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Hi Everyone,

      Whether you are a new visitor to Watchersweb or one of our many thousands of regular 17-year veterans, this message is for you.

We receive letters and posts by the hundreds each day in regards to our site (s) and I want to take this opportunity to point out a few important pieces of information that many may know, but some probably won't.

I feel it is important for everyone who visits us to be fully aware of all the facets of our site(s) and to understand why the Watchersweb Group is the largest, and probably one of the ONLY real Amateur Adult Websites on the web today.

Please take the time to read through all the information I have laid out because there is information that may really surprise you! You will also make your experience and time here much more enjoyable when you are aware of what goes on in the background of Watchersweb.

Watchersweb & WatcherswebBlue

Our leading Amateur sites Watchersweb and WatcherswebBlue have been in operation since August 1999. We pride ourselves on presenting only real submissions from real people.

Why we are different from other sites:

  1. We only accept real submissions from real people.
  2. If a submission we receive is an obvious fake we don't post it, and if it is reported to us we remove it immediately and make the page as a FAKE.
  3. All winners of our contests are confirmed as real. Our prize department requests proof of ID prior to paying any prizes. All winners of our contests can confirm this process.
  4. All confirmed prize winners are paid. Some sites we know of put their own models up as winners and then don't pay the prizes - they just pretend to. Our winners are real people and we pay them as agreed.
  5. We do not discriminate against age or looks. All submitters are welcome, all ages, shape and size. We believe that every person looks great and there are equally supportive visitors for every style of submission. There are no bad submissions. There are fans for all styles of submitter.
  6. We offer a variety of sections for everyone including Photos, Movies, Funnies, Stories and more. We try to provide a site that offers something for every adult.
  7. All of our submissions are placed in the Archive and we do not recycle pictures or movies. Some sites, especially tube sites and other amateur sites, recycle pictures and movies, and then give them a different story and title. Watchersweb visitors are not stupid and they know our submissions are fresh, and one-off postings of real people.
  8. Watchersweb is privately owned and operated, and most of my staff have been with us since day one. Our staff and our visitors are a community and we communicate constantly. There is no corporate interference at any level and we are proud of that.
  9. All our sites have a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week support service. It doesn't matter how small or large your question or problem is. Emma and her team of trained support staff are there to assist.
  10. We offer the most intense feedback service; we want to know what you like and what you don't like, or just hear about anything you want to say. We have initiated many viewer suggestions over the years and we are committed to making this site what YOU want. We don't hide viewer feedback that is critical - we encourage it. Feedback from visitors is apparent and can be viewed on the front page of Watchersweb each day.
  11. Watchersweb does not allow advertising in any form on our sites. We don't want our pages clogged up with banners or ads. Our site is of high quality and we survive on memberships only. Our membership ratios are the highest in the industry and our members constantly re-join because we are advertising-free.
  12. Our site is easy to use. No misleading links or confusion. It's very simple and straightforward.
  13. 95 % of sites are slower than Watchersweb, as quoted from the World ranking service Alexa
  14.         Average Load Time for Watchersweb.com
            Very Fast (0.439 Seconds), 95% of sites are slower

  15. We provide an efficient message system that allows visitors to contact every submitter. We provide the opportunity for the submitter to reply to you.


WatcherswebBlue has been the leading Hardcore Amateur submitted site for many years. All the points above apply to WatcherswebBlue, but it also has some specific things that make it superior to other adult sites.

Why we are different from other sites:

  1. Our membership includes our archive and cinema for one low price. Over 5 million pictures and movies. You WILL NOT find that anywhere else. You pay once and you get the lot. Try finding that elsewhere.
  2. Our membership pricing is the least expensive on the planet, for what you receive. We keep the price down because we have double the members of most other well-known sites. We plan to keep it that way. Nowhere else will you join for so little and get so much. I challenge anyone to do better.
  3. Our billers, CCBILL and Verotel are the most secure in the Industry. We can happily say we have dealt with both providers for 12 years and not once have we had a security issue or complaint.
  4. We now offer a number of membership options from one year to Lifetime memberships. This gives everyone the opportunity to have Watchersweb as a part of their daily life without having to worry about re-joining
  5. We do not now, not will we EVER rebill. All of our charges are one-offs.
  6. WatcherswebBlue updates 365 days a year - no exceptions.

Watchersweb Clubhouse

Watchersweb Clubhouse was started in 2004 as a community for Watchersweb visitors to chat and meet. It quickly became one of the leading swinger and chat sites on the planet. Hundreds of thousands of members each year join and communicate with friends all over the world.

Why we are different from other sites:

  1. We do not accept or tolerate fake profiles. We take every step to ensure people are who they say they are. We remove any profile - paid or not - that uses fake pictures or details to represent themselves falsely.
  2. We want to offer a community of genuine like-minded adults.
  3. Our chatrooms are state of the art HIGH DEFINITION. We have one of the largest privately owned adult chat networks in the world. Our chat software is state of the art and if it were any better you would be in the same room as the chatter.
  4. Our pricing for premium memberships is very inexpensive. Other sites offer much higher pricing for less. Lots of other dating sites use fake profiles of females to encourage visitors, however we do not now, nor will we ever do this.
  5. As a free member of the Clubhouse you have access to all parts of the Clubhouse and can even use the video chat for limited times each day.
  6. Our Clubhouse has many different sections, including member pictures and videos.
  7. We offer a 24/7 support centre to assist with any issues you may have.
  8. We also do not tolerate annoying or abusive users. We remove all users who limit the ability of others to enjoy the clubhouse. If someone is rude and abusive, we refund their membership and toss them out!
  9. The Clubhouse has a real community spirit and a true international flavour.

I certainly thank everyone for taking the time to read this page and I hope that it has been helpful.

If you would like to have your say on any of the comments I have made, please feel free to add your say to our feedback board here:

Again I sincerely thank you for visiting Watchersweb and hope that you continue to enjoy our site(s) for many years to come.

Raven x
(Owner and CEO)