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Hardcore Amateur Section - Ranga From Oz

Victoria, Australia
"Ranga From Oz - Redheads are the best. This girl has been on the end of my cock for over a year. Very tasty and Emma has allowed me to start posting to Watchersweb. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Doomed From The Start Pt 2

Florida, USA
"Doomed From The Start Pt 2 - Greetings Watchers and Crew! We're glad you liked part 1! (9/30). The comments were awesome! Remember, we can't see comments here in Blue, so go to Homemodels and leave us amessage or your comments! We hope you give "L" and I the Awesome Vote Too! In these pics I am still warming her up. I didn't want to overwhelm my tickle-ee. It was after all her first time. Knowing that with one touch of my nail, or a feather or a pin I could make her squirm made me very very wet. mmmm the powerrrrr he he he Can we make the top 5? "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Outdoors With My Lillass

Ottawa, Canada
"Outdoors With My Lillass - Went out on the four wheeler and this is what the results excited that we decided to do this again. HOPE you like......stay tuned for more! "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Homemodels - Back From The Party

Rochester, New York, USA
"Back From The Party - well when we returned from the party she was still frisky..she turn every head there, even the girls.. time for more pics.. do you want more. let us know what you want. "

Today's Crew Favorites

Lovely Wife On All Fours (Video)

Again outdoor. The sun and open space make her very horny. - South Africa
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Gym Friend Does It Again! (Video)

Am I the only one who gets incredibly turned on by this lady? - USA
See the Full Video Here..

Clubhouse Member Bootycalls69

female, 34 y/o , Warwick , England , United Kingdom.
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Featured Submitter SMWN

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30th September 2014 - Hey fuckhead! Great site! - Sam89

Thanks fuckhead! - Blake

25th September 2014 - Over the years there have been some really attractive subs who would suddenly stop. Just when you look forward to them, they stop submitting. I wonder if you guys ever get in touch with frequent submitters? - husaiddat

Hey! We do the best we can... You're right when a really popular submitter stops after a while... Takes a lot of encouragement from the viewers as well... - Blake

23rd September 2014 - A few weeks ago I saw message about somebody not being able to watch more than one video. I am haveing the same problem I think. When I try watch more than one I get a message that says "Error Loading" can you help? - maineboy

It sounds like a plug-in or player issue on your end... Send a ticket to the tech support! They can help you there! - Blake

16th September 2014 - Have the site to where people can see their own contributions whether it be Web watchers or blue..just theirs, doesn't have to have an all access pass to the whole thing for 24 hours but being able to see your own content and be able to comment back to people on those specific contributions would be nice..hate having to post to blue and then not be able to see my own stuff..not cool. I don't even need to see everyone else's stuff, just my own content - Brittany

Considering they are two separate sites it makes it a little hard, although we are working on something so blue submitters (non members) can respond to their feedback. Thanks - Blake

18th September 2014 - Access to the Archives is terrible. Why do you show a lovely lady without allowing direct access to her pics in the Archives? There seems to be no possible way to retrieve her pics. - Westbronco

Try using the keyword search! There are millions of pictures and movies in there... Search whatever you have seen, I'm sure it will pop up! - Blake

16th September 2014 - I have always wanted the blure membership but i have been hesitant. Is there any way to get a free trial? - Jebus

Blue memberships are nearly selling for "Free" ... Haha, the closest you'll get to a free trial is the preview page. Thank - Jebus

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