TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Homemodels - Wanting Some Attention!

Georgia, USA
"Wanting Some Attention! - I'm 45yrs old, 5'4" 130lbs, 36x29x39. Southern girl just loving this point of my life. Wondering if anyone still finds a 45yr. old woman attractive! Hope you enjoy. "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Gypsy Rita

"Gypsy Rita - Please post in Watcherswebblue. Kisses Rita xx "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - New Outfit But Still Strips

Florida, USA
"New Outfit But Still Strips - Some of our friends bought this outfit for my wife. We decided to take pictures to show them what it looked like on her. I kept getting harder and she just kept teasing the camera, our friends, and me. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Fun In Our Yard Pt 2

"Fun In Our Yard Pt 2 - here are more of the pictures that my husband took on our day of fun in our yard....please remember to let my husband know how you like them and if you want to see more "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Today's Crew Favorites

Ravens Pick of The Day

"Hot Shy Wife"- She doesn't like me taking pictures. But, as you can see she's hot. Enjoy them as much as me

Time Warp from The Archive

"Tiny In The Tub"- My girlfriend "Tiny" likes playing with herself in the tub. I like to watch. I have a video of her and her best friend Kelly

Coming Next Week To Blue

"Mediterranean Holiday" - Sandra and I Are from Chicago and went on a Holiday Cruise through the Mediterranean. Here are some of the pictures

Featured Cam Girl

"SexyAss" - 26 year old from USA wanting to chat. Free Live Chat.


4th May 2015 - That was great seeing Ravens pictures on the home page. - birdmann101

Thanks birdman101! - Raven xx

28th April 2015 - I truly love mature women,to watch and to chat wish some out there would connect up. - frankie

I agree Frankie! Would love to see some new faces - Blake

28th April 2015 - Love the site, especially the lovely Raven. I do have a beef when submissions are removed, and still left on the leader boards. Can we fix this?? - 09stang

Hey 09stang. All subs that are removed fall off the leader boards a couple days after. They never stay or have a chance of winning any of the prize money. - Blake

23rd April 2015 - how do you find the featured cam girl? - Sschapeler

If you hover your cursor over the picture the name will appear ... You can search her name on the live cams site! - Blake

23rd April 2015 - Blake Could not resist. "Candy's" comment about the site. The dumb bitch can't spell very well. You were too kind with your reply. - Paul USA

Haha! You and I are some quality perverts Paul ;) - Blake

20th April 2015 - i really like the site you have. i wish you had a hook up site ! - eugene

Thanks for the feedback Eugene, we do have a hookup site ... you can check out the watchersweb clubhouse, there are a ton of couples, singles, etc looking for a good hookup! - Blake

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