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"Camping With My Sister"
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Mom called me a miracle baby. Dad said I was ‘baby oops’. He had a vasectomy after my sister was born, but eight years later - there I was. Dad always joked that mom must have been too friendly with the milk man, but I looked too much like pops to raise any questions.

Both of my brothers had moved out of the house by the time I was 8, so I never really got to spend any time with them. We did the normal family stuff for Christmas and holidays, but they had their own lives and soon they were bringing over their own families. Carol, my sister, was the one I spent most of my time with, and despite the age difference, we got along quite well.

Carol and I were both outdoorsy, and spent much of our time together hiking the Sierra Nevadas until she was 20, when she moved away with her new husband. They were married for about six years, but then he got downsized at work, started hitting the bottle, and one night hit her, too. The next day she packed her bags, filed for divorce, and moved back home. While it sucked that she was unhappy, we were all glad to have her back.

Once it was warm enough to start hiking, Carol and I planned an easy overnighter to get away and explore one of the trails we used to love, burn a few tokes, and roast a few marshmallows. It’d been a few years since we’d gone, so we were a bit out of practice, but we found our stride as we climbed the trail, updating each other about what was going on in our lives. We’d always been open with each other, and the conversation soon turned to our sex lives. At 18, I wasn’t a ladies man by any means, but I wasn’t a virgin, either. I was more than happy to share the details - she was a good listener, and it was one of my favourite topics. When I asked how things were going for her in that department, she just smiled and told me to buy stock in Duracell.

As we climbed, storm clouds started to roll in. We figured it might be best to get the camp set up as soon as possible, but it started to pour as we were getting the tent up, and by the time we climbed in to get out of the driving rain, we were drenched. While we’d remembered sleeping bags, foods, and weed, we forgot to bring towels, and when we realized that we both started laughing. Shivering from the cold, but laughing. Our soaked clothes clung to our bodies, and that might have been the first time I noticed she had an amazing figure. Her top wasn’t see through, but I could clearly see the outline of her hard nipples pressing against the fabric. I couldn’t tell at the time, but I later learned that she was rocking a solid set of Ds. And let me tell you - they were - and are - magnificent.

“Well, I can’t change into dry clothes yet, because I’ll get them soaked too,” she said, “and I don’t want to wear wet clothes in my sleeping bag, as that’s a quick trip to pneumonia-land.”

I laughed and said ‘yup’ - being a semi-articulate 18-year old sitting with a hot woman in a small tent, it was the best conversation I could offer.

“So, I’m going to slip out of this wet mess and into my sleeping bag. I guess we can make it through the night, then get back to the house and warm up tomorrow.”

And since I couldn’t add anything to the conversation, she motioned me to turn away and then I heard the sounds of her wriggling out of her wet clothes. The landed with a squish at the edge of the tent, followed by the sounds of her unzipping her sleeping bag and climbing in. I slipped out of my wet shirt and jeans, but left my underwear on, even though they were pretty damp, too. My teeth were chattering as I slipped into my bag, and I was looking forward to a long hot shower once I got home.

After 15 minutes of silence, Carol asked, “are you freezing too?”

I answered with a ‘yup’, and she said, “well, maybe we can share my sleeping bag until we’re warm. I don’t want to die of hypothermia.” Since I was freezing as well, I unzipped my sleeping bag so we could double them up, then slid in beside Carol, being careful not to touch her inappropriately.

She snuggled up against my back, and I can’t lie - her body heat felt amazing, but her hard nipples pressing against my back was even hotter. She wriggled closer, obviously enjoying the extra heat, and then I felt both hands on my back, shoving me away from her glorious warmth.

“Your underwear are wet - take them off, now!”

And that’s how I ended up sleeping naked, next to my sister, while the rain beat against the thin nylon of our tent.

We kept spooning to keep the heat in, and eventually we fell asleep.

When I was 18, I would have morning wood hard enough to break an axe, so when I woke to Carol’s hands trying to grip my hard cock, I had pretty mixed emotions. Shame for being unable to control my body, and pleasure from the warm hands around my rock hard cock.

“I’m so sorry, but I thought I was sleeping on a rock. I went to move it away, but found it was kinda attached to you. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt a cock this hard. After Kirk fell into the bottle, his, uh, equipment never really worked right. I was lucky if I could get him hard enough to do anything, on the rare occasions where he was sober enough for me to want him.”

“Do you mind if I play? It’s a very nice cock,” she said, as she was stroking. Like I could say no.

“I bet it tastes as good as it looks,” she whispered, licking her lips before diving tongue first into my lap.

Stamina was never my strong suit when I was that age, and seeing my sister’s golden head above my lap while feeling her full lips stretch to engulf my cock was almost too much to handle, but somehow I managed.

I reached down to feel her firm breasts, the hard tips nearly tingling as a I played with them. Carol was moaning as I teased her, and I felt her tongue sliding all around my cock. That blowjob was, without a doubt, the best I’ve ever had in my life. And I’ve had a few.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer, and I warned Carol that I was about to cum. She just kept on sucking until she felt me start shaking, and then I launched what felt like a quart of cum into her hungry mouth. She sucked it all back, then looked up at me with a smile. I could see a trace of my juices leaking from her lips, then with a big swallow and it was gone. She licked her lips and said, “I hope you’ve got more of that in ya, cuz we’re not done, boy.”

We had a lot more fun in the tent that rainy morning, and then a few adventures when we found the time and privacy around the house that summer. If there’s enough interest, I’ll share a bit more. Vote and leave me a message if you’d like to read more.

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