TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Hardcore Amateur Section - Nikki

"Nikki - Hi all you watchers! Thank you all so much for the nice sexy comments on my last submission, it really turned me on reading them all and I cant wait to hear your thoughts on this set! I'll try my best to reply to all your comments. Happy viewing :) Nikki xxx "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Loving Me

"Loving Me - So I know my camera is shitty and im sorry im working on getting a new one so bare with me I am feeling better about life your comments are appreciated I know I have yet to respond to all of them but hope to make it up to you "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Hot Couple For Blue

"Hot Couple For Blue - We consider ourselves a hot couple, and would love to meet other couples for fun times. These are some pictures from a recent night of Porn and Wine. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Cheeky Selfies from Work

"Cheeky Selfies from Work - Greetings from England. New girlfriend sent me some selfies from her bathroom at work. Thought the least I could do is share them. "

Today's Crew Favorites

Ravens Pick of The Day

"Halle's Red Dress" - I always thought my color was black, but when I bought this red dress it made me feel hot! I asked my hubby to take some pictures.....

Time Warp from The Archive

"French Ema" - The beautiful brunette Ema on the divan!

Coming Next Week To Blue

"Wifes First Time" - My wife here with another man for sex. I like to watch her. Dan from UK

Featured Cam Girl

"Almalizee" - 18 Year old from Spain wanting to chat. Free Live Chat.


23rd March 2015 - Please email Blond Hottie and ask her to post agian . John Connor misses her - John Connor

The Watchersweb Crew miss her too! I'm sure she will be back soon, especially after reading her fans are missing her. Thanks for the feedback John - Blake

23rd March 2015 - Loving my membership and have a question, is there a way to do searching of submissions by location? As a Brisbane resident I would love to be able to search for Brisbane or at the very least Australian submitters. It could be a voluntary option in the submission process to have state or town details but at the very least a national search function would be grand. Thanks guys - dmncs

Hey there! A Brisbane local hay? It's great to hear you're enjoying your membership, at the moment your best option is the "key word" search. If you search "Brisbane" you will get a heap of subs ... Were working on a tag cloud system soon as the movie conversions are done. That will certainly help with search option. Thanks for the feedback! - Blake

23rd March 2015 - Hi, Just wondering why you don't have crew comment on the videos- Love reading the Crew comments Raven, Emma and Blake put on my picture posts and I do miss reading them on my videos, they put a smile on my face :-) Keep up the great work xxx Helena (HellOnEarth) - Helena

Hey there Helena! I think we use to comment on movies many years back, I guess its something that has changed over the years. I'll make a note of it with the crew! Happy submitting Helena, it's always great seeing your subs and you have a big following now too :) - Blake

23rd March 2015 - awesome sight .Not sure what you would change ,good job - moonshine

Thanks for the feedback Moonshine - Blake

23rd March 2015 - Would love to have archived subs to still keep viewers responses/comments - Josh

Great idea Josh, maybe that's something we can look into a little later down the track after all these current updates being done are finished! Will make a note of it. - Blake

23rd March 2015 - Seriuos site,great staff...respectWW mrs sniper:-) - sniper12

Thank you very much Mrs. Sniper - Blake

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