TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Homemodels - Sleepy & Bloodthirsty

"Sleepy & Bloodthirsty - Why now take a few photos of my vampire self? x "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Foxy Lady

Birmingham, England, UK
"Foxy Lady - Tails are in and my pommy slut wife is roaming around her rug like a foxy lady. She has the matching ears on the way.big watchersweb supports from the UK "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Mutual Masturbation

"Mutual Masturbation - We love to masturbate together. It turns her on to watch me jack-off and cum all over her. She has multiple orgasms once she watches me cum. Hope y'all enjoy! "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - MILFandMan I Love Cock!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
"MILFandMan I Love Cock! - Hubby and I were out at a local adult store, and as he was looking around, I snuck my new favorite panties into the pile of purchases. He was very surprised later that evening when I peeled my pants of slowly to reveal them. I love cock!! He had to get the camera out and share me in my sexy new panties. Later, he reminded me why I love cock.. over, and over again! "

Today's Crew Favorites

Ravens Pick of The Day

"Greta 2" - Greta has no problem being naked. She loves to tease my buddy's when they come over and wanders around butt naked.

Time Warp from The Archive

"Mini Skirt Strip" - Just a little strip tease...I have had many request for miniskirt series...Here ya go!

Hot Clubhouse Members

"pconk" -couple, 28 y/o , Alexandria , Virginia , United States.

Featured Cam Girl

"NataliaSyn" - 25 year old from USA


29th June 2015 - Ugh. I spend my money on voyeurweb and should have spent it with Watchers Web. :( you guys are keeping it real, while the rest are accepting paid models: no fun and no fair. Sorry, I backed the wrong pony!! - Geraldb

There is fake content all over the internet ... It's hard but we will always do our best to keep it off Watchersweb and remain 100% real. Hopefully we will have you as part of the Watchersweb family soon! - Blake

24th June 2015 - I miss Yumi SOOOOOOOO much. Please come back to watchersweb. - franka

YUMI was a fake ... she had no idea any of her images were being submitted. Another fake photographer. - Blake

22nd June 2015 - I like your new index format. Looking forward to seeing it expand the Watchersweb Blue. - kaiser

Wont be long Kasier! Hang in there - Blake

22nd June 2015 - Thumbs are the best idea you ever had - peter19

Thanks Peter! - Blake

22nd June 2015 - Hey Blake, The old format (list) is preferable to me because of a slow internet connection. Please continue to offer the option as to which way one might view WW and WWBlue. Thanks, mate, and "Carry on!". - tonythetiger

Fair enough Tony, just above the thumbnails tabs gives you an option to switch it back to the old way :) - Blake

22nd June 2015 - You just hit a home run with the new way to view submissions!!!!!! I take that back, you hit a grand slam. Thank you very much - avenger

Haha! Love it ... Thanks Avenger - Blake

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