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This took place in the late 1960s when I was a young women over 18 and under 21. My name is Susan, brown hair and eyes, size 12 dress size and 34dd.

I woke to a nice sunny day, my parents had already gone into town to do the weekly shopping as it was a nice day I got ready white bra, pants and suspender belt and a polka dot summer dress and low heels not flat.

The bus took me close to a park I enjoy it has nice woods and fields and a great little cafe. Arriving at the park I found a table outside and ordered a cup of tea. On the next table was a man in his early 50s, hard looking however still handsome. I smiled and we said good morning and chatted a little, I asked was he here just for a cup of tea, no I enjoy walking round the hard path in the park, it is only about 2 miles from start to finish. Yes I enjoy the walk, I then usually go out for lunch after another cup of tea here.

Adam, asked would you care for some company, yes that would be nice he then moved onto my table and we must have sat having another tea a good 45 minutes. This man had already got me a little wet and he had done nor said a word sexual.

Knowing the park I said, I wish there was a spot I could sunbath in which was private, as he knew the park I knew he would know a couple of places I have used in the past. Laughing he said you are not dressed for that, no I would take off my dress and enjoy the sun, that would be interesting Adam said and I do know a spot that you could do that but not sure I could 100% guarantee it being private. At least if it is not in the middle of the park and have people walking past every few minutes that would be fine with me.

As we finished our tea, Adam said are you sure with this oh yes I replied. around ten minutes and we left the hard path to a small clearing surrounded by trees, I made out I did not know this place and asked will you be staying or completing your walk, If you do not mind I will join you and get a little sun.

No problem I welcome the company, I asked Adam to unzip me and he stood watching as I dropped my dress to the ground, I knew he could see my nipples through my bra and pubic hair through my pants. Opening my bag I laid out a picnic blanket to lay on. Adam removed his shirt and was about to lay down I asked are you leaving your trousers on, how nice he did not wish to embarrass me he said, I will not be embarrassed I assure you. He turned his back to take off his trousers and as he lay on the blanket I saw he was hard, have I done that I am sorry if I have, no it is fine no need to be sorry these things happen, well it looks very nice, may I have a feel, Adam gulped and said if you wish.

I put my hand into his boxers and started to rub his hard cock it felt real good, I got up on my knees and continued I was pleased to find he was circumcised I love that when a man does not have the skin that looks unattractive.

One hand was feeling my boobs and is other was in my pants fingering my pussy, he joined me knelt up and unclipped my bra freeing my boobs at last and starting to suck my nipples, whilst he was sucking he pulled down my pants. He stopped looked me in the eyes and asked if I wanted to stop my reply was no I want fucking. I lay back opening my legs I said I want your cock now. And did I get it all 7 inch of hot pulsing cock, when his bell end made contact with my pussy I almost cam it felt amazing as he was now wanking me with his cock end, I did com and I said please fuck me now. I did not need to ask twice he gave me an amazing fuck as he pushed all the way in and out, I am going to cum shall I pull out NO, Adam then shot his load into me pushing his cock as deep as he could inside me. He flopped out and thanked me saying it was a long time since he had, had sex. I said you are married I know he said she is not keen on sex these days and I am lucky if I get it once ever couple of months. Oh dear that's not good, I have enjoyed you so much would you like to meet here the same time at the cafe next week I said, he looked are you joking no I am not if the weather is poor I am sure we can drive to a spot where we can play, how does that sound to you amazing.

We did meet up and did so for just over a year, he then moved down south as his wife wanted to be close to their son and his family. Prior to him leaving I said can you make an excuse to be out over night, yes that would not be a problem and actually it was a weekend in Newcastle. We had amazing sex that weekend.

Who knows I may tell that story another time.

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