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Hardcore Amateur Section - Michaela Threesome

Sacramento, Californa, USA
"Michaela Threesome - Invited my classmate (Michaela from Sac City. She was one hell of a spanish TA. We werehaving fun in the living room when I invited my roommte down...then it really turned hot! God she was fun!!!! "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - More Wife On The Beach

"More Wife On The Beach - Beautiful wife on the beach. "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Hardcore Amateur Video - Elise Gets Erotic

"Elise Gets Erotic - I love wearing skimpy bikinis around the pool. Feeling the hot sun on my skin always makes me horny. My hubby loves watching me toy my pussy while he holds the camera (and his cock)! I hope you get nice and hard watching this. Can't wait to read your sexxxy comments! "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - My Nice Boobs

"My Nice Boobs - Pictures my husband took from my boobs. Do you like for me ? My english do my best "

Today's Crew Favorites

Sister Jerks Me Off (Video)

Some people call me weird but it works for us. She is my sister and we look after each other once and a while. Enjoy Trent and Helen xx - Bristol, UK
See the Full Video Here..

Taking 3 Dicks (Video)

check out my slutty giurlfriend taking 3 dicks at once - USA
See the Full Video Here..

German Julia

I liked to be watch. I love my boyfriend to watch me be with other men or women. My favorite thing is to be pushed into it
Monday 25th August 2014 >>>

Naturismo Italiano

These are photos taken in naturist paradise where even I practice nudism
Tuesday 26th August 2014>>>

Me & My Girl

no story, just a few quick pics of me and my girl
From the Archives >>>

Fun At Home

My girl has the best laugh. She looks so sexy when she's naked and smiling.
From the Archives >>>


28th August 2014 - Hey Blake. I personally like Benny Blanks posts. I really hope you do not do away with posts like that, with nudity, I like them. - Badtodabone

Like I said, everyone loves something different hay... We will make sure everything is spread evenly so you get to keep seeing Benny Blanks posts! Cheers! - Blake

28th August 2014 -This is so freaking ridiculous. I just noticed that I plan my boring ass life around the 10:00 eastern us clock. keep up the great work Blake,apparently I really enjoy it. - Kelly

Hahaha! Love it... Cheers for the feedback Kelly! - Blake

26th August 2014 - Hi, long time fan of the Funny Farm and I don't want to offend the submitter, but PLEASE the offerings of Benny Blank are the most unfunny lamest pics ever to appear on the Funny Farm. At least mark ones from him so I don't click on them and waste my time! - Boedicia

Hey there Bodedicia, haha... we have been paying a little more attention to the funny farm, we're going to lose any 'naked' offerings and long winded funnies... keep it simple and funny! Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. - Blake

26th August 2014 - I had prostate cancer when I was 55 years old.Surgery removed the cancer and the wet spot. I very much enjoy the ladies that post here, young,middle aged & older, why would anyone complain about a free naked women/girl web site? I paid for a life time on WW Blue years ago. that $60.00 dollars was a great investment. So all you whining US bastards, give up the 60 to 100 dollars for the blue section and stop whining... - jd266

Haha! Thanks for the great feedback jd266... Glad things are working out on your end now! - Blake

21st August 2014 - i recently renewed my subscription to the 49.00 plan and as of this morning am unable to access the hardcore blue section, does this plan not allow me that access? please contact me about this issue. - Hugh Cross

Hey Hugh, If you renewed your Blue membership then you should have access... Can you send a ticket to the support team? Subscriptions all get sorted there. Thanks - Blake

19th August 2014 - Hey guys, i never want to be critical of the site, because i love it, and being an Aussie, am proud of it too. Just one concern, the Today Featuring part on the top of the homepage features my favorite submitter Sophie, but there is no post. i'm sure it's just a glitch, but i'd hate to miss her. Keep it up... - Tom

Hey Tom... Yes, that was a glitch on our end... We have a problem with admin! The post is up now for your viewing! She is a good looking girl! - Blake

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