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Hardcore Amateur Video - Wife & I Hotel Fucking Pt 1

"Wife & I Hotel Fucking Pt 1 - We made this video a couple months back. We had to split in into five parts. Here's the first one. It was a fun night of hot fucking! Hope you all think so too! We love to read your hot, kinky, comments and will respond to all! Your votes are appreciated. Hope you guys and gals enjoy! "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - Happy Easter!

"Happy Easter! - Creamy got a little idea with easter so ...she "suit up" and i get my camera and here's the result.... With all the good comment and vote, creamy get a little bolder, so i will post some of her to the blue section too ! enjoy !! Ps: here we had some request she's sucking on something :-p and we got a little close up on her foot "

Homemodels - Dinner With Zeena

"Dinner With Zeena - Since it was raining out today it was a good day to tease you. I hope you weren't waiting long for me to come back and tempt you with my sweet little pussy and nice all natural curves. I am on my dining room table waiting for you. mmmmm...... "

Homemodels - Maddie At The Office

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
"Maddie At The Office - Maddie cam by to visit at the office. She always like to give a show when she arrives. This time she did not know I had my camera going---she would not of minded anyway--she love to show off her little body "

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Home-Made Porn Pt 2 (Video)

Hope everyone enjoys some more of our home-made porn xxx :~) - USA
See the Full Video Here...

Florida Clubhouse Member

PJnROXY: couple, 46 y/o , Plymouth , Florida , United States
Meet PJnROXY in The Clubhouse

Hidden Cam GF Unaware

Well you know how it goes. Hidden voyeur cam capturing all the best action


22nd April 2014 - No submissions in 2 fields today, but I'm NOT writing to complain. Lately, the top ten category is OUTRAGEOUS. What beautiful women. More beautiful women than ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Hilite

But your complaining a little...... hehehe - Blake

22nd April 2014 - I should be able to view my submissions if they are in the very least read/reply to comments even if I'm not a paid member - jwilkinz

Hello, It's currently being worked on! - Blake

22nd April 2014 - Blake, I vote for the WTF button but in all of the voting categories. I realize this is an amateur porn site but you cannot believe how many times I have to bite my tongue when it comes to comments. I can't believe all of the positive comments on some of the submissions are nothing but BS. Also, I normally look at three sites and I have to admit Watchersweb is in the top 3. WW has a link to other sites to be honest is there another site out there like WW? Thanks for your time. - Paul

Haha! We can't exactly put a WTF button everywhere. That would cause soooooooo many problems! But we thank you very much for your appreciation of our site! - Blake

17th April 2014 - Hi! I keep reading about how others say they can't login to your other sites with the same login info. Sorry guys but I use the same login details to get Watchers Web Blue, comments on submissions and (drum roll)Watchers Web Clubhouse, tada! So, if I can do it, why can't anybody else? Strange don't you think? - Astronomer01

I just needed this to be on the front page. Thank you Astronomer, your more than just an Astronomer. - Blake

22nd April 2014 - at 1 time I gave up on the pro amateurs, but now your top 20 are a dream come true. WOW - bllublls

I like a lot of them myself! Thanks for the feedback! - Blake

17th April 2014 - Still think you need a WTF? voting category in the Funny Farm section. Some of the submissions are way beyond my comprehension. This is a tongue in cheek thought Blake. Maybe its' just me but I can not, for the life of me, figure some of them out! - Roger

Haha! Maybe that's what we're trying to do to you Roger! But seriously, your WTF button is still on the list of things to look it. And I still like the idea! Hang in there! - Blake

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