TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Hardcore Amateur Section - Weekend Away With Friends Pt 2

Florida, USA
"Weekend Away With Friends Pt 2 - Fun times with some friends. We didn't do any swapping, but got to watch all the action that we all got up to. More to come if you like them. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Merry Christmas Fom Janet

Hull, Yorkshire, England
"Merry Christmas Fom Janet - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Lots of love from Janet. xxxxx "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - EllenNY With Appreciation

"EllenNY With Appreciation - I'm thrilled with the wonderful response to my recent post and your awesome compliments after the passing years. One more post to thank you and to also say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and many thanks to Emma for her comments. xox "

Homemodels - Tesa - Biker Chick

Michigan, USA
"Tesa - Biker Chick - After a night at the local pub,I was feeling frisky. I decided to model a new leather halter hubby bought and see how it looked with my chaps. Is this a combo I should try out on the rode this summer? "

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Featured From WatcherswebBlue

She is a lot of fun ... - USA
Fun With Carolyn

Featured From WatcherswebBlue

i thought you would enjoy my new video for you, i did - USA
Biamy ~ Black Toy


23rd December 2014 - Please, shit can Blake to the outback. WW does not need him/her/it. Rude, sarcastic, and an asshole.

Well Blake is away for the Next few days, so Im filling in, and if you think he's and asshole, wait till you get to know me:) I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce ! - Ray

22nd December 2014 - Is there some way I could see the comments for some of my archived submissions? Just think this could be a great feature to see how well the older sets where received. - naughty_one

There is! You'll have to sign up to Watchersweb Blue! - Blake

22nd December 2014 - When I enter a message in this utility and get the security code wrong (easy to do in some cases) it wipes out my message and I have to retype it. No, I won't fill out a "ticket" for tech support. You do it. - Stephanie

Awkward because telling you to send a ticket to the support team would be pointless as your feedback message was successful. Turns out you're not an alien! Merry Christmas! - Blake

18th December 2014 - What every happened to the Aussie by the name of Vanessa? She was one very beautiful lady and she had class ? - hhanes

Hmmm! Where are you Vanessa!? - Blake

18th December 2014 - You have accepted my pic submissions, thank you. But I missed the Red Hot Interview. How do I get back to it?? - Mia

Hey Mia, thanks for the subs! Unfortunately you can't do the interview after posting your submission. You'll have to wait for the next one! Thanks! - Blake

16th December 2014 - I would like to see more bi sexual stuff...mmw wwm ww mm - imrdy2

Well, Someone tells me that Santa is right around the corner! With any luck we may be able to get a few more of your much loved bi sexual subs! - Blake

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