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Hardcore Amateur Video - Adrienne Cums Hard

Cleveland, Ohio, USA
"Adrienne Cums Hard - If you like Adrienne's private porn pics then you'll love seeing her in HD as she masturbates with her Pink Rabbit until she explodes in a quivering, shivering real-life orgasm!!! "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - In The Stream

Kolpa River, Croatia
"In The Stream - Fit girlfriend in the Kolpa river.We love to hike and make love on the rocks.Hello to Jamie and Sam, US Tourists we met:) (We said we say hello.They post here also "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Hardcore Amateur Section - Jen's Naughty Pics

Illinois, USA
"Jen's Naughty Pics - Here's a collection of pics that includes some that were a little too naughty to be displayed in the Homemodels section. A few of these were chopped from my previous Homemodels posts. Hubby hates to waste good pics and thought that everyone at Watchersweb should see these... ;-) "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Sandra

"Sandra - May I present Sandra, a lovely French woman, for your viewing pleasure. I think it is most appropriate to just let the pictures speak for themselves. We are so blessed to have so many lovely and sexy women on both sides of the Atlantic. "

Today's Crew Favorites

Fucking A Dildo (Video)

my afternoon consists of feeling myself up and dildoing myself - Denmark
See the Full Video Here..

Housewife Fucks (Video)

my housewife fucking like crazy - England, UK
See the Full Video Here..

An Elegant Weekend Away

This was a super fun weekend away at a very nice resort.
Monday 21st July 2014 >>>

Wife On Holidays

Some pictures of my hot wife on Holidays in the Caribbean.We are from the USA but like to travel a lot
Saturday 19th July 2014 >>>

Miller Girl

Horny and very sexy wife from Maine. We hope you enjoy our pictures and videos.
From the Archives >>>


For the fetish section please, thanks Penni, love this site
From the Archives >>>


22nd July 2014 - Hey Blake keep up the good work, You get a lot of flack and take it all in stride even when your being insulted by some jerk who wants something for nothing or just something to bitch about...Kudoos my friend.. - Don McNabb

Haha cheers Don, I appreciate it! - Blake

22nd July 2014 - To help celebrate the 16th year anniversary of WW, I would like to resubmit my poem: Oh WW how I love thee; You fill my peepee with glee; Big boobs, little boobs, real boobs, fake boobs as far as the eye can see; Hairy pussies, shaved pussies, trimmed pussies all shown so beautifully; Fetishes from latex to bondage to guys who like being doused with pee; You have couples, singles, swingers, gays, lesbians, transgenders and even guys like me; You can perv from work or at home, wearing clothes or naked as can be; Hell, you can even perv while drinking tea or maybe sitting by a tree; One thing is for certain though We are all one big, dysfunctional, perverted family Happy Perving! - MasterDebater

Hahahahahahahahahaha this is great! I think this one will be turned into a banner for a while... - Blake

22nd July 2014 - Why is it blake can put all the TOTALLY Sacrilegious Bull Shit on but I can't leave a comment on his Fucking Trash.. This SUCKS.. That Son-of-Bitch should be Ran off, Fired, Shot and/or strung up. My account is blocked from any comments…FUCK blake and the turd he slid in on…. - JR Mooney

Wow... I was going to ask why you were blocked but I think I already understand... There is a book called "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. Send a ticket to the support team and I'll send you a copy for free.. - Blake

22nd July 2014 - I was wondering if you changed the video format you send your videos in, when i am in the blue, and i click on the the video's only the first one i open will work then the others say they were sent in a format that is not recogonizable. Just a questin. - Ron

Hey Ron, No, the video formats haven't been changed... Just the player software. If the first one is playing and the others aren't it must be a problem at your end. Send a ticket to tech support and we will have it sorted for you... Thanks! - Blake

17th July 2014 - This is an excellent site, there is always something new on a daily basis. An the fact it is amateurs of all different shapes and sizes makes it so much better I've been a Blue life time member for 4+ years and it is well worth the one time fee I paid!! - Jgoose22

Thanks for the feedback, it's always nice hearing some positive feedback. Happy viewing! - Blake

17th July 2014 - how about introducing some way to seperate hairy bushes from shaved in photo spreads. I personally don't like shaved, so have to trawl through many many spreads to find the hairy ones. I'm sure there are many viewers who also prefer hairy, natural photos - les hanslo

You're probably right, but it's also a great way to complicate an easily navigated site... I'm sure a lot of submitters mention "hairy" in their stories, etc. Try using the key word search! - Blake

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