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Homemodels - Vacation

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29th August 2016 - Is it only me that thinks that some of these women lie about there age? I see some in the 30 group that look like they should be in the 50 and over group along with all the other groups. Not sure what they gain by lieing about there age? - Steve

No Steve, you're certainly right and we have your back on this one ... we often get subs with people bumping thier age down, but to be honest, they would have more chance of winning if they just put in their correct age. Ah well haha ... What can you do? - Blake

25th August 2016 - Have you,ll ever considered inviting female amputees to your site? There are a lot of beautiful amputees - James

Yeah awesome, we have a half price special for all amputees ... hehehe I mean, what? - Blake

25th August 2016 - G'day blake, I have a couple questions/suggestions...How about allow people who post comments the ability to edit or change them for, let's say 10 minutes (you pick the duration) after posting. I know I have made some errors in typing i wished i could correct. Secondly, why not give the "comment maker" some sort notification their Headline will exceed the allowable character limit? On numerous occasions, I have had my headline "cut off" because I have used too many characters...and it was so traumatic, I almost had to...well you know!!! hehehe... Thanks, and keep up the good work. Watchersweb and Watchersweb Blue are head and shoulders, tits and pussy above all others! - Tonythetiger

Hey Tony, thanks for the feedback. The comments are a hard one because we have to moderate the comments to the best of our ability, if we allow an option for edit were going to be forever in a day watching and blocking people post shitty things. On another note I agree with a character noticiation ... sort of like a count down on characters? Ill pitch it to the tech crew. - Blake

25th August 2016 - THIS was SICK...It would have been OK if the man would have kept his fucking mouth shut. Soory I watched it - Unknown

Miscusi? I have no idea what youre talking about. Blake

19th August 2016 - It would be great if I could still see messages and comments for my old submitions, well the good ones at least!!!, is that possible? - Evenstar

Well you can as much as you like for the first 30 days but once that time is over all submissions move to the archives and become galleries. We dont back up the message system for archived subs! - Blake

19th August 2016 - I lv watching my huband loves me to be with another woman and i want that too - funcouple7654

You should do that ... do it! Then send them too us, because not only your husband but WE would love you to be with another woman ;) - Blake

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