TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Hardcore Amateur Section - Our Favorite Bar

Oklahoma, USA
"Our Favorite Bar - Having fun at our favorite bar. We had lots of fun that night. I was giving body shots to everyone. I never bought a drink that night. kisses, I hope you all enjoy my pics. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Blue Knicker

"Blue Knicker - Hello Watchers. I was so happy I won a prize last month thanks to your kind support. So flattering and I decided to show you more with another tiny knickers. Do you like the way I play with it ? Tell me please because the only thing that makes me sexier than taking pictures is reading your comments. I love reading them when I'm alone... :) "

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Chester Canal Strip

Chester, England
"Chester Canal Strip - A nice sunny day for a change last summer. I love getting naked in places like this , such a turn on . Catching people if the background is great fun too. Fucking outdoors is a fave too, only had a couple of threesomes outside , but want more !! I love reading the horny mail and replying. "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Hardcore Amateur Section - Selfies From Ashley

"Selfies From Ashley - Some photos of me in and out of my new lingerie I received for Valentines day. Ash xx "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Video - Stupid Crazy Orgy

"Stupid Crazy Orgy - this just one girl we know. About 7 of us end up cum onn her. She loved dick and was big fantasy 4 her. I send what i get video of. I have no more video os this. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Hardcore Amateur Section - Just Friends 1

"Just Friends 1 - Mandy and I are just good friends and have known each other since we were 6 years old. Every couple of months we get together for good old fashioned sex. Billy. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Today's Crew Favorites


23nd Feb 2017 - Been a life time member for a really long time and i cant wait to see these new archives! I can tell by the banner pic that we have categories ... IM JUST WAITING TO DIVE IN! - Drink water

Not long now! It's a long process but been a change that was a long time coming! We're all very excited. Hang on in there ;) - Blake

22nd Feb 2017 - ive had a life time membership since2011 and all the women i fell in love with its been wonderfull - Casper

Awesome to hear Casper, thanks for stopping by to let us know! :D - Blake

13th Feb 2017 - Greetings Raven, Blake and fantastic crew. Thanks for a really great site all these years. I have a "Drastic" solution for those submitters that do not respond to comments. Create a new scoring block that is -10NR (no response). For those that would normally receive a positive point vote, they are hit with a negative points. Just a wild hair thought, Thanks - SigP220

That my friend is an awesome idea ... it's certainly something for us to stew over. The only thing is, what if a submitter does reply to the comments but only gets one day at the end of the week to respond? Hmmmm ... - Blake

7th Feb 2017 - a belated 'Happy New Year' to Raven, Blake and the staff of the best site on the internet. I am a 'lifetime member' and have been coming here since 2002. Keep up the great work. - pappalonghair

2002!? You my friend have witnessed a lot of porn! Haha ... thanks for the ongoing support. It means the world to us and we all wish you a happy new year too! - Blake

6th Feb 2017 - ive been a life member for 9 years and u r the most lovely woman i have ever seen the only thing better is u setting on my face - Casper

I hate to tell you this Casper but I am a man ... and I kindly reject the offer to sit on your face. - Blake

2nd Feb 2017 - Hello Blake, Raven and Watchers Crew. Been a menber for years, Just talked my Lady into participating and now we both Love it! You have a real quality, we'll run site. My only suggestion would be to give your paid members control over their submissions. Could help membership drives and encourage more submissions. Just a thought. Take care" - 2horny

Ahhhh awesome news! We're incredibly happy to hear. And yes, thats an awesome idea, it's been spoken about before but if we give people control the sites will be a mess. I'm taking dick pics everywhere, subs up one day and deleted the next. It would be nice ... but at this time it's not an option. - Blake

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