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Hardcore Amateur Section - Slutting It Up

"Slutting It Up - Do you like my pictures. I love being naked and out in public. Please leave me messages and I will be happy to send more soon. Donna xoxox "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Teasing Neighbors

"Teasing Neighbors - I like to get up early and walk around in a towel or panties in front of our house by the lake, watching the neighbors sometimes pretend not to notice me naked. Good mood for the whole day is guaranteed! I hope for the neighbors too :) "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Homemodels - Donna Black & White

"Donna Black & White - Do you like my pictures. I love being naked and out in public. Please leave me messages and I will be happy to send more soon. Donna xoxox "

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Oiling

"Oiling - Beautifully when pretty girls do not hesitate to sunbathe on the beach naked. Clothing is needed only when it's cold. When it's hot - it's time to please us "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

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Some days I just have to have it because I adore my hubby hard cock! Hubby came home and I suggested we have a "little game".If you know me, you know how much I love getting a hot load of cum on my boobies! kisses - Europe
Favorite Games

Featured From WatcherswebBlue

Audry luvs to sit and rock on my house guests, bajaboy - Australia
Audry Luvs Sitting On Men


24th February 2015 - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Ever since the video conversions in clubhouse it's been more active and so much more convenient. I now get to play on my tablet xoxo - MEG

Glad to hear it Meg, hopefully we have the same result with Blue when that conversion starts within the next couple of days! :D Good times! - Blake

23rd February 2015 - I agree with the people that liked the old 'Red Hot Interviews' Asking about swallow or spit and favorite penis. Perhaps these can be added to the present interview questions ? - nolfet

Follow up on the interviews: Some of the questions have been switched up and a few returned from previous. Enjoy! - Blake

16th February 2015 - red hot interviews --im sure many miss the questions--do you spit or swallow--do you take it in your arse--would you do things with an other person male or female that you dont do with your current lover-- these are questions i find exciting to ask - THE BLACK BAT

I'm sure Raven can check out the interview and have a play ... It's only recently been updated but we will look into it! Thanks Black Bat - Blake

12th February 2015 - Hey blake, Is there any way we can start saving homemodels submissions to favorites. PS.I'm a blue member. - Kevin

Hey Kevin, you can as soon as they fall off the main indexes and get to the archives. It's one of Blues features of having a favorites! Thanks - Blake

9th February 2015 - Hey. Great news on the site updates. Looking forward to improvements for submitters. :) - lilmissjade

Thanks Jade! We're all looking forward to the upcoming updates as well! - Blake

9th February 2015 - From sometime beck in December, I believe around the time I updated Internet Explorer to #11, all I get when I try to watch a Video is a Blur. HELP - Thomas Vitone

Hey there Thomas ... sounds like an explorer plugin issue. Only the tech team will be able to help you there. You're best off sending them a ticket. Thanks and hope you get it sorted! - Blake

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