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Homemodels - Miranda Pt 4

North Carolina, USA
"Miranda Pt 4 - You guys are just awesome with your comments, and compliments!! make us feel good reading them, here's more, and forget to tell your friends to come and vote , thanks a lot, "

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Wife After Shower

Minnesota, USA
"Wife After Shower - Wife wont let me take pictures, so I went outside and took some thru the bathroom window. After her shower. She is 58 in these pictures. I will try to get some more. x x x x x x xx "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Hardcore Amateur Section - Kiwi Wife - More Fun With Guys Pt 4

New Zealand
"Kiwi Wife - More Fun With Guys Pt 4 - A return visit from a guy we saw a few weeks ago for a MFM threesome. Lots of sex, creampies and all round good fun. I am not into selfies so there are none of us all in action together - guess I need a photographer to capture that action. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Pro Amateur - Petite Cutie Indigo Blows A Geek

New Jersey, USA
"Petite Cutie Indigo Blows A Geek - Joining me for one of her amazing blowjobs is wild body art babe Indigo Augustine. The petite redhead shows off all her sexy tattoos while she swallows my stiff cock. "
Hardcore Pro Amateur

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Be bi - taste lesbian. Eirini & Aikaterini from Athens first lesbian act. - Greece
Eirini ~ Lesbian Taste


16th December 2014 - I would like to see more bi sexual stuff...mmw wwm ww mm - imrdy2

Well, Someone tells me that Santa is right around the corner! With any luck we may be able to get a few more of your much loved bi sexual subs! - Blake

12th December 2014 - great site...well looked after - Sneekie

Why thank you Sneekie! You're an angel. (I really hope you're a woman). - Blake

12th December 2014 - Mustang puts such unfunny stuff in the funny farm, it makes me wanna puke. - frankly

Poor Mustangs going to read this and cry... haha I feel you Mustang... I get this all the time! - Blake

12th December 2014 - How come there is no Watchersweb App for smartphones - Dan

Because were a porn site Dan, no such thing as porn apps... We are working on something though which should make phone viewing a lot easier! Thanks! - Blake

12th December 2014 - Woould it be possible to develope a section in the blue area for "Creampie" only endings ? - Gene Bewiser

Not going to lie here Gene... that's quite a large request. We don't even get enough "creampie" submissions for a full day of a month. Unless we have a creampie revolution it's saying the way it is! Haha! Thanks - Blake

9th December 2014 - you used to have a gay site does it still exist,dont seem to be able to find it anymore. - Marc

Hey Marc, we don't have a gay site anymore. We do have the toolshed though located in Watcherswebblue. That has enough stick to beat the ugly out of someone. - Blake

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