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Hardcore Amateur Section - Buddys Older Sister

Columbus, USA
"Buddys Older Sister - My Buddys sister Sam has been fucking me since college. She comes to the Dorm whenever I call and enjoys my come over her face. She is engaged, so I guess I wont get to much from her after she is married. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Cruise Fun

"Cruise Fun - Girlfriend and I met this English girlin the Bar on the cruise ship. Back to the cabin we went. "

Hardcore Amateur Section - April Pt 3

North Carolina, USA
"April Pt 3 - Thanks to everyone who has voted and put April in the top 20's, we both love all your comments, Hope you will enjoy what we has sent in this time,and keep showing your love "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - GLSM - Santa's Little Helper

"GLSM - Santa's Little Helper - Tis the season for giving...usually it's better to give than to receive but in our case the receiving was pretty fun too. Not that I don't mind giving, I always enjoy making my man happy :) Stay tuned for another set....hopefully with some snow. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

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Be bi - taste lesbian. Eirini & Aikaterini from Athens first lesbian act. - Greece
Eirini ~ Lesbian Taste


18th December 2014 - What every happened to the Aussie by the name of Vanessa? She was one very beautiful lady and she had class ? - hhanes

Hmmm! Where are you Vanessa!? - Blake

18th December 2014 - You have accepted my pic submissions, thank you. But I missed the Red Hot Interview. How do I get back to it?? - Mia

Hey Mia, thanks for the subs! Unfortunately you can't do the interview after posting your submission. You'll have to wait for the next one! Thanks! - Blake

16th December 2014 - I would like to see more bi sexual stuff...mmw wwm ww mm - imrdy2

Well, Someone tells me that Santa is right around the corner! With any luck we may be able to get a few more of your much loved bi sexual subs! - Blake

12th December 2014 - great site...well looked after - Sneekie

Why thank you Sneekie! You're an angel. (I really hope you're a woman). - Blake

12th December 2014 - Mustang puts such unfunny stuff in the funny farm, it makes me wanna puke. - frankly

Poor Mustangs going to read this and cry... haha I feel you Mustang... I get this all the time! - Blake

12th December 2014 - How come there is no Watchersweb App for smartphones - Dan

Because were a porn site Dan, no such thing as porn apps... We are working on something though which should make phone viewing a lot easier! Thanks! - Blake

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