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Hardcore Amateur Video - Milf For Fun 3 x

England, UK
"Milf For Fun 3 x - My wife has always been a highly sexed lover, can you imagine my surprise when I came home unexpected, to find her dressed in her sexy underwear, pussy soaking, she made me eat her for an hour before I was allowed to fuck her pussy and ass. xxx "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - In Miami With Her Old Guy Friend

Miami, Florida, USA
"In Miami With Her Old Guy Friend - We went out in miami the next night again, her old friend from school wanted to come along again. She got ready and drank at the same time. Had to make sure she was properly dressed so she gave the inspection text, YUP. Then when we got in he joined us of course, wanted another show. She even flashed us on the walk home. She ended up getting fully naked in front of him. When I asked whats up, she told me "whats the big deal he has seen most of me" Ok then "

Homemodels - Halle Loves To Pose

Texas, USA
"Halle Loves To Pose - I have to say that posing is very addictive, and a major turn on! I have been here for about 2 years, and don't plan on going anywhere! Hope you enjoy my latest set of photos, and let me know in the comment section. Thanks for your votes and comments. Kisses Halle xo "

Homemodels - Happy Slutty Charity

"Happy Slutty Charity - I'd like to become a pornstar... and I'd like to know if I can make male horny ? 'Cause it gets me horny to show me around. Don't hesitate to comment my pics... I like that "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Just Some

Home (USA)
"Just Some - Wanted to post a few for you. I hope you like them. Trying to upload some more. Have to have at least 150 letters. Damn, you had better like these. Still don't have enough letters. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Morning Massage

"Morning Massage - getting up early, feelin' tired and dizzy??? feelin' like staying in bed another hour??? ask her to massage all her beautiful body with some oil, feeling the blood rushing through, caressing and smoothing her skin until it gets squishy and hot, watching her nipples poking out and imagining her getting wet down there.... and maybe next time she lets you help her a bit..... "
Hardcore Amateur Section

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18th Jan 2017 - Why isn't the clubhouse working. Been a lifetime member for a number of years, and I want my clubhouse and chat rooms! - axlerod

Hey there! The DNS server is undergoing emergency repairs. It should be back up within 12 - 24 hours. Sorry for that! - Blake

18th Jan 2017 - If a short video says "error loading media, can not be played', is that MY computers problem or the person who uploaded the video? - shbam

Yep, sounds like your end! You might have an issue with the plugins on your browser ... what are you using? Firefox? We make sure all movies are playing correctly before going live. Your best bet is to send a ticket to the tech support team and they will be able to get it sorted for you. - Blake

13th Jan 2017 - great job keep up the good work...I always enjoy the site - sneekie

Cheers for the feedback! Glad to hear you're enjoying them ;) - Blake

13th Jan 2017 - I have noticed when posting, that I can get things posted without having a valid email address. No wonder your site is full of fakes. I posted with a miss-spelled email address. - Peter

A valid email address? What's a valid email address? You enter anything with an @ and a .com or .net without spaced and it will work. Haha ... secondly, not too make fakes go on here without gettting caught. Whats the bet youre a submitter who doesnt win so you try blame other things to make yourself feel better? - Blake

13th Jan 2017 - You could find someone to write all your text for whom English is not a challenge. - justinthyme

What a great idea! What are you doing with your life? Maybe we can employ you ... you big expert, you! - Blake

4th Jan 2017 - I have been visiting WW since 1999 - regularly - and I have to say that it is THE only "porn" site that I frequent on the Web. I love its honesty and the fact the WW has kept is "real" for all these years. Keep doing what you are doing as it is just fantastic. Love it. - Idleman

You're awesome Idleman! Thanks for the feedback, another fuill on year ahead of keeping Amateur Porn alive! See you on the flip side. - Blake

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