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What section should I be in ?
What is the Red Hot Interview?
What prize money is available & how can I win?
I am a Professional Model / Photographer with my own
Website or Webpage can I submit also?

Tips For Submitters -
- Answering your messages is polite and will get you more votes.
- By joining the Free Clubhouse before you submit, you will increase your popularity and ensure a higher rank in the contests.

- Make the Story on your submission as Interesting as possible. Lots of personal details like location, reason for submitting , Likes and Dislikes etc.
- Use the Same email address for all submission you submit. This is how we locate your previous submissions.
- Please crop and rotate pictures before you submit.
- If you are not shy, send the Link to your submission to as many people as possible and ask them to vote on the page for you.

Above all , Have Fun !

Or Email your submission directly to us submissions@watchersweb.net

Submissions are posted usually within 24 hours

A confirmation email will be sent after your content has been submitted that will contain information about when your submission will appear and other information