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"A Walk In The Park Pt 4"
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Claire is at my door. She says it is a lovely day we should get out side we have been working hard and long hours for a few weeks now on a special project and we need a break. I agree and so we head out.

It is a magnificent day, sunny high 20’s and a gentle breeze. We head to the city gardens and start walking through the maze of paths in the large gardens. Claire is wearing a shirt, short black dress, heels and black stockings. She always wears stay up stockings as she does not like panty hose. We walk for quite awhile and in a section of the park that is furthest from the main gates, there are few people around, and so she suggests we sit on this bench that has a view across the park to the city. It is very picturesque. We sit talking for a while and then I get up and walk towards the view as I turn I have gone downhill slightly so my head is now level with her knees, she is sitting cross legged and as we continue to talk she un crosses her legs. This gives me an instant view up her short black dress. To my surprise I see she is not wearing any knickers. People are now walking past on the path just behind the bench as I stand in front of Claire looking straight up her dress at her freshly maintained, as she calls it, pussy. She is grinning at me as she continues to talk but is opening her legs wider. People are standing behind her admiring the view, while I stand in front admiring her amazing view.

This is starting to have an effect on me as I get hard, Claire can see this and her grin gets bigger. She loves the effect she has on me. She stands up and says we had better move on. We start to walk again and as we again get to an infrequently used area we are talking, but this time we are discussing how wet she appeared to be and she agrees she is very wet and very horny and she says you are too. I could see the bulge in your pants. I said yes I have pre-cum wetting my pants right now.

As I say this we come to a V in the path the left side is the path going around the park the right leads to a small building. Claire takes my hand and we follow the path to the building. It is family toilet, a change room and toilet facility mostly used on the week end. It is empty now and so she takes me in and locks the door. I take her in my arms and we kiss frantically, urgently as I move my hands over her ass and lift her skirt squeezing her butt cheeks. I follow the curve of her lovely bum around the crack and follow it down and under until my fingers are getting wet from her juices running freely. I put a couple of fingers in, and move them round in and out and Claire is pushing against me as I keep fingering her.

We keep kissing and our tongues explore each others mouth. She puts her hand between us and undoes my pants releasing my hard on. My pants fall around my ankles. I turn her around and she bends over the basin holding on to it with one hand as she guides me into her with the other. I start pumping frantically and she is moaning as I pump hard slapping my hips against her ass. After a few minutes I slow and she does not hold the basin so hard but she is still pushing back into me as she puts one hand down between her legs and starts rubbing her clit. She stops rubbing and makes her thumb and finger into a circle and places it around my dick so her thumb rubs against her clit while her finger creates pressure on my dick as well as the lips of her pussy.

The sensation is amazing and I feel myself getting close to coming when there is a noise, someone is outside the door and trying to get in. They stop but they go into the normal toilet right next to us. I keep pumping slowly and Claire keeps rubbing providing the tension against my dick. We can hear next door and it is obvious it is a woman. We are not making any noise other than the sound of my dick going in and out a very wet pussy. The sound is hard to miss and very familiar. The woman next door could hear it too. She has stopped peeing but us still there. She is listening. We don’t say anything but this is obviously exciting Claire as she has got much wetter and is pushing hard against me. She lets out a moan but stifles it to choke the noise.

Then I can hear a slight noise from next door and I can’t believe it. It is the noise of a woman playing with her pussy, pushing fingers in and out quite fast. A slight slapping sound. This inspires me to start pumping hard again making the slapping sound of my hips against Claire’s arse and then the finger fucking sound gets louder too. As well I can hear very slight moans. Claire squeezes my dick with her fingers as I continue to enter her from behind she is rubbing her clit too and starts to tense as she cums, she moans and her pussy clenches my dick causing me to cum and let out a moan with this we hear a very satisfied moan come from next door and the finger fucking sound has stopped.

We clean up and leave the building as we do we meet a woman about 35 in gym gear coming out of the other door. We smile at her and she smiles back. I say that was quite a work out and she smiles and says yes, best lunchtime workout she has had in quite awhile.

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