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Homemodels - Sandy Again!

"Sandy Again! - Been a while and hope you still want to see my pics and write me very hot comments ! Still waiting for couples or women to chat and share pics ! French kisses "

Homemodels - Maz & Her Black Bikini 3

"Maz & Her Black Bikini 3 - Maz has just got back from the beach where she meet a guy and had a fuck and it was time for a quick shower to get rid of the sand before fuck number 2 for the day comes over the end of the day Maz has fucked 2 guys and I came home to maz wanting me to lick her pussy clean "

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Last Year's Spring Break

"Last Year's Spring Break - Boat, beers, babes, boobs and more boobs!!! Spring break is THE best time to get laid!!! "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Hardcore Amateur Section - Curvy Gabby #4

England, UK
"Curvy Gabby #4 - She's a bit of an exhibitionist, but I just love taking her pics ... Gabby is a totally horny slut and will do just about anything for me as long as she gets sex in return lol showing off that nice big arse and great boobs, we hope you like our submissions. Cheers. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Video - My Harder

"My Harder - Youll nver get a woman wanting it harder than a man can give haha "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Hardcore Amateur Section - With Or Without Glasses?

"With Or Without Glasses? - Some time ago I was very shy to wear my glasses and didn't like it. But then I noticed that when I'm wearing glasses, than men even more often pay attention to me. What do you think? How is better? Nora "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Today's Crew Favorites


26th May 2017 - Been looking for photos of your new commentator Monique but can't find any! She's gorgeous, are there any? - Airtech

Haha! No photos of her yet ... shes an office gal at the moment and working toward other things in life. We will have to see what the future holds. - Blake

26th May 2017 - Ok I could request myself as a commenter and then I get my suggestion from a few moths ago where we can comment on our own submissions? As far as the family thing, you underestimate the convenience of sunglasses and a hat, they will never know. - 2horny

Woah what!? Haha no ... submitters can't comment on their photos. Firstly, that would just be weird and secondly it would be took much work for submitters. Lots too it! Hahahha oh my ... Ill give it some thought but just for you. - Blake

19th May 2017 - Hi Blake, So with the new commentators, how does that exactly work. Can we request any submitter to make comments? Secondly I checked out your profile in the club house and I'm sure I'm not the only lady out there that would like to see a naked pic of you! - 2horny

Hahahaha well i'm flattered! But as you're probably aware its a family business and I'm sure mumma and pappa would hate to see naked pics of me hahaha. As for the commentators, you can. When you upload a sub there is a 'notes' feild on the form. Just make a note in there that you request so and so to comment on your pics :) Thanks agan! - Blake

19th May 2017 - I can't get the hang of how to register for comments for submissions. Why can't I simply use my lifetime membership to login. I am handicapped, can only use one hand, and no matter how many times 20 or so, I can't login. This is the best site on the Internet, and it's frustrating. The for whatever you can do? D.P

Hey D.P ... really sorry to hear about that mate. If you're talking about the message system they run on seperate databases. Why don't you send me an email and I can personally talk you through it. - Blake

16th May 2017 - RE: Movies in "Trending Now" please make these movies available for downloading when they show up on the site. Pictures can be downloaded immediately and movies in WebWatchers blue can be downloaded right away -- but only NOT in trending now. Trying to find the movies at a later date in the archives is very, very frustrating. Help!!! - Connhiker

Ok cool, I'll get the tech team onto it. It's not something we normally have requested but it seems fair. Hand in there! - Blake

12th May 2017 - Hi, when will you accept bitcoin? A proper way of making a payment quietly! - Sam

You are literally the first person who has ever asked this haha. But honestly, I can't see it working. Not many people use bitcoin anymore since its decline. I think your best way of being 'quiet' would be to buy one of those pre paid credit card and using that. - Blake

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