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This is my third story of Alicia and my sexual journey together. We were both 25 when it started. My previous two stories where titled "The Start" and "The Begining The Next Step". I will title all future stories Alicia and I part # in the future.

We were coming to the end of our two year time limit living in Italy while I finished my masters degree. Alicia (25 African American 38-22-40) was continuing her weekly tryst with our big dicked Italian landlord who lived directly above us. All the time with him thinking I was unaware. Most of the time they would fuck while I was out. But as I mentioned in my first story. I would send her upstairs some nights with him thinking I was out of town. The sounds of them fucking turned me on greatly.

In my second story I told how Alicia and I met Gianna a local beauty and eventually had our first MFF threesome. Again I am 6'"4 Italian American athletic build and confident sexually 7.5 inches and thick. Aside from Alicia's continuing affair. Her Gianna and I would have sex in some combination or other fairly regularly.

This third story is about the two most memerable events we had before my graduation and our return back to the states. Other than hearing Alicia and our older landlord having sex. I had never watched them and it was something that I really wanted to see. The opportunity finally arrived in the form of Gianna was going out of town for the week and asked us to house sit to take care of her pets. Her house was within walking distance of school so we agreed.

Her house was small but much larger than our very small apartment where our livining room and bedroom were the same space. It had two bedrooms separate from the living area. So I explained my desire to actually watch Alicia have sex. She answered I had with Gianna many times. Then it dawned on her that I meant the landlord. I said she could invite him to Gianna s house. I could hide and watch. We got turned on and had a great fuck session.

She asked the landlord over a couple days later. The hard part is most homes in Italy don't have large closets. Gianna however had a trifold dressing screen. So we place a chair behind the screen and positioned it where I could see the bed through a crack and still hide.

Alicia looked amazing dressed in a short silk robe. Wearing only panties underneath. She smelled amazing and her brown skin glowed from the lotion she applied. Her heavy breast and big firm ass were not hidden by the robe at all. Her short Afro was accented by large hoop earrings and very red lipstick on her thick lips. I almost told her to cancel so we could have sex ourselves. Almost.....

Their relationship was purely lust based. He was not better looking than I. He was twice my age. He was about six inches shorter and fit but thin. The lust was his rugged machismo personality and a large dick. I had never seen it but Alicia described it as about 10" and even thicker than mine. My ego did not like that.....but listening to them have sex overrode my ego, I know we are soulmates and nothing will change that.

He knocked on the door and I took my hiding place. I could hear them talking but not the conversation. I can speak fluent Italian and he was actually chastising her alternating between English and Italian about he was busy and having to take a bus etc. Alicia had told me he was grumpy a lot. She said that they really didn't have deep conversations normally. She would normally just go to his apartment they would exchange a few words maybe a glass of wine. Strip down and get to it.

Alicia finely led him into the bedroom they embraced in a long kiss. He slid her robe off while she unbuttoned his shirt and loosened his belt. His hands slid down to her big firm ass cheeks where he squeezed and lifted her cheeks up and down. Alicia's large brown nipples were fully erect as he suddenly started sucking and biting them. Alicia's hand was digging in the front of his pants. She was squeezing and rubbing his dick.

They finally broke and she had him lay down. Later I found out what she did next was for my benefit. He still had his pants on and was rubbing himself. He looked at Alicia's body and told her she was going to pay for his inconvenience. She was silent and went into to bathroom. She returned after having removed her panties holding a wet wash cloth some shaving cream and my razor....wait my razor! He stood up and removed his pants.

I still could not see his dick. Alicia knelt in front of him and started stroking him. His only comment was "you are my slut". I was like if I said that to her I was sleeping on the couch. She quickly a answered yes. He lightly smacked her face. She applied the shaving cream started shaving him clean. Something later I learned she introduced to their love making. She went slow and when she finished and washed him. She quickly glanced at me and I am not breathing. She turns him sideways and starts stroking him and licking the head. I was like damn. Alicia can't suck my entire dick. But she barely got more than the head in her mouth.

She stroked and licked. Lifting it to suck his low hanging big balls. She looked up at him and asked if he forgave her. He pulled up spun her around roughly bent her over and slapped her ass hard. I though she would get pissed but she just moaned.

