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Just a note before I get started: I did get some pictures posted in the Home Models section on Saturday, 12.17 entitled, "B & W Pics From the Past". I call that to your attention because the first picture in that group shows how she would wear her shirt when she would get on the elevator after her work. (Read the 1st part of this story to get the "introduction" part of this series).

As stated in that "introduction" these are stories that I have to tell from what my wife told me. I was not there but will share as close to the details that she has shared with me (usually during some very, very hot sex).

As I had also stated there were times that she had sexual fun with 1, 2, 3, 4 and even 8 guys in one room - sometimes her room. Yeah, even 8. THAT will be the last one that I will talk about...not sure how many I will try to share. Your comments and votes will largely determine that, friends.

She basically had the attitude that she was going to have some sexual fun if there was any to be had - as often as she could while she was away and spending the night at the hotel. This was usually either a 2 or 3 night stay and she would have sexual experiences usually at least once per week while she was away and, at times, more than once. Remember, before she would get on the elevator at the end of the day, she would unbutton her shirt just down below her bra so that her cleavage would show as well as part of her bra (see the pictures I mentioned). This would ALWAYS get attention if there happened to be anyone on the elevator with her.

For this story I'll go with one of the situations where there was just one guy on the elevator with her.

Not all, but most guys that are traveling for business or work and that spend much time in hotels are definitely on the lookout for women - like my wife - who are also open to some "fun" while they are staying at the hotel. That being true, it was usually always a very easy thing for the flirtation to begin between my wife and the man (or men) that would be on the elevator. With her shirt opened up like it always was, their eyes always were fixated to her breasts. In this particular situation there was no one else on the elevator but these two, which allowed for the flirting to be a little bolder.

The man - we'll call him Tom - made some comment to her about how nice she looked (all the while with his eyes glued to her breasts) to which she replied, "Thank you like what you see?" This caused him to look up at her, a little startled that she replied that way, and then, seeing that she had a big smile on her face he knew that it was o.k. and he said, "Oh, hell yes...I love the way you have your shirt unbuttoned like that!" With a very sensual look on her face and a twinkle in her eye she said, "Well then, you should see me once I get comfortable in my room" to which he replied, "Mmmmm, I bet I would like that".

"Well, why not give me about an hour and then come on down to my room, if you'd like?" which, of course, he told her he absolutely would. They would then walk down the hallway together and, in this situation, they stopped at her door first (his was further down the hall) and he asked her if she would like him to bring something to drink and she told him that would be nice and that she'd see him in about an hour.

As she unlocked her door and began to walk inside she turned back to him as he stood and just watched her and slowly began to unbutton her shirt more...all the way until there was only one button left at the bottom and then she smiled and slowly closed the door.

Can you imagine what was going on in his head and how anxious he was for that hour to pass by?

After about 30 minutes the phone in her room rang and it was Tom on the other end. "Just wanted to check and make sure that beer was o.k.?" he said. "Sure...absolutely" she replied. "As a matter of fact, you can come on down anytime you want" to which he replied, "That's what I was hoping you'd say!" and within about 1 minute he was knocking at the door.

She opened the door with a sheer, white shirt "on" opened up all the way down to the last button. She didn't have on a bra so her tits were almost fully exposed. What was not showing from the opening of the unbuttoned shirt was fairly able to be seen through the sheerness of her shirt. She also had on a white thong. And, friend, that was it.

Tom stood at the door and he was looking her up and down, wide eyed at how she was "welcoming" him at the door. He was so mesmerized that he just kept standing there, looking her over. She backed away from the door and said, "Well, come on in".

As the door shut, she took the 6 pack of beer from his hands and set them on the table and then turned, looked at Tom and said, "Well, do you like?" "Shit!" he said, "You're fucking amazing!" That made the smile on her face even bigger and she slowly turned around with her back to him, looked over her shoulder at him and then bent over just a little so that her ass was showing completely from under her shirt and began to wiggle it a little for Tom. He took a step or two closer and she said, "You can touch if you'd like". He immediately came right up behind her and began to run his hands all over her tight little ass and she moved it back into his crotch and began to grind it a little. She then stood back up and leaned back on him as he now looked over her shoulder and down into her opened shirt. His hands then moved to the front of her thong and stomach as he began to try to explore a little more.

