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Hardcore Amateur Section - Spanish Holiday 2

"Spanish Holiday 2 - Some sexy pictures of our recent holiday In Spain. H and J XX "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Husband Went To Bed

"Husband Went To Bed - After a big night of drinking my friend went to bed and left his wife to tease me in the living room. I'm sure they planned it but nothing was said so I just followed her lead and go very lucky. I'm sure they both laughed the next day, but nothing has been said since. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Those Panties 2

"Those Panties 2 - Maz is showing off her new panties and rubbing her meaty pussy and making my cock so hard as she teases me , by telling me about the new guy she wants to fuck "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Video - School Girl Crista

Alabama, USA
"School Girl Crista - It was my birthday last week so i got a naughty school girl surprise from one of my hometown friends. I hope I get more of these. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - Beautiful Wife Cindy

"Beautiful Wife Cindy - Here is the last set of "Hotel Fun" pictures with beautiful Wife Cindy! These are the last set of Pictures from our most recent stay. In my opinion, these are the best! "

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Sadie3 At The Beach Last Year

South London, England, UK
"Sadie3 At The Beach Last Year - Sadie likes to go to the beach and take her clothes off when its Summer. I think she is so sexy and every little bit of her is lovely. I hope you all think so and that she is hoping you tell her what you think about her or her best "bits" "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Today's Crew Favorites


24th April 2017 - Have a transsexual section with hot chicks - Mike

Ooooooo no! Cheers Mike! - Blake

24th April 2017 - I know you guys are doing your best but somehow more women need to stay so I suggest you give all single women a free 90 Day Premium Membership and if they meet your time requirements in Chat, that Membership be extended another 90 days... This is for Single women OR Married Women with a membership of their own.. not in with Husband. A second suggestion is to allow group managers to remove the spaces of those who are deleted... Thanks for asking for our suggestions. - Mike Sprague

Yeah Mike, but you see what happens here ... we get the men posing as women for free memberships, trust us, we have done this before. If we have a loyal female submitter were always mroe than happy to allow access. - Blake

24th April 2017 - Bring back Funny Farm!!! - Steve Leatherman

Steve, mate, it's still there! It's called "Trending Now", now. Laugh away! - Blake

24th April 2017 - Give prizes for the male entries in the tool shed. - Steve

Lol ... that's never happening. - Blake

24th April 2017 - I thought a life time membership was for my life. The last time I checked I still have a pulse. I have tried to get my lost password over and over again, your people are happy to give me my user name. - Bumpaeric

There's certainly more to this, a life time membership is for a lifetime. Have you tried contacting our tech support? If you've forgotten your password you can get it back! Just write to us, it's simple. Even email They will sort it there. Just be sure you have the right email! - Blake

24th April 2017 - Dear Blayke have I told you yet I have a crush on you lol. I have sooo many new photos but haven't put any up here. I miss you too and I miss all the guys. I love them so much. Hmmmm what do you have to do to me to get me back? So many perverted things going thru my dirty mind. Xoxoxo thanks for the great words - Star_la

But were trying to get rid of the perverted right? ;) hahah oh star_la, I'm flattered! And I would love to see all your new submission. Never forget your old stomping grounds. Hopefully like I said, we will see you soon - Blake

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