TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Homemodels - Pink

"Pink - Hello again my favorite Voyeurs. I'm so happy about your comments and result last month, I decided to publish another nude set for you. On my bed this time and with great lingerie. Enjoy! xx BCBG "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Sexy Red Rides

"Sexy Red Rides - Sexy Red loves to suck dick and then ride it. Her wet pussy milking a cock of its hot cum is her expertise. Pussy muscles gripping and releasing faster and faster. Hot cum drips from her as she dismounts and rests before the next activity "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Black Leather Mood

"Black Leather Mood - Early this spring... Leather, Horny, and with a Camera.. seemed like a perfect day to do a little flashing at the Local park. Will get some more of our summer escapades uploaded soon.. Being back on here makes my Nipples hard, just thinking about it... please send me comments,, I PROMISE to personally respond to EVERY ONE. "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Homemodels - Photoshoot 2

"Photoshoot 2 - Hi everyone, thank you for voting for making me win, as I promised more photos of this photo service ....... hope you are of your own liking,I have other surprises for you .... so vote me ..... kiss Michelle "

Homemodels - Sarah

Essen, Germany
"Sarah - some nice pics of my hot and sexy daughter, i love her so much, she fucks like a pro!..... pls comment, greets from germany, klaus............................... "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Not bad For 37 pt 2

"Not bad For 37 pt 2 - My wife Marley has the body of an 18 year old. She is not ready to show her face yet, but lets see what the feedback is and we will consider being regulars here :) "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Today's Crew Favorites


24th July 2017 - Awesome site! Have a suggestion for you to make even better! Find a way where the Sex Stories can be illustrated with us being able to include pics with the narrative! I know readers can go to see pic submissions in other sections, but thought would add a bit more spice to the stories! Keep up the good work! - Vidstar

Hey Vidstar. Yeah it's a good idea but we have these sections for a reason. A story and picture section can be super cluttered and people who just want images generally don't want to read a 3 page story to have to understand them. Certainly something we can review though :) - Blake.

24th July 2017 - How about a section for us to post single pics? Lots of times we will snap one or two flashes or nudes and no place to post. Can't always do a series. - Mr. Blue

Thanks for the feedback message Mr Blue, we have had a section for single pic posts before and it just didn't work out for multiple reasons. People want galleries and a real amateur feel. Single pic posts are too easy and the amount of shit we got was just next level but maybe its something we can look at in the future. Thanks again. - Blake

19th July 2017 - its been a week since I got the cams to work...always comes up saying time expired....any ideas would be nice...thanks..didn't have time to do the tech site...thanks - canman20

Sounds like a plugin issue with your browser. It's too much to explain here in the feedback section. You really need to get onto the tech team. They can sort it out for you. - Blake

19th July 2017 - Have not figured out how to reply to message, could this be made easier to do? - seemoramee2

To make it easier, try signing up to the submitter lounge, everything is accessible there. You need to sign up to free Watchersweb for commenting on submitters. - Blake

19th July 2017 - Hello. Great site. Spent many an enjoyable hour over a few years here. Suggest you give us capability to add non blue entries to our favorites. Thanks again. - Mr. Big

Hey Mr. Big! That is coming soon! Bare with us, were working like rabbits at the moment with a heap of new things. - Blake

19th July 2017 - I have to wait till 10 P.M., on the east coast of the U.S., to see the new posts for the next day. What time is it in your Australian city when you post them? - Leggee

Thanks for the message. Good question, we try to meet the central American times at convenience. But the sites flick over at 12pm (lunch time) our end. - Blake

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