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Homemodels - Canadian Girlfriend

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Hardcore Amateur Section - Debbie

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Homemodels - Luv My Heels

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Hardcore Amateur Section - Cindy Maid To Order

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Today's Crew Favorites

New In Watchersweb Blue

"Loraine 2" - Plenty more to come. We are loving all the feedback.
See this Submission Here

New In Watchersweb Blue

"Friend For Fucking 2" - Wife and I were pleased a friend of ours finally accepted our invitation to jump into be with us. You might have to break these into a couple of parts.
See this Submission Here


25th October 2016 - This is for Blake. You asked why I think Raven should a place where we can contact her about problems with her website? It's because my account has been locked because I had replied to one of the girls trying to help her to see another girl dancing on another site to give her pointers & I copied & pasted the URL in the reply's section too her and your people shut me down & said I was promoting another site, which I was not doing. I believe your people have unfairly judged me, and now they won't reply too me at all, I have been a member in good standing for many years & even in your Blue section. - Drifter

Did you hear what you just said? Haha ... We appreciate that you are an ongoing member of blue. But that doesnt mean you can get all high and mighty in comments and post links of other sites on a public page. We have rules to follow for a reason and you contacting Raven personally isn't going to change that. By all means you can contact the support team and explain your situation but if i may, I wouldn't start by saying 'you were accused of promoting another site' because you did. Rules are rules and we must follow. - Blake

25th October 2016 - I signed up as a member for the blue area. I never had to sign in because it was already there. A new computer lost the sign in. It is either stymie46 or stymie. I couldn't remember my password so I signed for a new one. Whenever I tried the new one it wouldn't work either. I miss logging in to your wonderful site. - stymie46

Hey there! Were sorry to hear you're having problems with logging into blue. You need to write these bad boys down ;) Send a ticket to the support team with your email used and user and they will be able to sort it all out for you. - Blake

20th October 2016 - What happened to the Pro Amateur group? - Steve

It's gone Steve! - Blake

18th October 2016 - My "Suggestion" would be that Member's be able to Contact Raven directly about her Website when the crew doesn't resolve a problem Or is there a way to contact her now & I just can't find it? - Drifter

Why would you need to contact Raven directly about the websites? We have support and tech support. Do you need help finding them? - Blake

18th October 2016 - Suggestions: 1. For blue members - let them save favorites from ww 2. In the archive area show the ratings # that each submission received. Maybe allow members to sort by rating #. That way we can look at everyone's favorites without having to search through all the other submissions. - love2holdyou

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback! 1: It's not really possible considering they are seperate sites so they realistically have no connection. As for 2: I love it. I think its a great idea and im sure we could some how work that out. Ill pitch it to the crew. Thanks again! - Blake

10th October 2016 - Can you get to the archieves 2000-04. Joined a year ago to view old pics. In a year, no progress has been made in that area? - Lovinglifeover40

Yes you can ... there has been no progress made because were in 2016? ... if you want to view archived subs for 2000 - 2004 you need to click the "submissions prior to 2005" ... Hope this helps? - Blake

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