She stopped him from doing much more, turned, took his hand and said, "Here, come sit down on the bed and let me entertain you a little." She turned on some music, got a beer for herself and one for Tom, and began to dance for him, all the time looking him right in the eyes with a very seductive look in her eyes. Within a matter of moments she unbuttoned the last button on her shirt and let it fall open fully exposing her 34b breasts. They aren't incredibly huge but (again, look at the pics) she has some of the most amazing nipples! Swaying to the music she came over to Tom as he scooted to the edge of the bed so that she could stand between his legs. His hands were all over her...her ass, her tits and just all over. Her shirt dropped to the floor and she began to unbutton his shirt as he was now kissing. licking and sucking on her tits. It was hard for her to get his shirt unbuttoned because of how much he was going at it on her tits and also because of her response to him doing so. She would stop working on his shirt, put her hands on his shoulders and put her head back and moan and say, "Oh shit, that feels soooo good!"

Tom stood up and let her get his shirt off of him. Once she got his shirt off her own lips began to kiss, lick and suck on his nipples and she also began to nibble a little which Tom seemed to really enjoy. As she was doing so she began to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. She soon had them undone and she then slowly dropped down to her knees and pulled his pants all the way down and then pulled his boxes down all the way as well. His cock popped out and almost slapped her in the face. His cock was about 7 inches but fairly thick and, of course, was at "full attention" by this point. She began to nibble on Tom's nut sack as she helped him step out of his pants and boxers and then, once done, she began to lick on his shaft and then fully engulfed his cock. She LOVES sucking cock and she is one of the best I have ever had at this. She also loves to deep throat and it wasn't long before she was sliding all of Tom's 7 inches down the back of her throat.

She also loves to feel the throbbing of a man's cock as she sucks it and as it grows and grows and grows. She could that Tom was getting close to shooting his load but, she wasn't done with him yet so she pulled his cock out of her mouth, stood up and told him to lay back on the bed. He did so eagerly awaiting what she had planned next. He stretched out on the bed and watched as she now stood and removed her thong. Now, there she was, completely naked, already turned on and wet from what had taken place to this point.

She got on the bed on her hands and knees and moved up close to be between his legs. She lightly pushed on them and he got the hint and spread his legs further, giving her complete access as she began to massage his cock and balls while looking at Tom with a very sensual and seductive look on her face. Did I tell you that she LOVES sex? She took his cock back in her mouth again for just a few thrusts down her throat and then she began to slowly move up his body, allowing her hair and then her tits to run across his swollen cock. As she began to once again suck and nibble on his nipples she knew that her pussy was in real close proximity to his wanting cock. She would allow her wet pussy to slide up against his cock and, of course, Tom was doing all that he could to get his cock in her pussy. But, not yet!

As he would try she would move, just slightly, to prevent him for access and then look up at him and grin. Damn! She was driving him crazy with lust as she continued to tease and almost torture his swollen cock. She then moved on up to his face and they began to kiss deeply, lost in total lust. As they did so, she lay completely flat on top of his cock and moved around to keep his cock wanting more. As they continued to kiss deeply and passionately, she began to open her legs a little so that she could rub her pussy against Tom's cock, which continued to drive him crazy. She finally allowed his cock to slide into her pussy and, immediately upon doing so, Tom began to thrust hard and deep. By the way, my wife LOVES it deep and she will very quickly tell you so.

She could tell that, in his "heightened state" that Tom would not last long so she pulled out and immediately switched her body around to where her pussy was right above his face and she had his cock right in front of hers. She loved the smell of her pussy on his cock and she began to once again lick and suck on Tom's cock. Just as quickly he got his first taste of her pussy and he buried his face in her soaking wet cunt. Tom began to thrust his cock, fucking my wife's face and she began to grind her pussy into his face. Tom would have to physically raise her up a little once in a while so that he could get a breath. She could tell, once again, that Tom wasn't going to last long like this but, due to the oral delight that she was experiencing from Tom, she didn't care about stretching it out any longer at this point. She wanted him to cum and she wanted to milk his cock completely and she wanted to explode in her own orgasm as he continued to tongue fuck her pussy. The more she could feel the throbbing increase, Tom's thrust increase and his moaning do the same, the more intense she was in her efforts to swallow every inch of his pounding cock.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth just long enough to gasp, "Oh shit...I'm cumming!" and then right back to swallowing his cock. That seemed to put Tom over the edge and he began to fill her mouth with his hot, sticky cum. The combination of Tom still stimulating her clit and pussy with his mouth and her getting her reward with a mouth full of his come cause her to moan in satisfaction as she milked his cock dry. She then got up from the bed, looked at Tom and licked up the last little bit of cum that she purposely left on her lip. She said, "Mmmmm...that was good!"

As she stood next to the bed, she grabbed her beer and began to finish it off as they both talked about how hot the sex had been and how good it felt for them both. She noticed that Tom was still lightly stroking his cock and, although it was not as fully erect as before, it still had not shrunk down a whole lot, even though she had just milked it dry. "Mmmmmm, can you go again?" she asked. "With you?" he added, "Absolutely!"

