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Hardcore Amateur Video - USA Holiday

"USA Holiday - Mature? Nah, you're only as old as you act we say. Her body was a little more sandy after I were done with her. Where are most American viewers located? Would love a meet up. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Hardcore Amateur Video - Wifes First Taste Of Pussy

Alabama, USA
"Wifes First Taste Of Pussy - Wife's new friend. Video of her first ever taste of pussy. Looked like she enjoyed it. She would love to hear your comments. We both can't wait to meet her again. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Hardcore Amateur Section - RV Weekend 1

Florida, USA
"RV Weekend 1 - What more could you want, RV, Good Friends, Beer and of coarse a hot naked wife. PLUS This set has her passionately kissing her own sister :). "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - My Mirror Pictures

"My Mirror Pictures - sorry about the light. Ill do better next time. Viv from England. "

Homemodels - Posing To Win

"Posing To Win - My boyfriend and I wanted to do some special pictures for Watchersweb. Here are the first. I hope you like them enough to vote for us. Regards from Rachel and Robbie. "

Homemodels - Farm Girl

Ohio, USA
"Farm Girl - I cant believe the response to the last post we did. We have tried to answer all of them, there is so many. Here is a few more for home girls and a new set for Blue. X "

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funluverz: Enjoy your life - couple, 50 y/o , Vidalia , Georgia , United States.


27th June 2016 - I love reading the true stories. Some are really well written and I would like to be able to somehow follow those writers so when they submit new stories I can go straight to them to read. - Mark

Notifications! Yeah sure, we will add it to the list of things to talk over. Maybe a follow this submittor option? Cheers for the feedback! - Blake

27th June 2016 - Need more african american ladies. 😀 - Doug

Mmmmm Ebony girls! We try and try to push for as much variety as possible. Its our viewers who we need support from to get that bigger variety! So if you know any of these desired ladies SHARE us as much as you possibly can. - Blake

27th June 2016 - Please include "CURVEY" in your blast from the past posts. I have missed her and wondered what happened to her. - SOFLOLDGUY

Cheers for the feedback! We will keep our eyes peeled for her, just a note to mention, we're only posting submissions prior to 2005 at the moment! So any favored submitters might not appear for some time. - Blake

27th June 2016 - Hottest I have seen on here. - Spooly

Alright, alright, alright! - Blake

12th June 2016 - I will never have a problem giving my money to Watchersweb. They are THE ONLY site that has remained loyal for nearly 20 years. Never pop ups and full of shit advertising, always on hand to fix problems when I have them and the only pay site I trust to give my money. Well done team! Keep up the good work, I've just started on the live cams and successfully now part of ALL Watchersweb sites. - teamplayerted

It's these sort of reviews that will flip the day another way around. We greatly appreciate your words, it's a cherry on top of a long few weeks! - Blake

12th June 2016 - I'm lovin your blast from the past posts. I'd love to see socal hottie pop up in that. I was a huge fan of hers and have so missed her...... - Dan

Thanks for the feedback dan ... The flash backs have always been a favourite so it's good to see we're keeping people happy. On that note, we will keep our eyes peeled for you. - Blake

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