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Hardcore Amateur Section - Blue Lankee Yankee

New Jersey, USA
"Blue Lankee Yankee - 6 FOOT 1" Girlfriend loves to dress in Lingerie. I love the fact her legs reach right up to her neck. Must stay very fit for this one. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Fun With A Friend

"Fun With A Friend - Playing around thought we might test the water posting. Love your site "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Portugal Vacation

"Portugal Vacation - Some Pictures from a recent weekend away in Portugal. We hope you enjoy them. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - More Gorgeous Wife Ricki 2

Texas, USA
"More Gorgeous Wife Ricki 2 - Thanks for all the great messages on put previous posts. Here are more from the collection. We really like posting here. I got through most of the messages but will continue to do my best to reply to all. Ricki xoxoxox "

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Ravens Pick of The Day

"Hotmayday - Passing Time" - Passing time on the road! Been a long rainy day! Giving the truckers a thrill

Time Warp from The Archive

"Festival Fun" - Somewhere in the USA I had an awesome hour one morning the day after a festival. The cleanning and packing up can always come later.

Coming Next Week To Blue

"Getting Messy" - Surprise celebrity party pictures. We took them, we own them :)

Featured Cam Girl

"Jessica19" - 20 year old from USA . Free Live Chat.


19th May 2015 - Keep on with the submissions of the older ladies. I have two lady friends, one just turned 80 and the other is 75+. (No they don't know each other). Great sex from either of them. They put the 18, 20 and 30 some things to shame and can out last me. Wouldn't trade either one for a 20 year old. - Haburlr

Well we would love to see them on Watchersweb for all the viewers to decide! Bring on the mature ladies! - Blake

19th May 2015 - Just read the news about the submitters lounge. sounds like a great idea, i think i remember suggesting something along those lines last year. - shintaro

Awesome stuff! Thanks for the feedback, it should make submitting to both site a lot easier. - Blake

11th May 2015 - I want to join again. It's been a long time. How do I get going again? - Donald

Thanks for your feedback Donald. Depends on which site you're joining too. If you're talking about blue there is a join button next to the date (Right hand side). If you need anymore help send a ticket to the support team. They will be able to help you there - Blake

4th May 2015 - That was great seeing Ravens pictures on the home page. - birdmann101

Thanks birdman101! - Raven xx

28th April 2015 - I truly love mature women,to watch and to chat wish some out there would connect up. - frankie

I agree Frankie! Would love to see some new faces - Blake

28th April 2015 - Love the site, especially the lovely Raven. I do have a beef when submissions are removed, and still left on the leader boards. Can we fix this?? - 09stang

Hey 09stang. All subs that are removed fall off the leader boards a couple days after. They never stay or have a chance of winning any of the prize money. - Blake

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