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Homemodels - Victoria Texas Biker Bitch

Victoria Texas, USA
"Victoria Texas Biker Bitch - Ariel Lessard from Victoria Tx works at Buffalo Wild Wings Look her up on fb she loves crotch rockets and loves speed she shaves the pussy and likes to pose naked so enjoy the photos come by Buffalo's and check her out. "

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Flashing Holiday Pics

"Flashing Holiday Pics - Although we are UK based we've taken a few months out to travel. These are a selection of public flashing pics in recent countries we have visited either in bars, homestays or hostels and sometimes by the side of the road! Comments on my pics: yes (go on then lol) "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Hardcore Amateur Section - Jenny Sucking Cock Pt 2

"Jenny Sucking Cock Pt 2 - Jenny sucking my cock from the begining and receving the prize! "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Baptist Sundays Only

Southwest Virginia, USA
"Baptist Sundays Only - My wife is a good Sunday Southern Baptist girl born and bred. Luckely for me on saturday nights she likes to be a whore. "

Today's Crew Favorites

Christas BJ & Fuck (Video)

My boyfriend convinced me to do a video of both of us. I have never done anything like this on camera, so I hope you enjoy. I always love to please my men. Christa. - USA
See the Full Video Here..

Clubhouse Member Mrsremmy

female, 33 y/o , Columbus , Georgia , United States.
Drop me a line here

Featured Submitter 19 Year Old Mandy

Check out all the Submissions from our Featured Submitter 19 Year Old Mandy .
See all of 19 Year Old Mandy here


21st October 2014 - Why doesn't the my Favorites work anymore? - BBC

No quite sure! You need to sent a ticket to the support team... They can help you out with all tech problems. Thanks - Blake

21st October 2014 - How come even though a sub is fake and removed it still shows up on the top 10? Even though most times it pops up as fake. Why can't they be taken off completely? - rowdyboy

Hey there rowdyboy... They eventually do, all fakes fall off the top 10 within a few days. - Blake

14th October 2014 - I am a life member of blue and I don't see why I have to make new accounts for msg's and club house I have paid my money....once I have paid I should not have to make new accounts all the time to enjoy my time on Watchersweb this should not be this hard - Mark

Well given that Blue and the Clubhouse are two separate sites it makes things a little hard... Tip of advice: Make your user names and passwords the same. Not much we can do about that one! - Blake

14th October 2014 - I love your site and I'm here most days unless I'm traveling. I love all the content with few exceptions and I realize this is an amateur site. I recently read that you have been editing for quality pictures. After seeing one of your offerings on Oct 9th of a young lady in a bathing suit not exposing herself in anyway. The final shot was her giving head to a lucky lad in the car. One picture in that whole series had a naked guy. Kinda sucks Blake that you allow this. How about editing for content as well. Shots of non nude women blowing guys should be in the tool shed. - Willie

Hey Willie! Thanks for the constructive feedback, its always helpful... I guess some days it's a little hard with sub allocation. Like you explain yourself the woman was worth viewing... We don't get to choose what submitters push up... Just one of those things Willie, but we try improve quality and work out our best sub allocations each day. - Blake

14th October 2014 - Blake Why is it that when a submission is judged as fake and removed, the picture on the front page and any messages sent are not also removed ? ie Michelle from France 10/10/2014 - Peter

Hey Peter! Front page pics are updated generally before the day flicks over... So if a submission is found as a fake and on the front page it will take less than 24 hours to appear differently... As for the messages, it runs separately. Thanks! - Blake

14th October 2014 - Wish you could choose a country or state ?Thank you - hope

Coming soon hopefully Hope, try using the key word search to look for locations! Thanks! - Blake

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