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Hardcore Amateur Section - Mary Feeling Slutty

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
"Mary Feeling Slutty - We went away for a little vacation and I had such a great time! I posed naked outdoors and let men touch me at an adult bookstore! But after my pussy was trimmed and even my asshole shaved, I couldn't wait to pose for these for you men to see! I love you guys! Mary Xxoo "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - She's A Tease Blue

Kentucky, USA
"She's A Tease Blue - Hannah likes to tease the fuck out of me. there is a lot of pictures in this email so put them anywhere we are members. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Perfect At 40 Pt 2

"Perfect At 40 Pt 2 - Did I mention how much I love being fucked. Vee xoxoxoxox "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Election Night

"Election Night - She was so excited about election results, she offered to pose. Lucky me. And you. Lol. Be kind in your comments and I will show her. I'll bet she will pose again "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - It's That Time Of Season!

"It's That Time Of Season! - There's just something about the holiday season that is magical and makes me want to be by the tree, cozy under a blanket either naked or in my undies. A pair of heels never hurt either! "

Homemodels - Whore Wife

California, USA
"Whore Wife - Husband and I were feeling kinky after a night on the town. Decided to go back home and take some sexy pictures and fuck like two rabbits. It was great and he came all over my sweet tits and my big pink nipples. "

Today's Crew Favorites

New In Watchersweb Blue

"Wife With A Friend" - Set up my wife with one of my friends for a little fun
See this Submission Here

New In Watchersweb Blue

"Hillary's Muff In Blue" - Its been a long time since I have posted here. I have relocated From London to Paris, new husband and new life. One thing that will never change is, I love to fuck. Hillary xx
See this Submission Here


6th December 2016 - I currently have pictures posted in the Blue section, and have previously posted pics in the Homemodels section. Unlike the Homemodel section, I don't see any tally for the votes my new pics have received in the Blue section. Is there some place I can look to see if anyone is even looking at my pics? ​Thanks, - ​Cindy01

Hey Cindy! Not quite sure what you're on about here. Votes show the same in the Blue section as they do homemodels? Right under the story and location. The leader boards are all synced so you can view leaders there. If you're having any more issues send a ticket to the support team. Thanks - Blake

6th December 2016 - What happened to Bea Cummins, Champagne and the others in that category? - Systemsman

They're gone ... They have left a long time ago when we pulled the pro ams section. Thanks for viewing! - Blake

6th December 2016 - Stop locking accounts if the people posting can't take comments then they should NOT post. They can not expect to please everybody on here we all have different tastes - Bill

Well lets really think this through ... You're GIVEN rules before your fingers magically type what they do. NOBODY wants to be insulted or put down ... So for you to find a need to keep telling these people is a little unreasonable. You knew, you're asked not too but you keep doing it ... GO FIGURE! Sorry mate. - Blake

6th December 2016 - love your site out of all the sites on the net nowdays yours is by far the best the only complaint I have is if submitters want comments they should have the courtesy of responding back even if it is just thanks keep up the awesome works much appreciated - Lonestarbud

Hey there! Thanks for the feedback, its much appreciated. Yeah it is a pain sometimes isnt it. We would love to have our all our submitters replies to viewers but there's only so much we can do. - Blake

30th November 2016 - Awesome to see all the updates were still going though the thanksgiving week in the States. I know people are offline and doing their own thing but catering for the ones who still get funky is great. Thanks WW. Still my fav site for 10 years running. - JROD

There is no rest for the wicked JROD! Haha thanks for the feedback message. You're right, it is a quite time of the year but no reason to stop the hotties next door ;) ... Hope you had a great TG. - Blake

25th November 2016 - How about explaining how to watch your videos on an iPad. - Mcginnis

Real easy ... same way you would on any computer, except no mouse and your finger haha! All our sites are tablet and mobile friendly. - Blake

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