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Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Sexy Snow Bunny

"Sexy Snow Bunny - Hey all! Had a little snow storm this weekend. Wanted to share some of our pics in it. Hope you enjoy. Very cold out there, but hubby was able to warm me up with taking some hot pics :) Neighbors lights were all on, hope no one was peeking ;) "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Hardcore Amateur Section - More Webcam Sex Pics

"More Webcam Sex Pics - tHE REST OF THESE PICTURES. Troy "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Merry Christmas From MsVickie

Oregon, USA
"Merry Christmas From MsVickie - Hi there. Yes, it has been a very long time since I last posted. So, here I am after many years away sharing some Christmas cheer with you in front of warm fire showing my new look.I do hope you enjoy and comment. I will answer you and believe me I look forward to your comments. Hugs & kisses..MsVickie "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Texas Slut

"Texas Slut - Sexy Texas slut wife "
Hardcore Amateur Section

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Featured From WatcherswebBlue

giving it to her cowgirl style. we made a tape to see how we were fucking. - Canada

Featured From WatcherswebBlue

While I was away overseas BB made me some video to show me how much she missed me. Please vote and comment. BB loves the comments and will answer all. - USA
BB Has Some Alone Time


27th January 2015 - Blake, Those piss ants that whine about you all the time should have dicks sewed in their mouth so they can PISS & MOAN at the same time. BEST Site on the Web. - 6 pack

That's very kind of you ... Thanks for the feedback! - Blake

27th January 2015 - from 12th to 24th an AMAZING-MIND BLOWING total of 24 submissions for the PRO-AM section- says it all about what the pros/semi pros think of this site now. I remember the days when you would get anything up to a dozen submissions EVERY DAY. 24TH Jan yet another 12 (out of 15) posts devoid of any humour what so ever from humourless Aussie in the Funny Farm - it is such an EMBARRASSMENT you need to scrap this section now. - brooksie1946

Hay no argument on our side! We would love to go back to those days ... More subs with more faces ... The things we would do. But on the flip side, we're doing the best we possibly can to keep the Real Amateur niche that our loyal views have stood by us for. All in good time! Stick to the course and things will change. Thanks for the feedback - Blake

27th January 2015 - How about offering zips of the admissions for those who are paying customers. I would think it would save you a lot of bandwidth as a side benefit for you. Love your site. It is my go to website every day when the computer goes on. Thanks again, - Tom

Great idea Tom ... I think the only problem with that one would be the download size. The amount of files on personal computers. But certainly something to look at! Thanks for the feedback - Blake

20th January 2015 - Having been a viewer and submitter I was wondering how we could go about getting subs from Indian girls, I find them to be alluring and beautiful. - Doug

Hey there Doug! I noticed we got a couple the other day. I think one was in Homemodels and the other in Blue. There seems to be a big interest in Indian women. Hopefully your feedback messages help persuade the postings! Thanks for the feedback. - Blake

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