Faq's -
What section should I be in ?
What is the Red Hot Interview?
What prize money is available & how can I win?

Tips For Submitters -

1-Spread the Word. When your sub is published post the link into your Clubhouse profile(if you have one) , Post the link on other sites that you are a member of, message boards, email the link to as many people as you can etc. Encourage your friends to vote. We have seen subs pick up 20,000 votes overnight by just posting the link at the right spot.

2-Always answer your messages. If you reply, they will vote.

3-Join the New Submitters lounge. Access all your current and past submissions, Answer messages on all your subs even in Blue, Upload new subs. Register free here http://www.watchersweb.com/members/signup.php

4- Voting Is for the first 7 Days so dont worry if your submission isnt in the first of the month.Submissions can Win even if submitted the last day of the month.

5- Our System uses your email to track your other submissions so always use the same email address.

6- Make your story as Interesting and detailed as possible. Include as many details a you can.

Above all , Have Fun !

Or Email your submission directly to us submission@watchersweb.net

Submissions are posted usually within 24 hours

A confirmation email will be sent after your content has been submitted that will contain information about when your submission will appear and other information