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"Sexy Red Morning"
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Sexy Red is an early riser and I remained in bed while she showered. While still semi asleep Sexy Red had finished her shower and turned on the bedroom light (which she does every morning). Laying on my back I covered my eyes with my arm as I heard her go through her usually dressing routine. Her underwear drawer opens first of course and she usually sits on the bed to put on her socks.

Today Red sat on the bed closer to my head. Laying there with my eyes covered I was thinking "I hope she sits on my face!" which she has only done once ever. Instead I hear a buzzing noise. Looking towards her I see her pussy 5 inches from my face and her silver vibrator going in and out of her pussy! Red has a naughty look on her face as she knows I love it! She continues working the vib in and out so I rub her clit, all within inches of my face. In a few minutes Red's head goes back and a loud moan is let out and her hips are bouncing up and down on the bed. (I'm getting a hard on just writing this!!) Exhausted Sexy Red lays flat on the bed panting.

Sexy Red recovers some and opens her eyes then gets up on her knees and takes my now super hard cock in her mouth. She licks the fat head the begins to slowly bob up and down on my fat shaft. Expertly Red works up and down her lips clamping as she pulls her head back, stretching my cock skin. With one hand I play with her clit which brings out muffled moans from her. Her pace picks up and she goes further and further down on my large cock. My other hand grabs her hair and Sexy Red lets out an even louder moan, her head now bobbing and twisting frantically. Taking no more I let out my hot cum, some she swallows and some rolls out of her mouth for me to see.

I am still turned on and hard so Sexy Red sits on my meat and rides me, her luscious boobs bouncing. I put the vib on her clit and she goes crazy screeching in pleasure. She cums super hard, letting out a loud uuhhh and clutching her breasts pinching her nipples. She falls off of me and lays there panting. A few minutes later she asks" would you like some coffee too?)

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