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"Payback Is It Really A Bitch?"
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I received a lot of encouragement form the readers by their votes and comments, giving me the courage to share more. The past year has opened up a lot of doors in my sex life and I would like to share it all. My husband approves. Keep the votes and comments flowing. Love WW

You might want to read the previous subs ‘its just sex honey’ and Its not just sex its assex’ for this one to make more sense.
Well work resumed in January after a very naughty and cum filled Christmas with my new found trigger for husband’s arousal. First day in office and I am dressed formal. Black lace bra and panties, and white shirt, black coat. Lower down thigh high stockings, knee length black skirt and black heels. Professional and ready for business.
Hectic morning as office reopens after the Christmas break and we are all busy. I am at my desk going at it on my system and a couple of hours later an internal message pops up ‘ITS PAYBACK TIME’ and I am like WTF. I ignore it and work and half hour later the phone buzzes, it’s a message from the office colleague I fucked and left dry at the Christmas Party. It has a pic of my panties in his hand captioned ‘MY Bitch’.
I thought WTF… seriously after the awesome fuck we had this guy is now what trying to blackmail me. I replied ‘what is this supposed to mean’. He just wrote back ‘More where these come from ;)’
I swear I could have hammered his face if he had said it in person. I calmed myself and wrote back ‘what do you want’. Phone buzzes ‘repeat of the Christmas party only this time at my terms’. Screwed is what I felt. What the hell can’t risk my marriage especially when it has turned for the better. I didn’t reply, just soaking it all in and wondering what the hell is in store. Phone buzzed again, meet me during lunch at the elevator. I kept trying to figure out when and how he could have taken compromising pics, we were both naked and fucking. How the fuck could I have let this happen. It was just SEX, just fucking SEX.

Lunch time came and I headed for the elevator hoping to get a handle on the situation. He was there with a big smirk on his face. I wanted to wipe that right off his face. In any case we got in the elevator alone and he pressed for the terrace. My heart was pounding wondering what he was going to do. Usually the smoking crowd comes in after their lunch for a smoke and leisure. Once in the terrace he pushes me against the wall and tries to kiss me says ‘You didn’t allow me to kiss you, open your mouth and let me kiss you now’. I showed him off, he just smiled and too out a couple of pages one of my ass and back and another of me semi-nude calling a cab.

Fuck it we kissed and he knew I had surrendered. He yanked up my skirt knelt down pushed my panties aside and finger fucked my pussy. Shame or no shame I was wet, my head going back to party and he fingering my pussy. He stood up and showed me his wet fingers and called me a SLUT.
Maybe I was.. He made me lick his wet fingers and kissed me. He then moved back unzipped his pants and asked me to suck his dick. I was scared anyone could walk in, but he knelt me down and kept slapping my face with it till I finally took it in my mouth. I sucked for a while till he was about to cum. He pushed me back and shoved his dick back in his pants ‘Saving it for later’. He asked me to straighten up and leave. Just before I could leave he flashed the printouts in my face and asked me to give him my panties. I obliged, I don’t mind going commando. I do it all the time.
I went back to my desk and recapped the events and thought to myself if I can hide it from my husband I can do this and enjoy it. Gain his trust and eventually get him to delete the images. Phone buzzed and broke my thoughts ‘I guess you will be working late tonight’. I knew what this meant and dropped a text to my husband ‘Busy at work hun, will be late’.
Time passed by and I could hardly get any work done knowing where my panties are made me little wet and embarrassed. 5 to 5 and phone buzzes again and I read ‘Don’t leave we will lock up the place later’. It was normal for us to stay back at work and the last person would shut down the place and leave the key with the security guard.
All the colleagues and office staff started to leave and by 6 PM we were the only ones left. He called out to me and asked me to come to him like a dog. I obliged and crawled upto him. He had his pants around his thighs and dick half erect. When I reached him he made me take off his pants and neatly fold them. He asked me to stroke his cock and lick his balls. I was kind of wet and horny myself now so I did as instructed. Soon his dick was erect and blood pumped. He made me stop and undid my shirt and threw it aside and asked me to get rid of my skirt. I was on my knees on the office floor in just my bra. Fuck this tingling feeling in my pussy and he could see my wet pussy. He took my panties and wiped my cunt, made me lick it then rubbed It on his precum and shoved it in my mouth. He removed by breasts out of the bra and started pinching the nipples hard. I was moaning through my panties and tears flowing from my eyes. He was quite pleased with the result and turned me around held my hands back and spat on my ass. He took a finger and showed it without warning into my asshole. I ducked forward onto the floor and let out a muffled scream. HE started to fuck my ass with his finger. Uncomfortable at first but nothing new to me and I was dripping. I settled into the rhythm of his finger fucking my ass till I couldn’t take it any longer and had an intense orgasm. I was so embarrassed and yet horny.
He then sat back on the chair and asked me to come and sit on his lap. While I positioned myself on his dick he made me lick his finger right out of my ass. Now that I was on his dick he asked me to fuck him while he sucked my nipples and played with my boobs. I mounted him good and GOD knows what the fucker had eaten for breakfast was in no mood to cum. His nibbling and caressing my breasts and the rhythmic pounding of my pussy, the sliding of his dick on my inner walls made me cum, my scream still muffled by the panties in my mouth saliva dripping down from them and wet eyes. All my fucking holes were dripping either of his spit or my fluids.
I continued fucking his dick while he moved his hand down my back and again got just the tip in my ass and started tugging me with his finger as I moved up and down on his dick and I came once again, intense orgasm arching my back almost falling off him the only thing that prevented it was his finger in my ass, his hand across my back as support. My arching and frantic pounding on his pussy was all that he needed to shoot his cum in my pussy. He came with a few spurts and the only thing preventing our juices to flow onto the chair was the seal of our parts, not that it mattered. He stood up with me on his lap and then asked me to get off him. He told me to clean our juices from the floor with my bra and wipe his dick and leg with my panties. I did as instructed. When I tried to clean my pussy he didn’t allow it saying I want you to have my cum in you. I begged him to allow me to atleast clean the juices on my legs, but he wouldn’t budge. He asked me to get his pants and pull them up for him and before zipping it asked me to give his dick a nice little suck. He didn’t allow me to use the washroom to straighten up so I put on my skirt, bra and shirt, wiped my face with a few tissues and locked down the place. We handed over the key to the security guy and as I was headed to my car he said ‘I liked my sluts performance today’ and I answered back ‘Your slut enjoyed it too, please don’t share the pics with anyone, you can have me anyway you want.’ He just turned back and left. I sat in the car and wiped the cum off my pussy and legs and started the car.
My phone buzzed again ‘See you tomorrow slut, white panties’. I got the hint.
After a few more humiliating encounters I realised I wasn’t going to get the pics and this humiliation (which I have no idea why turned me on) wouldn’t stop. So a month later on a day of lots of wine, I confessed to my husband. I told him what was going on and that I was Sorry and ashamed of myself. To my surprise he hugged and kissed me saying ‘Its alright Love I understand’.


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