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Hardcore Amateur Section - Blindfolded Bondage Fuck

"Blindfolded Bondage Fuck - She wanted to try something new, but this is not what she expected. The gag, collar, and double vaginal penetration were new to her. Thoughts of other men entering the room made her extra wet. She took the double vaginal like a pro. Next time it may be for real. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Video - Surprise Cum

"Surprise Cum - And just out of nowhere I had no more control ... Hopefully she wasn't laughing at me because it was over hahaha "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - In & Out Of My New Dress

Yorkshire, UK
"In & Out Of My New Dress - Photos of Me in and out of my new dress, As you can see the panties came off during the course of the night..normal practice right..?LOL...So this is a pictorial story of getting ready then a little flashing when out on the town with a few good upskirts.! "

Homemodels - First Time MILF

"First Time MILF - I'm just a midwestern mom who is trying out her "milf" side... I love to see men in the chat rooms, enjoying my body. Meet me there at night and let your imagination go wild. Let me know what you think about my pictures! Love you all, Baelf "

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"Hot Pics" - Hot pics ;) Sent from my iPhone

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"First Time MILF" - I'm just a midwestern mom who is trying out her "milf" side... I love to see men in the chat rooms, enjoying my body.

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SuperSexySally - Age:22 from USA

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Zingy: New to town - female, 19 y/o , Oakville , Ontario , Canada.


16th November 2015 - Sure wish you guys and gals would be a bit more smarter when using the word horny. I can be horny, you can be horny and a submitter can be horny. However, an object such as a picture, a piece of furniture or anything inanimate CAN NOT be horny. Might make you horny, but of itself can not be. Just a minor irritation while reading and viewing your features. - Roger

Oh Roger ... You worry too much, just stay horny and stay happy! - Blake

16th November 2015 - How a free month to watchers web blue for vets? - skido22

You need pets to be ill to make money and we need people to be horny to make ours. I have 3 cats and 1 dog ... You keen on covering the vet fees? - Blake

10th November 2015 - Ray, in the Forum, I think it would be better, if the original post remained at the top of the thread, and then immediately below it you have the newest to oldest posts on the thread...I find myself always having to jump to the "last" one before I comment? What do you think? - Idleman

Not a bad point, it's just the way our admin is set out at the moment ... We could probably make the change and it would give more to read for the people who are interested in the feedback. We will bring it up next meeting. - Blake

10th November 2015 - Dear Raven / Blake, WW has given the opportunity to have a view of most vivid women and pussys, naked and in action. Thanks for Raven and all the pretty and generous ladies. I am very much interested to see a pussy subjected to FGM and shemales pls. WW is my desert everyday after lunch. - Samitas

Haha we love it! Thanks for the feedback, I guess that's something we could look into doing although we don't really get any submissions under that title ... We do get a few quirky ones from some males which are on the toolshed but maybe we can give it a little more thought. - Blake

10th November 2015 - How about having a search function for hairy bush, or seperate hairy from shaved. - les1

We have something similar? If you long along the left side of the page on the main indexes we have a key word search. Use words like "hairy" "bush" etc. That should help you out. - Blake

5th November 2015 - Hi Ray, The comment from the writer who assailed you as 'ignorant' because a poor rating got 1 point which granted it "...higher merit than no vote at all" was a bit of a head scratcher. Perhaps he could use a little more fiber in his diet. It might improve his disposition and help his math skills to boot. - BlueHyWy

HAHAHA oh my ... - Blake

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