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Hardcore Amateur Section - Girlfriends First Threeway

"Girlfriends First Threeway - Three first for Gina and I. My first threesome, Her first Three-way and her first time with a girl. It went splendidly and we plan on a lot more. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Blond On Beach

"Blond On Beach - In Mexico saw this sexy blond beach bunny. She glowed like the sand, so glad to capture her magic!! let me know what you think of the shots and I can take more!! Lexie Sexy "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Homemodels - More Of My Big Boobs

Greencastle, Indiana, USA
"More Of My Big Boobs - Hey jes love showing off my big boobs hope u enjoy and cant wait to hear ur comments and to chat back with u there will be more to cum if u like I'm always open to meet new ppl aswell "

Homemodels - Noelle Fresh Out Of Shower

Virginia, USA
"Noelle Fresh Out Of Shower - While Noelle was getting ready for work, I convinced her to give me a little quickie ;) Nothing quick about our lunch breaks... She was, well, more than a little late! "

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Featured From WatcherswebBlue

Got an underwater case for my camera and decided to test it out in the shower ... what do you think? Sorry the digital camera doesn't record any sound. - Texas, USA
My Wife ~ In The Shower

Featured From WatcherswebBlue

Part 2 of the girls having a good time. Enjoy. - USA
Girls At Play #2


20th January 2015 - Having been a viewer and submitter I was wondering how we could go about getting subs from Indian girls, I find them to be alluring and beautiful. - Doug

Hey there Doug! I noticed we got a couple the other day. I think one was in Homemodels and the other in Blue. There seems to be a big interest in Indian women. Hopefully your feedback messages help persuade the postings! Thanks for the feedback. - Blake

20th January 2015 - Blake, please stop posting stuff in the Funny Farm section. None of it is funny. - Carol

Well maybe you should post more things to the funny farm Carol! You big meany! - Blake

20th January 2015 - I think you folks are doing a great job, and would not change a thing, a lot of folks don't like the new setup in chat room, but I think it's great, keep up the good work - wevecat

Thanks for the feedback and support wevevat! We appreciate it very much. - Blake

18th January 2015 - Been gone for awhilee. Noticed reduction in submissions and absence of pubic hair. Sad. - Condor

Well they certainly aren't compliments... Haha!

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