TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Homemodels - Oh Sister

"Oh Sister - My Sister thinks she could win on your site. She asked me to post these and see what happens. Before you jump to conclusions, we are close, BUT not as close as you think. Hhahahaha these are pictures of her from her boyfriend. "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Shower Time

"Shower Time - Trainee Nurse Michelle, showering after Sex. Please break into two parts please. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Mrs. Snakebitten's Selfies

Wisconsin, USA
"Mrs. Snakebitten's Selfies - Wife sent me these selfies. We are normally in the BBW section. Trying it out here. We have about 4 sets taken recently, wanting to see if you guys wanted them posted. Luke & the Mrs. "

Hardcore Amateur Section - 21 Year Old Hannah

"21 Year Old Hannah - These are from about 5 years ago, but Hannah is still as sexy. If the comments are good Ill post her shaved pictures. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Today's Crew Favorites

Raven's Pick of The Day

"Lil Minx On The Bed 2" -More lil minx carrying on from the previous set, to say I enjoy posing for these shots is an understatement.

Hot Clubhouse Members

Amber8888: couple from asia - 42 y/o , Minglanilla , Cebu , Philippines

Featured Cam Girl

AvaMiller - Age 18 - Costa Rica

From The Archive's

"She's Out Of Town Again" - Well Im out of town again and what better to do than take lots of pictures for you guys...


8th February 2015 - I think the new voting rules seem much more fair. How about removing the vote "option" under each submission once the active voting period has officially ended?This would bring the focus of voters on the active competition. - onitsuka77

Yeah, great idea. The new voting system has just been put in to place so we have been watching to see how well it will go. That's the next thing on our list. Hang in there! - Blake

8th February 2015 - I believe you should really rethink or get rid of the pro amateur section. It has far and away more "no shows" then any other section. And when there are submissions it's usually the same old hags. - black69cock

Hey there ... Thanks for the feedback, we had a staff meeting last week about the pro ams section about whether we should keep it or not. Vote still stands to keep, better more than less right? Hopefully it will pick back up again this year. - Blake

1st February 2015 - Still think you should change the voting so that we can give a negative vote for things WE don't like, such as tattoos and cigarettes. Original "POOR" category did that. Realize that you like tattoos, but sure many WW viewers don't. Maybe run a questionnaire for viewers to find out what WE like/want? :(. - Mickey

Thanks for the feedback message Mickey. Ravens interview questions on submissions are about to be updated which will include questions related to tattoos, smoking, etc. Stay tuned! - Blake

1st February 2015 - is there any way to see the top 10 funny farm anymore? - Strobel

Noooooooo way in hell! - Blake

1st February 2015 - Hi Blake (or whomever receives this) Thanks for a great site! Easily the best! But, I have to say I think the new $$$ distribution is unfair...for a number of reasons...age, and contribution page placement on the page to name a couple. But, I am sure it stimulates more submissions what seems t be its intent in the 1st place. Bbbeautiful (got me stuttering) women like "Blonde Hottie" (Lisa) seem to have vanished with the new award schedule...BUT...That is NOT why I started this email...I have never visited your fine land, and I need to ask...I have heard that an "Australian Kiss" is like a "French Kiss", only it is "down under". Is this true? Keep it up amigo!!! - Tonythetiger

The new voting system hasn't made submissions disappear at all, it's been successful in getting new submitters and a better distribution. You could say that ... But let me just say, that is the stupidest fucking joke I have ever heard haha! - Blake

21st January 2015 - I have trouble loading the stories. Have to click on each one about a dozen times before they load. Other than that I love your site. - Geoff

Hey Geoff, sounds like a problem with your computer. You may need to run a scan through it. If you have any further problems send a ticket to our tech support. They will be able to help you out there. - Blake

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