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Hardcore Amateur Section - Elise Horny In Bed

"Elise Horny In Bed - My husband took me to Vegas for a sexy, fun time. I got horny walking around with no panties. I couldn't wait to play with my dildo and make myself cum for the camera. I hope it turns you on to watch me tease my pussy! "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Video - Wife & I Hotel Fucking Pt 1

"Wife & I Hotel Fucking Pt 1 - We made this video a couple months back. We had to split in into five parts. Here's the first one. It was a fun night of hot fucking! Hope you all think so too! We love to read your hot, kinky, comments and will respond to all! Your votes are appreciated. Hope you guys and gals enjoy! "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - Chrissy's Selfies Pt 2

California, USA
"Chrissy's Selfies Pt 2 - I love taking selfies! I hope some of you viewers have seen me around town. I'm young and horny ;) ... Leave me some kind feedback. I have more to come and even a blue set ;) "

Homemodels - Great Lakes Soccer Mom

"Great Lakes Soccer Mom - Well here's my second submission so you know my hubby and I are both enjoying this VERY much! The first round was fun but we both enjoyed these ones much more ;) Angel???? Not so sure about that :) Please vote and comment and there may just be a third set. "

Today's Crew Favorites

Dick Has Alana For Lunch (Video)

Instead of going out for lunch, I stayed in and had Alana! - Texas, USA
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Angelina ~ Four Fingers (Video)

Check out this short movie and see how I rub my clit and put my fingers in my pussy which leads to a big orgasm in the end. - Europe
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Chicago Clubhouse Member

Jennifer4u:couple, 52 y/o , Chicago , Illinois , United States
Meet Jennifer4u in The Clubhouse

Red Hot Milf

Hope you guys like! I want my pussy licked!!!!!! Having some fun! Pussss!!!!!!!!!!!


14th April 2014 - I'm sorry Blake. I wasn't very clear on my last request. Yes, on the front page. You have pictures showing women in the voyeur and in the Blue Hardcore and maybe one that is labeled Archive. I don't have a problem finding the ones in V&E or Blue Hardcore. But, when I click on the archive picture, all it does is take me to a page telling me what the Archives are all about. There is nothing that tells me what year or where to find the pic I'm looking for. - Mark

It's all good! I understand now.. That front page pic isn't for direct access to the submission. Like you see it's for archive information... All the other submissions are linked! I guess you'll just have to spend many more hours in the archives! haha! Thanks Mark - Blake

14th April 2014 - To me it's a shame to see some beautiful woman showing herself AND her face get less votes than a headless body. A category for 'no face', with less prize money, should be made. It would also encourage some to show their face to win the big bucks. Whatya say, my pal? - h2oh

Haha! I couldn't agree more, it sucks how the lovely women are always burring or cropping their faces. Making a complete separate category for them is pretty extreme! Haha, but I do like your efforts in pushing the women to be a little less 'head conscious' - Blake

14th April 2014 - You have a great site, and as a paying member, I wondered why, when trying to comment on a submission, I was asked to log in with another id. Surely, that is unnecessary? - Halcyondays

Currently the message system and blue databases are separate which is why two different logins are necessary. We are looking at merging the databases but there are a couple of things still needed to be worked on. There will be more information coming soon. - Blake

14th April 2014 - I am a frequent poster and wouldn't mind completing the whole inteview as posted at the end of the submission process. But I do not have the time or desire to fill out the same interview over and over. Could a completed interview be saved and reposted on every submission? - Submission

Ill make a note and bring it up at the next staff meeting. I can understand the inconvenience - Blake

14th April 2014 - Am I aloud to post my email address when I comment on photos? I want my fans to send the more disgusting comments directly to my email. - Sammie

There is no possible way your allowed to post your personal email in comments. It's a real amateur site, not a blog. Thanks Sammie - Blake

14th April 2014 - Hello, We post pictures on here quite often and always enjoy trying to get on the leader board. We recently put on a video in the homemodels section but have no way of seeing how well it's doing. It seems the only category that you can't see the current contest leader. We love this site and enjoy contributing. - blebell

Hey! Thanks for your message! The homemodels picture leader board is merged with movies as well. So, if your movie submission gets enough votes to the top 10 it will also appear with the homemodels. Thanks! - Blake

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