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"The Visit Pt 1"
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The visit

As I have mentioned in my previous story, my wife and I are closet perverts and enjoy a healthy sex life, when our kids allow it. For the purpose of this story, she'll be called B. We try and find a babysitter once a month and have a real romp; tying up, toys, or fantasizing. This one particular instance, we were all set to drop the kids off with the sitter when my phone rang. It was a high school friend who was passing through the area and needed a place to stop for the night. Well, we thought, we could always have sex later this evening after the kids were asleep and we were in bed. We dropped the kids off and walked back to our house ready to receive our guest.

My friend Sid showed up about half an hour later, touting an empty McDonald's bag. We invited him in, and sat down to talk about things. It had been a long time since we had seen each other, so we talked about quite a few things. B excused herself for the bathroom and as I watched Sid watch her walk out of the room I knew where the conversation would go next.

"So I'm into photography now as well. I take a lot of pictures of different things," I said, "my favorite subject is B though."

"I can see why," he said, "what kind of photos?"

So I showed him some of our racy yet SFW photos I had on my phone. He flipped through picture after picture for a minute until he heard the toilet flush.

"She looks like she has huge tits." He said. I nodded, "36DD. from having kids."


"Yes, they are fun.” I said.

B entered the room and walked straight through to the kitchen. She was wearing a top that showed plenty of cleavage. "I'm getting some water, anybody else want anything?" She asked. Sid asked for water, and she came back with a glass a moment later. "So what are you guys talking about now?" She inquired.

"Photography." I said.

"What about photography?" I winked at her.

"Oh. Did you show him any?"

"Just the SFW ones, nothing too racy."

Sid chimed in, "Although I would not have said 'no' if you had offered."

"I don't know," B said. "I'm not sure if you should show him. I'm embarrassed." And with that the talk moved on, although with a more sexual undertone than before. Eventually it came up about our cocks.

"You're uncut, aren't you Sid?" I asked. I had dated his sister just out of high school and she'd mentioned it once.

"I am." He said.

"I've never seen an uncut penis in person before." B said.

"Tell you what," I said, "if you give us a little show, maybe he'll let you take a look at it?" Sid nodded.

B stood up hesitantly and said, "I'm not sure what to do."

"How about you let us take a look at those breasts you're hiding." Sid said. "I've wanted to see them since I saw the pictures."

B slid one hand into the cleavage of her top and slipped out one breast, then the other. She let them hang there for a few moments, and then started gently caressing them. Sid's eyes were glued to the swaying pair. She glanced at me, then put her tits back into her top, and took it off. She was wearing a purple bra that matched her shirt. She turned her back to us and slid down one strap, then the other. She glanced over her shoulder at us, smiled, and undid the clasp of her bra. She let it fall to the floor.

"How are...things?" She asked. "Have i earned a look?"
Sid unzipped his jeans and fished around for a second before pulling his uncut penis out into the open air. He stroked it a few times. B turned around running her hands over her breasts. She was nervous, but really excited. She seemed fascinated by the way the skin slid up over the head and covered it up, then went back down with every stroke. She got on her knees in front of Sid and leaned in, close enough that her tits brushed against his jeans. He stood up, undid his pants and let them fall.

She looked at me. "Take off your pants, I want to compare."

I did as she said, and we stood side-by-side. I was thicker but a little shorter than Sid’s.

Tentatively, she reached out and took hold of Sid's cock. My knees almost buckled. So did hers. The wave of horniness that swept over the both of us was intense. It was the first time she had touched another penis since we started dating. I watched her as she inspected it closely, and then slid her lips over the head. Sid sat down, taking B with him. She knelt on the floor in front of him and bobbed up and down. He reached out and started rubbing her breasts. I watched for a few minutes before I got down on the floor behind her and stripped down her pants. The minx wasn't wearing any panties. I watched moisture almost drip from her pussy. She was hot. I slipped my cock into her with ease. I moved slowly, but I wasn't sure how long I could last. Sid had one hand in her hair and one on her breasts. She was bucking on my cock harder than she had ever come. It was one long orgasm that kept going. Sid pulled his cock out of B's mouth and slowly stroked it in front of her.

"Do you want him to fuck you?" I asked. She nodded, her eyes closed. I pulled out and she turned around to face me. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it while Sid got down behind her. She moaned loudly when he entered her. She stared into my eyes when I brushed the head on her lips. Her mouth opened and she started sucking greedily. She devoured my cock and moaned as Sid pounded away at her. It was not long before he pulled out and grunted. B came and came as she felt his sperm hit her ass and back. She felt me get large and sat up, shooting me all over her gorgeous tits. An enormous orgasm took her breath away and B collapsed into a quivering pile on the floor. It took several minutes before she regained her composure, I handed her a towel so she could clean up. “Sid that was so hot, thank you for that” B said getting dressed.

“Well I need to get some stuff done in the kitchen we still have a babysitter for three hours, besides you boys have lots of catching up to do.”

“So,” Sid said after B had left, “You said you didn’t show me the racy pictures, seeing as I just suitably fucked your wife, do you think I could have a look?”

I shrugged, though secretly I found the idea very appealing, and could feel myself hardening again. I handed him my phone with the other folder open. At first the pictures start off as racy at best, hints at nudity, a flash of lingerie, quickly it transformed into hard porn. I watched as his pants began to bulge again. I looked at the picture he was on it was the one of my wife tied to the bed, a ball gag in her mouth. It’s a personal favorite of mine, she is so wet that the sheets actually have a wet spot on them; she has a dildo in her pussy and a butt plug in her ass. That was a hot night.

“Man” Sid sighed leaning back on the couch “Your wife is a freak.”

“Why do you think I married her?” I laughed, “certainly not for her cooking.”

“Are you guys really into this BDSM stuff?”

“Well she really digs it, and I certainly don’t mind.” I said as he handed me his phone.

“What is it about the BDSM stuff that you guys enjoy? I mean, I understand a little of it, but –“

B interrupted, entering the room again. “For him, it’s power and control. He gains ultimate power over me. For me…well it’s the lack of control and power. I am completely at his whim. If he wanted to bring a troop of guys through the door and have them fondle me, ogle me, even fuck me, then I really can’t do anything about it. I mean, I can, but it’s the idea that I can’t that makes it amazingly hot.”

“I wouldn’t mind seeing that in person.” He said.
“Well.” I said, “We have a few hours left, and I think she wouldn’t mind being the center of attention again.”

To Be Continued….

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