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Homemodels - Finally Did It

Cardiff, Wales, UK
"Finally Did It - I finally did it, I plucked up the courage to put some photos on here. I hope you like them, I see how you respond and maybe do some more. I have been lots of pics but always for our private file, sharing them with you seems kinky but i like it. Please be nice, I am not promisciuous just having some fun, so no vulgar comments. Sophie "

Homemodels - Myarabwife Oil Rub Down By A Blonde

Las Vegas, USA
"Myarabwife Oil Rub Down By A Blonde - Thank you for all your votes and lots of comments for our first post on 28th of Jan my wife in her school girl look. As promised in that last submission, there you go, that evening she chose this Hot Blonde to give her a full body massage. My cock was getting so hard as i watched her enjoy the full hour session. Hope you enjoy. "

Homemodels - Halle Loves Mardi Gras Parties!

Texas, USA
"Halle Loves Mardi Gras Parties! - Hey guys! Have you missed me? Don't you just love Mardi Gras and Masquerade parties!? I do! Our friends hosted, had a stripper pole, and the rest is history! Started to dance, lost the panties...lots of fun! Let me know what you think! Kisses Halle "

Hardcore Amateur Video - Living Dangerously

"Living Dangerously - Haha this is like the first time we have done this, were pretty into this sort of thing so we cant wait to see your responses :) Thanks in advance. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - She's A Bud Fan 3

"She's A Bud Fan 3 - Many asked if she likes football, sadly she is a soccer fan, yep, soccer ! But when there is a game on TV she is happy to suck my cock while I watch it. :) "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Meeting Cali Girl On The Road

Southern California, USA
"Meeting Cali Girl On The Road - Hey everybody, here's another submission I think you will like. As I have been posting Cali Girl pics we've gotten some good responses. From those responses, we ended up meeting up with someone, and these are the pics he took. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Today's Crew Favorites


22nd March 2017 - My lady friend and I are middle=aged sexhibitionistic sextroverts who frequently videotape ourselves (sometimes are lucky enough to have someone actually do the camera work) pushing our envelope to extreme extremes and would like to have our videos widely distributed on the internet for any and everyone to watch. How do we submit our really kinky down and dirty fun to you? - Warren

Awesome Warren! Ahhh well, you have two options, you can click the submit button on our home page or you can email them to us. The choice is yours! - Blake

22nd March 2017 - Would post but don't want anyone tracing email. How secure is the site? Thanks. - 44ddees

Super secure ... no one has access to any person information unless chosen so. Emails etc only come through on the back end. - Blake

16th March 2017 - Great site and crew, have been coming here for years and to blue too. One thing I don't understand, what's the big deal if the submitters don't reply to their messages? Some are just a copy and paste job (my wife and I have an active sex life and have a smoking fetish lol) and some are just plain nasty. If you're planning on punishing the girls because they don't reply, I think you will drive submitters away. That's my two cents anyway, keep up the great work - Jack

Hey Jack ... I get what you're saying but we really are an amateur site. We want people to submit their pics and reply to people ... that's a feature that keeps this site real and why so many people love it. Sure it might be easy for people to submit their pics then bail but where is the REAL in that? We only want people to submit who are part of the real amateur community. We dont want to be another plain jane pic site. Thanks for your note. - Blake

16th March 2017 - Hey Blake. Geetings. Ya know guys really like down blouse and upskirt. perhaps a section designated to this. just saying (and see thru). Great work, love this site - pologuy64

Thanks for the feedback message, generally when people suggest a category we always go back to asking ourselves if we get enough content for a section. I mean if we have 10 subs through the night to upskirt/down blouse then for sure! But at the moment it's not an option. Thanks again! - Blake

16th March 2017 - I love looking at other women's subs, but I wonder why they're not in order. First pic, naked, second pic, fully clothed, third pic, half undressed. Does anyone put these in order? - redallover

Hey there! Yeah well, order for images is by choice of the submitter, once a set of images are submitted we dont have access to change their order. Thanks for the question! - Blake


What mine!? I think so too! - Blake

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