Pat Crosby

Name - Pat Crosby

Age - 33

Place Of Birth - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Lives Now - Australia.

Position - Radio Host (WW Radio)

Previous Jobs - Frontman for local Big Band, 'Crosby and the Queen's' (1999-2010)

Education - Dropped out in grade six and worked as a doorman at various cigar lounges and jazz clubs.

Hobbies - Smoking cigars. Drinking scotch. Swinging ;)

Favorite Music - Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Tony Bennett.

Favorite Food - Lobster... for every meal.

Favorite Drink - Scotch... for every meal.

Favorite Movie - Ray.

Favorite TV - Madmen.

Favorite Actor - Christopher Walken.

Favorite Saying - "scotch may not solve my problems... but neither will milk."

If I could have one wish - Bring back Frank.