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Homemodels - Michelle

"Michelle - Girlfriend Michelle. She CANT FIND OUT. "

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Aussie Nudist Wife

Western Australia
"Aussie Nudist Wife - Some shots of my Aussie wife. Taken near Beacon Island. "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Hardcore Amateur Section - Snap That Carrot

"Snap That Carrot - Here is my set of pics I did for your enjoyment. I was wearing a cute little outfit that I slowly removed it so you can see my naked assets. You watch me playing with my carrot stick. I hope you will be snapping your carrot when you see me playing with it. Watch me sliding it into my pussy. mmmmm "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Hot Roomie Charleze

"Hot Roomie Charleze - Charleze is my roomie and learning to be a hairdresser. If her votes are good I will send some of me and maybe some of us both together. Charleze and Veronica xoxoxo "
Hardcore Amateur Section

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Ravens Pick of The Day

"For The Ass Lovers" - Do you like my ass ? Leave me a message and I will send plenty more.Rosa xx Couple

Time Warp from The Archive

"Honey ~ Country Ride #2" - Went out for a ride in the country, stopped at a pub and met a guy who looked nice.

Hot Clubhouse Members

"Lt013" - male, 35 y/o , Lincoln Park , Michigan , United States

Featured Cam Girl

"RubyVonTeese"- Age: 23, USA


30th August 2015 - GEAT SITE - As a thought - On those days that there are - No Updates - for that section. Maybe post a few of the past top 10 winners for that section. I think it wounld be a lot better then no pictures at all. OR even better yet, have Raven post pictures of herself. Keep up the great work. Ralph

Great idea Ralph ... we have been thinking about this one for a bit. Maybe even bringing some of the old ones from the archives. But with conflicting feedback with ideas it sometimes makes it a little hard. - Blake


Dont we all ... you're a 'fucking' enthusiast. - Blake

26th August 2015 - It would be preferable to employ someone to answer feedback inquiries for whom English was not such a challenge. - justinthyme

Vielleicht haben Sie Deutsch? *Perhaps you speak German?* - Blake

24th August 2015 - In light of the hacking in various sites, US Government, Ashley Madison, IRS...etc. How do you feel about privacy concerns in the event of a hacker attack on your site? Is there precautions we should consider? Gary

Great Question Gary and will answer it happily. Ashley Maddison attack was due to a couple of reasons, firstly they retained all there information locally on one server. There encryption for said server was Amateur to say the least. They appeared to miss the issue of Computers 101 for dummy's. Watchersweb Retains no personal information relating to personal information given thru any stage of registration or payment. We use third party billing, CCBILL that has the safest and highest encryption on the planet. We don't even have access to it. Any site can be hacked, however what is available for hackers to retrieve on Watchersweb is nothing. We only retain email address's and our encryption is second to none. So in summary , It would be impossible for a hacker to retrieve any personal information from Watchersweb even if we left the gate open for them. 99% of commercial websites are safe for personal information stealing, But it appears Ashley Maddison missed the class on basic security ! - Ray

18th August 2015 - I still say there should be a rating of WTF on pics posted. Just sayin...... - Paul USA

That's mean Paul! - Blake

18th August 2015 -I love your web site and try to check it out every day. Once in a while someone will submit a photo that has to go to blue and they say that they can't see the responses because they aren't members of blue. I think if they submit a photo that is too explicit for the free site they should at least be able to see the responses for their photos.

Hey Capman4 , not correct Ol' Mate all submitters can log into there submitter lounge and see their subs and reply to comments without being a member. Check the submitters lounge out in the Submission section. - Ray

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