TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Vacation With My Gals

"Vacation With My Gals - Getting back to nature! Skinny dipping in the natural swimming hole. Loved my vacation! "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Homemodels - Irene

"Irene - We like to visit Watchersweb! Irene wants to be a home model and win a prize, can you help her? "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Irene 2

"Irene 2 - We like to visit Watchersweb! Sexy Irene wants to be an amateur model and win a prize, can you help her? "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Alana's Hurricane Party

Houston, Texas, USA
"Alana's Hurricane Party - Everyone knows about how Hurrican Harvey blasted Corpus Christi, Houston and most of SE Texas Gulf Coast at the end of August. , Then Hurricane Irma smashed her way through the Caribbean, and to/through one of our favorite places in the world, St. Martin! Jumped up and down on St. Martin, did Irma, before rolling to the Atlantic Florda coast just a bit less irritated with those poor folks. Note, we're not making light of people's losses, damage, and maybe loss! We were VERY blessed and didn't get water "in" the house (though we felt like an island for a couple of days), and had A/C, power and TV/internet the whole time. It actually made us feel sort of guilty. We ended up just spending a bunch of time in the playroom/video room, partying it up betwixt ourselves to pass the time. Now... THAT was a good time! So, to all of you who may need something to take your mind off of the destruction, check out the hot pics I nabbed of my hot lady & I playing while the storm was pounding outside that Saturday night. Enjoy! Oh, Alana says she'll talk to you guys in the comments, and as per usual, pick out your favorite pic out of this set. Coolio -- Dick. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Video - Do You Like? Blue

"Do You Like? Blue - Another quick little one she sent me for blue ... I love that tight little redheaded ass. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - Mishka In Paris

Paris, France
"Mishka In Paris - Mishka is a pretty, little french brunette who we love to play around with. She is very intelligent, speaks 3 languages and travels with her job. As her boyfriend I know she always gets up to naughty things while away. I find these on her computer. "

Today's Crew Favorites


13th September 2017 - Archives update is awesome, keep up the good work. Addition of all submissions prior would be great!! - Jim

Cheers Jim! Were working at it, its a long process. Moving over 7 million subs takes longer than a week haha. Were getting there though. - Blake

13th September 2017 - How about once every 6 months you feature on the homepage a girl that has over 50 submissions. And acknowledge her commitment to and support for this wonderful site? Oh, yes, I happen to be one of those girls. Lol! - Mary (bobtul)

Yes Mary, fortunately we have many submitter who have submitted over 50 submissions. We keep the mix up on the front page as much as we can and your submissions are obviously appreciated by all. - Blake

13th September 2017 - i think this web site is great. showing women of all ages and body types. just love it!!!! - William

Thanks for the feedback William! We try to keep the mix up as much as possible. It's good trying to cater to everyone. Happy searching! - Blake

07th September 2017 - Hey Crew! Word on the street is that a whole new Watchersweb Clubhouse is coming? Is this true! I been a member in the clubhouse for a long time and I'm super happy to hear the news. When can we expect and will it effect our memberships in anyway? - Derby789

You're ahead of the game ;) but yes! New clubhouse coming really soon! Were looking at maybe 2 weeks as we have to import the whole database and get it perfect before release. It wont have any effect on memberships at all! - Blake

07th September 2017 - Hi! We were wondering if votes are posted instantly, or grouped and sent as a batch? Also, Is there a way to tell how many 3 votes, 4 votes etc. there were? Just curious. - Dee & Hubby

Hey guys, yes, votes are posted instantly! If I voted you 5 now you would also receive a 5 from me. And noooo! We can't do that one. Happy posting! - Blake

29th August 2017 - Come on back to watchersweb, Blonde Hottie. All the guys (and gals) miss you!!! - Pinkstrip

Yesssss! Where are you Blonde Hottie!!!??? - Blake

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