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A couple of weeks ago I told the story about how I started fucking my wife's friend about 30 years ago. This is a continuation of more fun about a year later, but this time with my wife.

When we first married, we had a ski boat. But when the kids came along, we didn't have time for that, so we sold the boat. We really like boating, and when we were at a boat show, someone suggested that we get a pontoon-style boat. Our small kids could have more space and we could get the boat with am engine large enough to pull a skier; so we did.

When we bought the boat, it was early May, and the water was still pretty cool. A couple of weeks later my wife and I decided to go out on the boat without the kids on Friday. Dropped our kids off at her mom's house and off we went. The lake we kept it at had lots of hidden coves and cabins all over the place. Because it was mid-May, K-12 schools were still in session, but many college students were getting out already.

We took some pre-mixed margarita with us and started a nice quiet day on the boat. After a couple of hours, and a few drinks, my wife started getting frisky. I pulled the boat into a quite obscured cove and tied us off to the shore. the boat had a door on the front and I left it open for no reason other than I had fucking on my mind. Besides the boat had a big open deck area between the two from bench seats. It was only minutes from that time that we had our clothes off and I was licking her pussy.

My wife was in her late 20's and was very much a babe. When we married, she was a virgin - pussy-wise anyway. She had said that she jacked off a guy before, but he never got her pants off. I had been around quite a bit and she really was quite inexperienced. But this time, the booze was taking its toll.

After I made her cum I slid up and slid my dick into her pussy, Damn was she wet. She said that the deck carpet was rubbing her back, so we rolled over with her on top facing me. We were having a good fucking time. I just happened to look up into the trees and I saw a younger guy about 30 feet away with his pants down and stroking his dick. Not alerting my wife, I raised my hand and motioned for him to move closer. He came closer to about 15 feet away. I motioned him even closer, and he got to about 5 feet of the boat. I have a nice sized 8 incher and very thick, but his looked a bit longer but not as thick. i decided to let my wife know. i pulled her closer and said that we had an audience. She raised up and looked around and saw the guy, then she looked down at his cock. I just said "lets finish what we started". The booze was still working on her and she didn't say a word and went right back to riding me. But I did notice that she was dripping more.

I had her turn around in a reverse cowgirl position and she went right back to riding me. I could feel her juices running down onto my balls. I motioned the guy to come even closer, so he stepped up on to the boat deck. He was about 5-6 feet from us then. My wife was obviously looking at his cock. I motioned him to move even closer and he was easily within touching distance for my wife. I just said to her, help[ him out a little. To my surprise, she ribbed some juice from her pussy and reached for his cock and started stroking him. She was struggling to prop herself up with one arm, so I told her to turn back around towards me so he could see better. She did and went right back to riding me. I couldn't take it and shot a huge load in her. She had cum a couple of more times and was still wanting more. As my dick slid out, I motioned the guy to move in. My wife, sensing what was about to happen, sort of raise her ass towards him. I could feel his balls hitting me as he was all the way in that sloppy pussy. Then to just make sure, I could hear him fucking her.

I slid out from under her and she tuned over on her back. He was fucking her like there was no tomorrow. She even told him to slow down a little. I was enjoying watching his cock slid in and out of her beautiful pussy. Within about five minutes, he started grunting, and that made my wife do the same. They went off together and he put a huge load in her. After a little awkwardness, I asked him his name and where he was from. He was a college student that had just finished classes the day before and came to his families to get things ready for summer. My wife told him that now he had a story to tell when he went back to school. When my wife got up, there a pool of her juices and two loads of cum on the carpet. She got into the lake to rinse off and i told the guy goodbye. My wife just yelled to him "thanks for the fuck". When we left there she said "never again". She meant it because it never has. But I sure have fantasized about it. When the kids got older, we got rid of that boat. Damn, Ii sure do miss it. I'm retiring soon, so maybe, just maybe.....

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