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"Trip To The Country Pt 5"
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A Trip to the Country - Part 5

A wealthy client had been offered some properties in the country. I had a developed a good rapport with him and his wife over a number of years and several deals for them. Although I did not often deal in country property I said I would at least do an initial report for them. So I arranged to drive up on a Tuesday leaving early as it was a 2-3 hour drive. I asked Claire to come to as she had an excellent eye for appraising unusual properties.

I picked her up at 6 am and we headed off. I drove for the first couple of hours this was easy as the traffic was mostly going into the city and we are going out. Claire then drove for the last hour though the hills quite enjoying herself in my BMW coupe. Finally getting us into the small holiday / tourist town about 9am. We stopped for a quick breakfast in a café and headed to our meeting and viewing for the 3 properties, A small hotel in the town, a luxury ski lodge that could be converted to a small boutique resort and an art gallery.

We stopped for lunch and did an outline for the report and then decided to head back into the city. About an hour into our drive back we were going through the hills in a heavily forested area. The trees are 60 plus feet high and 3-6 feet across. I had needed to stop for awhile and I saw a sign that said there was a picnic area up ahead. I drove in and we stopped and used the facilities. Once we had finished I said it was a great day and there are a couple of walks we should do one. Claire quickly agreed and so we headed off . It was a couple of hours to the summit of the hill next to the picnic area so we decided we had no immediate deadline to get back so lets do it. We both like to walk and so we took to the path. At the start I walked behind Claire so I could watch her lovely arse in her tight jeans as we pushed on uphill. She eventually said stop staring at my arse and we both laughed. We made it to the summit in under the 2 hours and enjoyed the view. We started down the alternate path which after about 5 min became on old logging track it was quite wide and open as the area had been logged about 1-2 years ago. I stopped Claire and said check out the Eagle hovering over the valley. We watched it for a few minutes and then I turned to her and kissed her. We kissed for a while and I was squeezing her arse, I moved around the curve and under so I was rubbing her pussy and she was pushing against me.

Claire stopped me and stepped back, she started to undo her jeans she stepped out of her sneakers and pulled her jeans down as well as her knickers. She stepped out of them and handed them to me. Her lasered pussy with no sign of any hair at all, that’s another story, looked wonderful She stepped back into her sneakers and said she needed to pee. She then just squatted on the side of the path near a large tree. She did not turn away but was facing me looking straight at me when she let go. Her pussy lips flexed and then there was stream about a foot long and quite wide and it just kept coming more and more, it seemed to go on for ages. I could not help but stare. I had seen women pee on the toilet of course but not like this, out in the open, on a hilltop, a public walking trail, that was visible for miles. There were several cars in the car park at the bottom. This made me very hard, and she new it, she was watching me and the bulge in my pants. As she finished she said you better let it out before you hurt yourself and she smiled as she said and bring it over here.
I moved over to stand in front of her. As she was now squatting in front of me she took my dick in her hand and stroked it a few times before pulling me further forward so she could take it in her mouth. She held me with one hand and sucked hard as she started rubbing her clit with her other hand. I then remembered I had planned to fuck her in one of the places we visited however we couldn’t as the local contact gave us an escorted tour. But I had been prepared I had her little bullet vibrator that she loves in my pocket. I took it out and turned it on and gave it to her. She was very happy and sucked me even more vigorously.

Although I like her sucking me and coming in her mouth what I really love is fucking her lovely pussy so I suggested she stand up. As she did I kissed her tasting my own pre cum. I moved her back one step so we were closer to the big tree. I undid my jeans and let them fall to my ankles pushing my trunks with them. I turned her around and pulled her hips back against me, she had one hand holding the vibrator against her clit, she put her other hand under and guided me into her very wet, very hot pussy. It was like sticking my dick into hot wet thick milky creamy sauce. Holding her hips I started to pound into her as she pushed hard against the tree to force herself back into me. The little vibrator touching my shaft every now and then as she rotated it around her clit and lips.

We fucked like this for ages as I was trying not to come then we heard voices this made her cum almost straight away and as she clenched down on my dick I came too. The voices were distant and below us. After we came I did not pull out I was still hard and so I held onto her and slid slowly in and out which made her moan. I was clenching my butt cheeks as this made my dick jump while inside her and she loves this as she does her own clenching kegel type exercise squeezing my dick and I love that too. The voices were getting closer and so I pulled out and pulled up my trunks and jeans. Claire’s jeans were over a bush and so she walked over and started putting them back on. She was just doing up her buttons when a couple came out into the clearing chatting. They were a couple about 35 and they stopped when they saw us and said a lovely day for a walk in the hills you can really appreciate nature and we agreed. They were grinning at us as they passed. Once they had gone I said to Claire they didn’t see us what were they grinning about. She said maybe its cause the front of your jeans looks quite wet and you are holding that little vibrator and I have a huge smile on my face and she laughed.

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