Well, that put a BIG smile on her face and she began to dance once again as she finished her beer and then opened another. Tom sat up in the bed and was drinking his as well as he watched my wife dance and drink and he began to feel "that tingle" in his cock once again. My wife ALWAYS tries to see if a guy can cum at LEAST a second time and, on occasion, she'll come across one that can come even three times. She loves that and always loves it when a guy tells her he can cum again.

Now, my wife is a little thing, as you can see in the pictures. You can't tell in the pics though, that she is just a little over 5 ft. and around 110 lbs - a little thing, like I said. That being so, it doesn't take much to make her tipsy and send her down the road to being drunk. So, while dancing for Tom, teasing him and watching his cock get a little harder, she finished her 2nd beer and that got her, for sure, on the tipsy trail. She liked the way she was feeling and opened up her 3rd...a recipe for "feel good and don't care" for sure *LOL*.

She then got back on the bed - beer in hand - and asked Tom if he would hold it for her so she can have easy access to it. He put his beer on the nightstand and held hers for her, as she requested. She began to play with his cock with one hand and her tits and nipples with the other. He asked her to play with her nipples with both hands and he would stroke his cock while he watched. She LOVES showing off so it was no problem at all and she began to twist, tweak and stretch her nipples (again, see the pictures! YES!) which made her even hornier and hotter. She would also run one hand down to her wet (again) pussy and finger her pussy and rub her clit while playing with her tits and nipples with the other.

She then asked for her beer and began to drink it as she would "stand up" on her knees so that Tom could get a better look at her pussy as she finger fucked it and then, she would lick her pussy juice off of her finger followed by a swing of her beer. That seemed to do a little something to Tom so she really played that up big. She was really starting to feel good (the alcohol in addition to the sexual stimulation) and began to drink more and more of her beer. It was still pretty chilled so she would then lean over to Tom's cock and suck it right after taking a swallow of beer. Tom said the cool sensation of her mouth was pretty erotic on his cock. She had to have it again, so she moved up, straddled and slid her pussy down on his cock and began to rock her hips as he began to thrust his cock into her pussy as she continued with her beer. She also continued running her hands over her tits and nipples and down to her pussy. She would give Tom her beer from time to time so that she could really get her nipples stretched out and then she would take the beer back until it - the 3rd - was gone.

Once it was gone, she focused fully on giving him the best fuck possible with her riding on top. She took Tom's hands and placed them on her tits and told him to pinch her nipples. He did so and she told him to not worry, that he could pinch and stretch them as hard and as much as he wanted, so he did. That turned her on even more and, before long, they both were cumming once again.

She got off of his cock and told Tom to stay right there and that she'd be right back to clean him up. She went into the bathroom and cleaned away most of Tom's cum from her pussy, but left some on her finger as she returned to clean him up. She made sure he saw the cum on her finger as she put it to her mouth and licked it all off. Tom asked her if she had brought him a washcloth and she said, "Hell no..why would I need one of those?" as she got between his legs again and began to clean his cock off with her mouth, cleaning it completely and looking proudly at Tom once she had finished the task.

She told me that they each actually had one more beer (her 4th, his 2nd) and they played around a little more. She was way ahead of Tom on the effects of the beers and, when it came time for him to head on down back to his room, he got dressed and she walked him to the door still, completely naked. Due to the effects of the beer, she, again, was in a "feel good, don't care" state of mind and walked out into the hallway with Tom and gave him one more deep, goodnight kiss - completely naked and out in the hallway - before he began to walk down to his room. She stayed out in the hallway, prancing around for him and still having fun, not caring if anyone were to come out and see her or not. Now, true, it was about 3 a.m. by this time and there wasn't much of a chance of that happening, but, again, she really had no concern of that.

My wife said that after she went back into the room she basically passed out on the bed and had to rush around a bit in the morning since she hadn't set her alarm due to passing out. She said she did not see Tom the next morning or for the rest of that stay but that they both, definitely, had a great sexual experience together.

So, there you go - kind of long, I know, but I prefer having stories all in one setting instead of being stretched out over several entries. What do you think? What did you like most about the story? What would YOU have liked to have been doing with and to my wife?

Like I said in the introduction story, she had other encounters with just 1 guy (and once with just another woman) as well as groups ranging from 2 to 8. The others with just one pretty much follow the same path and the group ones will all be very similar to each other as well. So, if there is enough interest I will skip on to the situation in which she ended up in a room with 8 guys. Believe it or not, it IS true and it is VERY erotic!

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