He moved her up on the bed and followed. She was on her back he grabbed the lotion and began applying a lot to her breast and pulled her nipples hard enough where she arched her back. She is moaning and whimpering all at once. He straddled her placing his big dick between her tits. He starts thrusting his hips. They are so synchronized you could tell they did this often. When her and I do this my dick head will reach her mouth if she slightly raises her head. With his massive dick all she could do was keep her head flat as his dick rode past her mouth and over her nose.

At this point it is Ohhhhs Ahhhs and the bed squeaking. He finally slides down her body and starts eating her out. Alicia is very vocal and has one hand on his head and the other squeezing a tit. I am so hard at this point and sweating like crazy. Alicia cums and was trying to catch her.breath. He pulls her ass to the edge of the bed lines his dick up with her pussy and I thought he would work that thing in slowly. But he push as much in as he could in one hard thrust. She was amazingly wet but the sound was like a boxer getting gut punched. Errrrrrrk Gahhhhhh!

He held there for a short time while now Alicia was open mouth but nothing coming out. He pulled back and thrust again repeating this four or five times before Alicia's let out a huge gasp and moan. Her eyes rolled up in her head as she had an intense orgasm. He placed a hand on each hamstring and push her knees wide. His face changed from angry to lustful as he settled into loooong slow strokes. Alicia finally can speak words between ahhhhs and moans telling him to fuck her pussy. Your dick is so goood. I love your dick!

He pulled out and moved her to where she could kneel up with both hands on top of the head board. He enter her from behind causing her to gasp again. He grabbed her tits and they settled into a mutual rythm. They fucked like this for a while until she came again. He was picking up his pace and all he said was you eat my cum. He pulled out and Alicia was on her back in a blur. He stroked his dick and she played with his balls. He starts panting and falls on his back. Alicia gets on her knees grabs his dick in both hands. She is stroking and telling him to give it to her. He starts shooting with a loud roar. Alicia locks her lips over the head of his dick and takes the rest. She licked his dick until he came down from his orgasm. They laid together for a while without talking. He got up went to the bathroom came out dressed and left with a simple goodbye.

Alicia was lying on her stomach. She asked me did I enjoy myself and saw my hardon. She said she couldn't move. So I grabbed some oil rubbed it on her ass and my dick. I squeezed my dick between her ass cheeks and stroked away. Telling her everything I saw. A short while latter I came all over her ass and back. That was the only time I watched them as we left a couple weeks later.

The second most memorable event was a week later. Our adopted Italian family decided to throw us a farewell party. There was plenty of food wine and dancing. We eventually ended up at Gianna's house feeling pretty good. It was Alicia myself Gianna and two male artist friends of the girls. We broke out more wine and Gianna broke out a bunch of body paint and brushes. She told us all to strip and we did. It appeared her male artist friends had done this before. The girls laid down on a tarp and us guys applied paint. To every inch of their bodies. You would hear soft gasp or moans from the girls and just heavy breathing from the guys. We all had hardons and once again my ego was restored. They were both slightly shorter then I and not as thick. But they were eager for sure. I sat back and admired our work.

Gianna told the other two guys to lie down on their stomachs arms stretched over their heads and legs spread eagle. Gianna and Alicia then straddled each guys back and slid their hands up each guys arms until their breast pressed against the guys backs spreading paint between their bodies. Then they stretched out their own legs to where they were using their slippery painted bodies to massage these two guys. The whole scene moved in slow motion and was very erotic. They had the guys flip on their backs and they repeated the process. But now they were grinding on the guys dicks and had their breast pressed against their chest.

I am sipping wine and sporting a big hardon. Then with little warning Gianna sits up and slides her guys dick into her pussy. Alicia looked over when she heard the moan and without looking at me sat up and mounted her partners dick. Nothing to do now but stroke and sip wine. Gianna came first and they switch to doggy. Alicia and her partner slid literally into missionary. I came just watching them. Alicia grabbed her partners ass in both hands as they came together. Gianna's partner soon came in her pussy. They all collapsed and enjoyed the after glow. We all went out to the patio and used a garden hose to clean off the paint.

The two guys left and Alicia Gianna and I all bathed and went to bed. We had the most intense threesome to date. The girls ended up falling asleep in each other's arms and me spooning my beautiful wife. With sadness we left Italy the next week. But with plans to return to this small Italian town soon on vacation. I got a job on the east coast but first we went to visit our families and that's where our next adventure occurred.

If you like continue to look for Alicia and I stories.

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