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Hardcore Amateur Section - Hot Miami Wife Sarah

"Hot Miami Wife Sarah - She is hotter than the Summer Sun. Let us know what you think "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Andi

South Florida, USA
"Andi - Here's a few from a MMF we did a few weeks ago. Had so much fun, can't wait for the next one. Anyone want to join in? "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Mary Jane

"Mary Jane - My first time submitting on this site ! I had so much fun doing this shoot. I hope everyone enjoys as much as I did! The photos were taken in my back yard :) "

Homemodels - Venla

Harjavalta, Finland
"Venla - Hello,I am Venla from small town of Harjavalta.We have not many things to do so we take pictures for you.I have many for your visitors. "

Today's Crew Favorites

My Wife ~ In The Shower (Video)

Got an underwater case for my camera and decided to test it out in the shower ... what do you think? - Texas, USA
See the Full Video Here..

Forced To Orgasm (Video)

I like to be tied up and forced to reach orgasm with no mercy ... You like it? - Germany
See the Full Video Here..


Shari's ex-husband is a cheater, he told her she was homely and not worth screwing or being seen with, I dis agree
Thursday 31st July 2014 >>>

I Like It Outdoors

on holiday and i just love being outside and the snow, so thought i would have a little fun and it was lol
Tuesday 29th July 2014 >>>

Susi In & Out Of The White Blouse

Many thanks to all the great comments of the first set. Very glad, that You would like to see more
From the Archives >>>

Every Nights Group Sex Night

We meet our friends for sex at least twice a week. Wish we could do it every night.
From the Archives >>>


31st July 2014 - Gday Blake I tend to agree with BROWNBEARD'S comments about postings on Funny Farm about American politics. I'm a Yank of course. So tell him if he would like to swap President's we would be most happy to oblige him. Then he can really bitch. Cheers - Paul

Haha! I'm sure he will see this one Paul... - Blake

31st July 2014 - What does Alanna feature so often in pro-amateur? It would be nice to have more diversity - Cole

She features so much because she posts so often! Haha, if you know of any other pro amateurs let them know about Watchersweb. - Blake

29th July 2014 - Hello, What happened to watcherweb movies? - Seabee

They are still there! The link has just been moved to the quick links on Watchersweb Blue. We even have a rotating banner on the index saying where it is... - Blake

29th July 2014 - G'day all. Loving your work for many years but I gotta hassle you about the many american political pics in Funny Farm lately. Just sick to death of them. If they were funny, clever, smart, witty etc then no prob. These are just pathetic from both sides. I'm not even yank and don't give a rats arse for their pillows, ours are bad enough! That feels better now, ta muchly. - Brownbeard

Haha! Fair point Brownbeard... I kind of agree with you a little... I'll make sure we keep our eye on it and spread them out a bit. Thanks for the feedback! - Blake

29th July 2014 - Just wondering what determines where a submission ends up? I don't see a lot of difference between Homemodels and Voyeur & Exhibitionist. Does the submitter have a say in it? - Roger

Hey Roger... Sometimes, just depends! If they are outside and in a public environment they are generally Voyeur & Exhibitionist ... Sometimes submitters write in their stories how onlookers spotted them, etc. - Blake

22nd July 2014 - Hey Blake keep up the good work, You get a lot of flack and take it all in stride even when your being insulted by some jerk who wants something for nothing or just something to bitch about...Kudoos my friend.. - Don McNabb

Haha cheers Don, I appreciate it! - Blake

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