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"She Likes Em Big 2 - My wife always wants bigger and bigger cocks. I sometimes cant satisfy her so I had to sometimes give her bigger toys. I have sent a few post for your site. "
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"My Ex Girfriends Sister - Hello, after I broke up with my girlfriend, I started seeing her Sister. It was all kosher and I waited till after we had split. "
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"Pretty Neice Nude - It was a great time. My ex-wife's Niece and I got it on after I separated. She was adorable and a time in my life I will always remember. Please only put into your pay area please. "
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Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Late Night Fun

Devon, UK
"Late Night Fun - Me getting up to no good after dark, and a quick stop of on the way home. I might not reply this time as off on my holidays Friday, so maybe some fun in the sun to follow... H "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

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28th July 2016 - This site is SO MUCH more "warm" than another I have tried! I am VERY new to posting flashing pics of myself online and find it to be very arousing to me. I posted my first yesterday here and so many votes and comments from the REAL MEN here (unlike a few on the other site who can be mean sometimes) are SO POSITIVE! They make me feel warm inside. ("Outside" parts of me are getting warm....OK, HOT n WET to be honest...from it too.) I do this for fun and excitement, the other sites seem to be filled with pros doing it for money not arousal. I'm just happy to have found a new home with great guys that make me WANT TO SHOW MORE! Thanks Wathersweb and the men who view it. I will be a frequent contributor!! XOXO, - NaughtyWife2

What awesome feedback! It's been an absolute pleasure reading that ... and can i say, welcome to the Watchersweb family! We cant wait to see you again soon! - Blake

28th July 2016 - Where the Funny Farm go ? Think y'all got a glitch. - Bernie

There aint no glitch Bernie! It's still there but now known as 'Trending Now' you mustn't have stopped past for a while? - Blake

25th July 2016 - Love the site and the naked beauties that grace it, normal people, not fake... I have enjoyed the archives included daily in the last few weeks and could you include a "link" for the body of work for those pictures please? It would be great to quickly access those photos from a selected beauty for their timeline of sexiness. Thanks, - Dennis

Hey Dennis! Thanks for the feedback. So just to confirm, you're asking that we post the actual archive hard link with the submission? Not a bad idea. Ill chat to tech and see what options we can add. - Blake

25th July 2016 - I've been coming to your site for years and am a blue member too. My wife tried to submit some pics to surprise me and they were rejected because she blurred her face out? There's countless girls on here who blur their faces and have their heads missing from the shot. Today for instance there is a post in homemodels of a lady showing just her panties and legs and she's sent almost the same picture in 6 times and that's been accepted! Very confusing - Jack

Hey Jack, well to be honest we dont have a rejection email for a submission being blurred. We have a modified / enhanced option or perhaps poor quality? Maybe you can email the submission and we can give you a better justified answer. - Blake

19th July 2016 - Thanks for the fabulous site and the beauty of Raven...imagine having such a beautiful boss...drool ..drool - Greatful

Lol ... I'm sure you will put a jolly smile on her face when she sees this :) - Blake

19th July 2016 - i try to go into chat and it just says inithalizing.nothing else please help thanks - John Sperlins

Hey John, sorry to hear youre having problems, sounds like you're having a plugin issue with the browser. Send a ticket to the support team and they will be able to help you out there. - Blake

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