TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Hardcore Amateur Section - I'm Dirty Lexi #1

"I'm Dirty Lexi #1 - Hey Watchersweb, thanks for posting my pics! You ca call me Lexi and you know I'm such a dirty little slut ;) Hope the pics leave you messy! "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Esther & Mike 1

Texas, USA
"Esther & Mike 1 - seeing her in different lingerie does it for me so much and this outfit is one I picked for her. what do y'all think? "

Hardcore Amateur Video - Weekday Fun

"Weekday Fun - An afternoon with an old college BF. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Hardcore Amateur Section - Clits Tits & Ass Self-Shot

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
"Clits Tits & Ass Self-Shot - You're right, I couldn't stay away from this place! Came prepared with my xrated self shots with horny men in mind! Yes some ladies as well! I have a new toy, now I'm searching for exact real life size dick because the toy is amazing! I need muscle and ass to hold on too! :-D "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - Maybe She Can Win

"Maybe She Can Win - Allie thinks she isn't sexy and I told her to post some pics and see that I'm not the only who thinks she's a babe! "

Homemodels - Fit Wife

"Fit Wife - Sharing some pics of my hot and totally fit wife. I've heard you guys like a slow, sexy tease so enjoy! "

Today's Crew Favorites


23rd June 2017 - When we gonna c some pix of the new crew member 'Moni'... wuld luv 2c some posts of her n Raven 2gether...she's a HOTTIE (well they both r LOL)!!!- Buckman

Hey Buckman! Haha thanks for your feedback message. I'm unsure how to answer this one ;) - Blake

23rd June 2017 - I saw a post from bluey for zeeeeena did I miss her this months post or what. Went to blue and regular no zeena yet this month. Please help me don't want to have a month without her. Thanks - Mikey

I believe she just posted Mikey! She should be Live today. -Blake

23rd June 2017 - Me and my "friend" found some older pics that we took when we first met. Should we post them in her age group then or the age group she is in now? - Christopher

Ermmmm this ones always a toughie. Put them to the age group that you were in ... that will be the prize category you will run so that will work best. - Blake

23rd June 2017 - So I finally returned to WW to find that The Funny Farm Is No Longer Here, What's Up With That???? - Bob

Hey Bob. Thanks for your feedback message ... it's still there mate! It's titled Trending Now. We changed it a while back. - Blake

15th June 2017 - ooooh, zeeeeenaaaa! you are without a doubt the most gorgeous, sexy, fuckable lady I've ever seen..I want to fuck you so much!! - bluey

Thanks for the feedback bluey, Im sure shes going to love this! - Blake

15th June 2017 - I'd like to see clits.can you ask for pics of them? - Donald Poter

Noooo but you certainly can! - Blake

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