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Hardcore Amateur Section - Cherry & Kyle

Montana, USA
"Cherry & Kyle - Cherry and Kyle originally contacted me to take nude and erotic photos of Cherry. But the photo shoot turned much hotter, and pretty soon Kyle joined the action. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Good Fun Again...

Miami, USA
"Good Fun Again... - Hi all you horny boys and girls. Cum on and have some fun with the pics shared out of this photo shoot. I got really turned on thinking about all of you getting off to my pics and can't wait to hear about it. Licks & Hot Wet Kisses... "

Homemodels - My First Time Nikki

"My First Time Nikki - My boyfriend and I thought we would maybe win a contest here. Great Webpage you have. Nikki xoxoxox "

Homemodels - I'm Showing The World

Florida, USA
"I'm Showing The World - I finally got my gf to pase and cant wait to see all the comments come flowing in. if she likes whats she hears i might be able to get her into the Blue sectino getting naughty. "

Today's Crew Favorites

Ele Swallow (Video)

vote for mi please - Italy
See the Full Video Here..

Housekeeping Role Play (Video)

Sexy blonde girlfriend pretends to be a whore into my home for fun. We like it to role play a lot. Greetings from Europe! - Europe
See the Full Video Here..

Good Fun Again

Hi all you horny boys and girls. Cum on and have some fun with the pics shared out of this photo shoot
Tuesday 16th September 2014 >>>

Hot New Wife

Recently Married and took these pictures on the Honeymoon
Tuesday 16th September 2014 >>>

Mary Jane

My first time submitting on this site ! I had so much fun doing this shoot. I hope everyone enjoys as much as I did
From the Archives >>>

More of Not My Sister

Some more sucking and Fucking pictures of my favorite empty out.
From the Archives >>>


16th September 2014 - I have always wanted the blure membership but i have been hesitant. Is there any way to get a free trial? - Jebus

Blue memberships are nearly selling for "Free" ... Haha, the closest you'll get to a free trial is the preview page. Thank - Jebus

16th September 2014 - Blake love this site im here everyday you need to have a super awesome vote I find myself voting awesome on a lot of subs then I go to the next sub she even hotter wow - Mark

Good stuff Mark! We've been starting to tighten up the quality on subs... Looks like things are working out. - Blake

16th September 2014 - Dear Blake & WW, I am miffed over all of the Greats and Awesome votes that everybody seems to get. I have a more realistic guide for voting. If you have let yourself go physically do you really expect to get an Awesome? Do you ever look into a mirror. Poor If you are non nude. Poor If you show your breasts. Average. Showing top and bottom. Ok, now we are getting somewhere. Starting at Good to Great. If you want an Awesome you better be absolutely fantastic. - Paul West

Bloody well said Paul... It's good to see some people can understand the voting process. You can't expect to be a winner with just tit shots! They are great, but a little more body is always a little better... This ones great for the feedback, cheers Paul - Blake

11th September 2014 - Where can I find submissions from the girl in your "We need your pictures and videos now" ad? Wow - Ray

Somewhere in the depths of the Archives! She is quite a good looking sort isn't she! - Blake

9th September 2014 - Slide shows, really. Press the scroll button on your mouse and slide the mouse in the direction you want the pictures to move. There's your slide show and you can control the speed as well. - Willie

Well said Willie! You'd hate for 'Slideshow' to continue when you're REALLY enjoying a certain picture... Haha! - Blake


You're kidding right? - Blake

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