fall asleep with no avail. My thoughts are running wild. I am feeling horny. It is some times since my exotic encounter "With My young Boss". I am re-living with my young boss in my imagination. It was a torture.

A glimmer of light creeps into my head "Chukku".... I am afraid.

Our kitchen is next to Chukku's room in the ground floor. I went down to kitchen with heavy foot. I was making noise in the pretext of making a cup of tea assuming Chukku would wake up. I went to her door and kept my ear to check whether she was awake. No noise from her room and the door is locked. I went back to kitchen and started to make louder noise and moved several times in front of her door without any luck.

One last try and I just knocked once on her door while passing as if an accident. I went past and was walking upstairs and heard Chukku opening her door. My heart stopped and I stopped.

I told her I accidentally knocked on her door and for her to go to bed.

"I heard you struggling in the kitchen. Do you want some tea?" She asked.

I said if she can make me a cup of tea would be great that I have a headache. She wanted me to goto the room that she would bring me my tea. I said I'll wait in the kitchen without much troubling her and settled on a chair.
She was wrapped in a big blanket like cloth from neck to ankle. she fixed a cup of tea and gave me. I like accidentally touched her hand while holding the cup. Said sorry and while sipping the tea asked her why her hands are so coarse.

A wry smile came to her face and she said that is the result of hard work she is doing since she can remember. And that was a comfortable start of a conversation and I asked her various things about her husband and family etc.. She asked me how my headache is and I still have it but I will be all right. She said that she could massage my head to relieve the pain but her fingers are too coarse.
"Thats not a problem for me but it is very late now. You need to goto bed"
She said she'll try a bit to relieve me from pain and started to massage my scalp slowly.
Blood is gushing through all over my body and I was still not sure how I would make a move.
I slowly rested my head against her body and closed my eyes. After a very long minute she asked me to goto bed. I summoned all the courage and with a slight shivering voice I asked whether I can stay in her bed so she can massage my head little longer. She pushed away my head and asked wether I am tricking her. Promptly I said NO and got up to move away but she took control of the situation and asked me to come to her room.

She moved to the wall side of the bed and gave me room on the open side. I laid down facing her and she moved closer to me and started to slowly massage my head.

My body heat was rising and could not resist any longer. I pulled her close and griped her body so tightly with mine and she made a gasp.
I could fee her entire body in clasp with mine I started kissing and sucking her neck. She was making mild noise with pain I am inflicting to her neck. I pulled out the cloth she was wrapped in. Oh God that was a sight. I never expected her to have such a beautiful body. Spotless perfect fair skin, round shoulders, full breasts with a large black patch and swollen nipples, slightly bumpy stomach, creamy armpits with lush hair, a perfect triangle covered in curly hair, butter like thighs with tiny hair. Unbelievable! Her muscles were strong and the touch of her body was heavenly. I feasted her body with my eyes. It was deliciously beautiful. The beast in me who wanted to savagely fest on her body sheepishly ran away and I felt a slave in front of her. She was smiling at me which I still resist kissing her lips. I started exploring every inch of her body very gently. I started kissing her neck again and moved to her breasts and took full mouths of each melon gently biting the nipples in turn. I was so hot and my member was in full mast. I knew I was going to blast any moment. I moved my hand to her pussy and it was wet and slippery. Without wasting any more time I pulled her leg apart and slowly moved my man in which was very smooth and glorious. Only a couple of bangs to the depth of that hole and the heaven opened and all the seeds spilled.

With that flow, hugging her tight to my body I drifted away.

I was awaken by the movement of Chukku and I got up to goto to pee.
"Are you going?"
I said "No, I am going to pee".
She followed me and crept to the toilet before me. I thought she had an urgent need and waited for her to finish. She sat on the commode looking at me " aren't you going to pee?"
"Ok you finish "
"But you are the one wanted to pee"
"Yes I can wait until you finish".

She grabbed my penis and dragged close to her and pointing at her breasts asked me to pee. I was bewildered and looked at her. She motioned me to proceed. I started to pee and she directed my penis to each boobs in turn and started smearing her boobs with her other hand. I could not resist doing the same and my booth hands were were cupping her boobs with my pee dripping all over her boobs and tummy. What a feeling ! My man is growing hard the stream is thin and needs harder force to pee. When finished she let my dick go and started to rinse her body with water.

I went back to her room any laid on her bed waiting for her.

Here she comes with her wet body straight on top of me. She leaned down to my face and started kissing my mouth which I dreaded all this time. She started sucking my lower lip. I was absolutely amazed by the smell of her breath. That was so aromatic. Her habit of chewing beetle leaves with spices like cardamom, cloves & mace has lead to this super aromatic breath plus discoloured teeth. I enjoyed sucking her thick red lips. I am fully under her control she on top of me holding with her strong arms pinned me to the bed. I can feel her wet pussy rubbing my cock and my cock was throbbing to enter her love hole. She was teasing my cock with softly rubbing with her hairy pussy. After a few cruel minutes she sat on me and slowly moved my cock into her sweet hole comfortably gulping the entire body. Now she sat straight on my hard cock slowly moving up & down. My! My! that was the most heavenly moment that I had ever felt. She was going very rhythmically. And she was going wild her rhythm was faster and moaning was louder. I really was enjoying while squeezing her boobs and nipples and clenching my teeth with uncontrollable pleasure.

She rode me maybe 10 minutes or close and I blew inside her massively. She further rode without stopping and I gripped her hip hard to control her move. She slowed down and fell flat on face on top of me. Truly, I embraced her hard with some affection.

We slept till dawn undisturbed.

In the morning I saw her hanging my washed clothes including all my under wears which she never did all this time.

That was one of the best sex I ever had.

Although we had some opportunities thereafter not the same as others were in the house which restricted the actions.

After a couple of weeks when I went home Chukku was not to be seen.
As at today I am not sure whether she went or she was sent.

I am 57 now and still cherish the few moments spent with chukku.