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"NY Day At My Buds House"
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Happy new year everyone!
Just had to post this story while it's still fresh in my mind.

I was over at my buddy Carl's house on new years day watching the game. It's unseasonably hot here today and Carl has a pool. We were sitting there watching TV when a beauty in a bathing suit knocked on the sliding glass door. It was Carl's next door neighbor's daughter asking if she and her friend can use the pool for a while.

Carl introduced her and asked her who was using the pool with her today. She said it was her friend Mark and he was on the way over. Carl said Mark!... that guy with the motorcycle! You can use the pool but you know the rules when it comes to bringing Mark over. She said "Oh OK ... right now?"

Carl said now, before you go in the pool.

Neighbor's daughter left for a few minutes and came back with her little boyfriend Mark. They both took off everything.. got totally naked and that guy had a giant cock she started sucking while she was showing us some fine ass boobs and a shaved snatch. After a few minutes he unloaded into her mouth and she swallowed the cum, washed it down with some iced tea and they got their bathing suits on and headed for the pool.

Apparently that's his rules for using the pool..

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