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Hardcore Amateur Video - Hot Milf In The Bathroom

"Hot Milf In The Bathroom - We were at a friend's house and I wanted to give my husband a sexy surprise in the bathroom so we had to keep it kind of quiet. It was our little secret. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Hot Buns In The Sun

"Hot Buns In The Sun - Hi All! Just wanted to share some pics of our recent trip to the beach. It was a beautiful day had by both of us. Mrs. was loving the sun and sand, and Mr. was loving the view and snapping some pictures. Hope you all enjoy :) "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Homemodels - Lil Thang

Louisiana, USA
"Lil Thang - Have 2 beautiful kids an 3 amazing step kids. Love playin in the mud an being outdoors fishing, hunting or bein in the swamp.Love photography an riding horses when I have the time, just an overall down hone an down to earth country girl. "

Homemodels - My Selfies For WW

"My Selfies For WW - I posted on another site but did not do well, suspecting they were pro models posting also. A friend told me Watchers Website is the real deal. Here I am to give it a go. With Love Lucy Lucy xx "

Today's Crew Favorites

Fucking My Hot Slut 2 (Video)

messing around my girls such a hot slut she loves the camera and roleplaying so we wanted to share here on ww - Washington, USA
See the Full Video Here..

Alana With Ed (Video)

My favorite toy, Big Ed, was giving me a workout one night when Dick turned on the cam and started jerking off... Texas, USA
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was lucky enough to get to know her, take her out, get some action and some HOT, pics
Tuesday 19th August 2014 >>>

Holiday In Cypress

Spend some time visiting Family in Cypress.Here are some pictures
Saturday 16th August 2014 >>>

School Girl Courtney

I havent posted here in too long, hopefully this contribution will make up for my slight hiatus
From the Archives >>>

My 20 Year Young Body

My very first photo shoot. I was anxious to show off my body. Can you tell? I love comments and will try to reply to any messages
From the Archives >>>


19th August 2014 - Hey guys, i never want to be critical of the site, because i love it, and being an Aussie, am proud of it too. Just one concern, the Today Featuring part on the top of the homepage features my favorite submitter Sophie, but there is no post. i'm sure it's just a glitch, but i'd hate to miss her. Keep it up... - Tom

Hey Tom... Yes, that was a glitch on our end... We have a problem with admin! The post is up now for your viewing! She is a good looking girl! - Blake

19th August 2014 - Raven et all. Thank you for this post. I have been with you, maybe not the full 12 years, but a lot of em. You and your staff have always been professional and helpful (of course passionate lol). The only other person/site that has been as REAL and rewarding as your is one that also belonged to a gello (female fellow lol). Thanks again to ALL of you for a great site and hope it can continue as long as there is internet or Raven decides she is too old to enjoy neked... But, please let us be the judge. Gray is fine. Ben Franklin is attributed to saying "All cats are gray in the dark"... - Ed Wagaman

Hey Ed! Haha! Great feedback, we really appreciate your kind words. Raven and the crew will love this one... Hope you're well! - Blake

19th August 2014 - Loving your site guys! Always have but what's with the people who get upset by the real voyeur submissions?? It is after all in the title!.... Ha anyway keep up the great work jx - Jay

Haha! No idea Jay, you can only explain a section so much... - Blake

14th August 2014 - please let me in watchersweb blue im a member for years - William Botting

Hey William... Send you please a ticket to the support team. We can't help you with any membership issues on the site feedback. - Blake

14th August 2014 - A section on anal sex, pleasse! - Robert

You best off head to Watchersweb Blue Robert! Place is full of anal subs! - Blake

12th August 2014 - Blake: I just read that Australia bans nude posting of small breasted women. This has got to be a joke right? Please tell me you'll still post those luscious small breasted women that I love so much.- Willie

Haha! Small breasts against large breasts? We have heard nothing here on our end Willie! I'm sure all is good! Haha! Happy small breast viewing :) - Blake

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